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User Blog

Just how much music do they play at ballparks?


Cataloging every song played during one major league ballgame.

The Miller Park Songbook: Appendix


A complete, batter-by-batter listing of all the music played at Miller Park during a single game this week.

When Hamm Brewing ruled the waves


A lot has changed on the television side of baseball since 1961.

When was Derek Jeter's last injury?

With Derek Jeter expected to join the club tonight in Toronto, the Yankees hope to finally turn the page on this calendar for the first time in nearly a month. If Jeter and the Yankees are...

Young star benched for boneheaded plays!

Manager says "He's confused, hitting poorly, and fielding badly."

Kitty on the field!


Is it good luck or bad luck when a cat runs onto the field? The data tells us the truth.

Yet another thing Mariano is the best at


Most closer music just isn't very good. Here's a breakdown of the entrance music of the best closers of the modern era to prove it.

Instant reactions to instant replay

Instant replay in Major League Baseball is about to become a major topic again, with reports saying that the owners are about to submit a replay proposal to the players' and umpires' unions. With...

Three young shortstops living it up at the ASG


From one threesome of superstar shortstops to another...

How do you honor a fallen seagull?

On the 30th anniversary of one of the oddest moments in baseball history, Dave Winfield offered a sweet tribute to his winged victim.

Did Darryl Strawberry really hit nine home runs?

Those details can be awfully tricky if you're not careful.

I'll take "Things umpires never say" for $500


Advances in technology are making it harder and harder for umps to run away from their mistakes these days.

Take that, Ancient World!


Finding the perfect seven wonders to capture the greatness and beauty of baseball.

Ernie Banks steals Eddie Vedder's childhood glove

Mr. Cub makes an appearance late in the night to the delight of everyone.

No one really *loves* Bugs Bunny


The way we root for characters like Bugs Bunny and Kermit the Frog tells us more about our favorite players than you might realize.

A ticket to one magical game

"The bearer of this ticket is entitled to..." witness one (1) home run from Babe Ruth... and the first Major League All-Star Game. In that game at Comiskey Park in 1933, Lefty Gomez earned the win...

Yet another thing Gomez & Segura are great at


A first-half season review of the Brewers tater trots. Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez are the shining stars here as well.

The special pain of testing video games

It's not as fun as it sounds.

Roger Maris had always been the legitimate HR king


How to rectify a doubleplusungood situation.

Digging into the Garbage

A look at four cards from the original run of Garbage Pail Kids cards.

When 39-year-old surprises weren't suspicious


Aren't we taught to be suspicious of players reaching historic home run heights as they approach their 40s?

Digging into an unwritten rule


If you watched every double-play this week, how many "neighborhood plays" do you think you'd see? Probably not as many as you would have just a few years ago.

What's that on your clipboard, Tampa Bay?

A candid photo from Friday's game against the New York Yankees.

The A's dubious relocation history


One of the most successful franchises in American League history shares a record they'd rather you forget.

Carlos Gomez will catch anything, anywhere

You could put an obstacle course out in center field and Carlos Gomez would still find a way to catch that deep fly ball hit over his head.

The rabbit ball: Did it happen here?


Writing about baseball in 1987 meant trying to explain away all the home runs without blaming a vast conspiracy to make the baseball livelier.

When catching the home run ball doesn't matter

Normally, catching a ball after leaping at the wall means that you just robbed a home run. Normally.

Rover, Rover, let Jim Joyce come over!


Would a tee-ball concept help Major League Baseball improve their umpiring problem?

An age-old question finally answered

It doesn't take a time lord to answer this age-old question...

Valdespin-type justice for past showboaters


Five home run trots from the recent past that "deserve" the same kind of justice the Pirates gave to Jordany Valdespin

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