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merry month of may

Mitchell Boggs turns in another strong start for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Prospectus Q+A: Brian Barton

"Around a baseball field, I'm very observant, so I like to watch a lot of people. I like to see how people interact with each other, and how they go about their business. There is definitely a lot of culture within the game of baseball. With that being said, it is amazing to see where different people come from, and how different people act, and it's those different aspects that make the game itself amazing. You've got people from all different backgrounds playing a common game, and bringing so much to the game."

friday hash

A dull off-season isn't always a futile one.

LCS game thread: Friday October 10

Game 2 of the NLCS; Game 1 of the ALCS. enjoy the baseball, enjoy the weekend.

alcs preview: tampa bay vs boston

if you're not already using SB Nation's postseason portal, you're really missing out. the affiliated blogs (Over the Monster, DRays Bay, The Good Phight, and True Blue LA) are all top-notch. simon...

tues odds n ends

g’morning everyone --- just keeping the seat warm today. a few items from here and there: in september, a commenter suggested (and forgive me, i can’t find the post) that the cards’ fall...

cardinals 2009 roster matrix

thanks ev’ybody for the gold watch and all the kind words and well wishes; i am truly touched. transition procedures are underway, and we should have things settled by next week. i promised to...

roster moves at VEB

some of you correctly read the hint i dropped yesterday: i’m stepping aside as the main blogger at VEB. there are various reasons behind the decision, but it’s mostly a question of work / blog...

fun again

congratulations to the brewers and their fans --- first playoff season since ’82, and only their second ever (discounting the ’81 strike playoffs). the old Northwest Territory will be very well...


Game 159 Open Thread: Sept 25 2008

Davis Pineiro 6-8, 4.25 6-7, 5.21 what an incredibly disappointing year for the dbacks. they had the league's best record last year, went to the nlcs, then went out and added dan haren and...

cards vs cards

back home but still a bit travel-addled; here are some jumbled thoughts on a thursday morning: ryan franklin has closed out the last two victories, while chris perez watches. . . . it's hardly...


Game 157 Open Thread: Sept 23, 2008

Johnson Lohse 10-9, 3.99 14-6, 3.76 i didn’t quite realize this, but the cards’ team batting average this year (.277 with 6 games to go) is borderline historic. in the last 50 years,...

what price matt cain?

still out on the road. i have to put on a suit today, which makes it a bad day. i agree w/ bernie --- the cards’ september fade is more saddening than infuriating. they’ve won only 6 games...


Game 156 Open Thread: Sept 22 2008

Webb Wellemeyer 21-7, 3.26 12-8, 3.66 doesn't look too good for the dbacks; they're 2 games back in the loss column, and the dodgers finish out the schedule with 6 games against the two...

monday getaway

i’m on an early flight this morning to who knows where; don’t have time for much more than some quick odds and ends. first thought: has any team exceeded expectations this year more than the...


Game 152 Open Thread: September 18 2008

Lohse Volquez 13-6, 3.80 16-5, 3.22 the cards are now almost as close to last place (14.5 games) as they are to first (13.5). they're also under .500 for the year on the road, after having...

roberts rules?

a baseball blogger asked me this week if i thought the cardinals should go after brian roberts during the winter. i wrote back: my opinion: since roberts can be a free agent after the season, it...


Game 149 Open Thread: Sept 16 2008

Looper Arroyo 12-12, 4.02 14-10, 4.65 best-laid-plans dept.: since acquiring adam dunn from the reds on august 11, the diamondbacks have seen their scoring avg drop from 4.5 runs per game...

breaking records

the brewers’ firing of ned yost is a desperate move, but i think it’s also a rational one. that team clearly needed to change the dynamic. they were flat-out noncompetitive vs the phillies last...

a september to dismember

i hope you and all of yours are high and dry this morning in st louis. nl central standings since september 1: WLGB astros 9 2 - reds 7 5 2.5 bucs 6 7 4 cubs 4 6 4.5 cards 4 8 ...

Game 146 overflow

this has been a really fun season. but i think it's over.


Game 146 Open Thread: Sept 11 2008

Harden Wellemeyer 9-2, 1.99 12-6, 3.74 rich harden's era as a national leaguer is 1.50; he has made 9 starts and allowed 9 earned runs, 11 runs overall. only twice has he allowed more than...

an extension for wellemeyer?

after the phillies lost yesterday, i was thinking the cardinals might climb past them and reclaim 2d place in the wild-card standings; instead they’re in 4th, as the astros moved past them. in...

Game 145 overflow I

programming this in the 2nd, as the cards make eleventy-three errors and fall behind 4 to 1. maybe lilly hurt hisself on that collision or sumthin'. not that i'm wishing illy on lilly . . . .


Game 145 Open Thread: Sept 10 2008

Lilly Looper 13-9, 4.43 12-11, 4.09 brewers won; phillies are losing in the 9th as i type. if the latter result holds, the cardinals can move back into 2nd place in the wild-card chase by...


Game 144 Open Thread: Sept 9 2008

Dempster Lohse 15-6, 2.99 13-6, 3.76 the cards haven't won a season series vs the cubs since 2004; they're 23-37 vs the cubbies since then (including this year). they still have a chance to...

back slaps all around

just a quick n dirty post this morning, as i’m racing to meet some work deadlines: the brewers turned into the cardinals last night, blowing a 4-2 lead in the 9th inning at home to the reds ---...

the cardinals' top 7 prospects

since leaving st louis with a 3.5-game lead, the brewers have only broken even, 5 wins and 5 losses. alas alack, the cards have only gone 3-6 in the same span. now here’s the really awful thing...

Game 141 overflow thread

free baseball ahead ?? . . . . 1-1, bottom of the 9th.


Game 141 Open Thread: Sept 5 2008

Nolasco Looper 13-7, 3.65 12-11, 4.27 in his last 16 starts (111.2 innings), nolasco has a k:bb of 115 to 13. he's 8-3 over that stretch with a 2.82 era. this is cy young-caliber stuff. he...

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