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do it for Professor Kissell

hola amigos. long time since i rapped at ya . . . while you're busy stuffing the all-star ballot box for your cardinal favorites, please take a moment to vote in MLB's All-Star Teachers contest as...


Trade Market for Starting Pitchers

Not to jinx Joe Kelly's big-league debut, but with Jaime out for at least two months and no end in sight for Jake Westbrook's slump, the Cardinals will probably need to bring in a ringer to...

derek lilliquist hits center stage


the VEB annual is finally available at the kindle store; if you’ve been waiting to order it from there, here’s the ordering page. thanks to one and all who’ve purchased the guide so far, and to all...

VEB 2012 Baseball Annual


Our first shot at an e-publication ---- contributions from DanUp, azru, baron, me, and others. If you don't have a Kindle or iPad, you can read it on a regular browser; just download a free ePub reader plug-in for your web browser, and you're good to go.



The Viva El Birdos 2012 Baseball Annual is brought to you by the same team that produced the Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual from 2009 through 2011. This electronic-only publication is...

beyond beltran and berkman


happy 2012, one and all. i’m your designated danup today. good position for a geezer like me -- way too old and slow to be trusted afield, but can pick up a few stray ABs now and again without...

swamp gassing


The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals' awful, glorious stink.


choosing up sides 2011 update

jeff luhnow will be in charge of his seventh draft for the cards this year, which puts him in rare company. only two guys in club history have made more draft picks: george silvey (a holdover from...

albert's hammy


one man's explanation for albert's power outage

head in sand edition


for those of you who are still in Stage 1: Denial of the wainwright grief sequence, the 2011 Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual is a must-read. according to that source, wainwright remains at the...

100 questions (more or less) for derrick goold


i’m probably in the minority here, but i think it’d be cool if bobby cox went out a winner. the guy managed his ass off this year, as always -- had to change starters at four positions (3b, ss, cf,...

Cards Crumble


BP's analysis of the Cardinals' downfall. Behind the firewall; well worth a read for subscribers. Money quote: "It should not be all that surprising that a team with so much working against it has struggled so much recently. What should be surprising is that they managed to look like a legitimate contender for half of the season."

Game 125 Overflow Thread


Score a damn run already, you buttheads.

jay bird

danup is on the road and i am one step behind him --- on a flight this morning and out of pocket all day, so pls excuse my absence from the discussion thread. but i do have the time to toss...

Whitey Balls


a friend of mine is helping Whitey Herzog's youth foundation raise some money by selling a limited set of autographed baseballs commemorating the White Rat's induction into the HOF. the balls are $99 apiece, and $7 from each sale goes to Whitey's organization, which supports high school, American Legion, and other youth baseball programs throughout Missouri and Illinois. more info at the Globe-Democrat .


(2010 Draft Open Thread): choosing up sides 2010

howdy folks. on draft day last year i wrote a post about luhnow's first four years of draft dividends, compared to the harvests from the three previous four-year periods. the quick n dirty of that...

Game 14 overflow

Pre-programmed to kick in around the 4th inning; go team go.


Game 14 Open Thread: Cards v. Diamondbacks

the diamondback pitcher tonite, dan haren, now owns 80 career major-league victories --- the most of any cardinal-drafted pitcher since matt morris. if haren surpasses morris (121 victories), he'll...

hacking and chasing


danup’s on his way back to north america today, so i’m sitting in. man, but SB Nation has made some upgrades to the machinery around here. where’s the ignition on this thing? where’s the clutch? ha...

light pimping


g’morning boys and girls. danup was kind enough to put me in the chair this morning to pimp (gently) this year’s Maple Street Press guide. danup and the red baron made big contributions again this...


Adam Ottavino scouting report

An in-person scouting report about St. Louis Cardinals prospect Adam Ottavino.

FSN Midwest's superior camera angle


the dead-on centerfield view rocks

Game 62 overflow


gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo . . . . .


Game 62 Open Thread: June 12 2009

  pineiro huff 5-6, 3.97 1-2, 8.71   huff, a supplemental 1st-rounder out of ucla in 2006 (chosen between adam ottavino and chris perez), cruised comfortably through the minors and...

talking trade


Mulling some of the Cardinals' trade options.

Game 59 Overflow


identify this quote: "please baby please baby please baby please baby please . . . " . . . . . like, please win a damn game.


Game 59 Open Thread: June 9, 2009

carpenter johnson 4-0, 0.71 5-1, 2.63   draft thread is directly below the game thread. overflow game thread scheduled for ~ 7:30 pm st louis time. since he smashed face-first into that...

2009 Draft Open Thread


  the game thread's directly above. i won't be here to update the picks &c., but hopefully somebody will do that. elsewhere, Future Redbirds has got a live draft chat going ---- cool stuff, check...

choosing up sides


How do Jeff Luhnow's draft picks for the St. Louis Cardinals stack up?

Game 24 overflow


pour it on, birdos. pour it on.

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