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Cheer up, baseball "purists!"


PEDs. Sky-high contracts. Robot umpires. Can anyone find solace in baseball in this day and age?

A baseball-card hero and the Hall of Fame


He was one of the first poster boys for the baseball-card boom of the late-1980s/early-1990s. Now he's a Hall of Famer. We're getting old.

Now that's how you market a ballclub!

In an inspired move celebrating their sixty years in Baltimore, the Orioles did a very cool thing today. The O's have made available on their website digital copies of all sixty years of the club's...

Will Mike Mussina get kicked off the HOF ballot?


Picking a good voting procedure is hard. Just ask Tom Glavine. Or Mike Mussina.

Is the Trop the best place to hide against zombies

The good folks over at Reddit Baseball ask an interesting question today: Which MLB stadium would make the best Zombie fortress? User hideisalive, who asks the question, suggests Great American...

Let's pretend the A-Rod contract never happened


Who would have held the title of highest paid player in baseball if Alex Rodriguez never existed?

A velvet painting of Jesus Christ at Fenway Park

This painting actually exists somewhere.

Yu Darvish is just as intimidating in statue form

At 11:11 A.M. on November 11, the Space 11 Darvish Museum in Kobe, Japan, opened in honor of celebrated son Yu Darvish. From The Japan Times: Darvish frequented a sports club in Kobe in his...

"Is he a first-ballot Hall of Famer?"


And why are asking that question in the first place?

Commissioner Bud's slippery slopes ...


Remember when Commissioner Selig said video review wouldn't be expanded under HIS watch? Yeah, sure. Just another slippery slope we've slud down.

Bringing MVP baseball back to the Sony Playstation

Playstation's MLB: The Show hit it big this year when they put (presumed) National League MVP Andrew McCutchen on the cover.

Clayton Kershaw vs. Tony Stark


Ranking the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe against the 2013 BBWAA postseason award winners. Who gets the misfortune of matching up with Edward Norton's "The Incredible Hulk"?

The origins of @MLB

@MLB has been around for almost five years now. What did it look like at the start?

Ten actors who don't belong on a ballfield


Skinny arms, lumpy torsos, ostrich legs... Here are ten guys who you know don't belong on a ballfield just by looking at them.

You can't sell that poster!

Don Denkinger's infamous call happened on October 26, 1985. Four months later, the Cardinals organization still could not move on -- though it wasn't through any fault of their own. On February 7,...

Are David Ortiz and Jack Morris the same?


Two postseasons heroes with imperfect Hall of Fame cases. Is David Ortiz the Jack Morris of his generation?

Idris Elba, Baltimore Orioles owner?


With Nolan Ryan leaving the Texas Rangers, it's time to get Major League Baseball a new celebrity owner. And Larry Granillo's got some candidates!

"The Best Fans in Baseball" finally revealed!

When did that phrase become so closely linked to the St. Louis Cardinals?

Jokes! Jokes! Jokes!

Get your rotten tomatoes ready!

MLB's truly atrocious Twitter handles

There's no doubt about it: some Major League Baseball players have some really bad Twitter handles.

"Mr. November" is the worst.

Stolen nicknames are all too common today.

9/11 and the 2013 playoffs


The ways of the world are complex and inexplicable, and we can have only the vaguest notion of how the 9/11 attacks are affecting Major League Baseball, even a dozen years later.

The week the Indians adopted their name

The things you could find in the newspaper the week the Cleveland ballclub took on their new name.

Barry Bonds vs. the Sony Playstation


Video game batting attributes for stars of the recent past.

Don't be a hipster!


With the Pirates' storybook season about to head into October, a quick word for those who might complain about fans "jumping on the bandwagon."

The MLB Rulebook on Gomez not touching home plate

Usually a runner is called out for abandoning the basepaths. What rule allowed Carlos Gomez to score a run without touching home plate?

30 ballparks. 100 statues. 1 list.


A nearly complete look at statues found in or around major-league ballparks.

How NOT to plan your wedding

What happens when your wedding plans are based on the legendary ineptitude of a Cleveland franchise?

Meet Babe Ruth IV and Hank Aaron XXIV!

Did you ever wonder what happened to the progeny of history's greatest home run hitters? Sure, you could check Wikipedia or some other "legitimate" source to find out the life stories of the junior...

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