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Rams and Giants suffering from the same disease.

As bad as the Rams are doing, the Giants are possibly doing worse. Not that that makes things any better for the Rams sorry on field performances, but whatever is wrong with the Rams, also seems...


Riddle me this Batman!

The one positive that I can take away from the Rams loss to the Cowgirls is that I literally could not stomach any more of the game and decided to go spoil my kid with some video games and we...

Looks like the CVC didnt go for it

I grew up an LA rams fan, but I kind of thought they were a good team for ST Louis. It doesnt matter for me, I live in PA and they arent moving here so I will watch them on Directv just the same.


Rams 2013 NFL Draft: An Arms Race of Mismatches

My Dad and I discuss the Rams on almost a weekly basis. He made an important insight on the Rams as the Spagnolo era was drawing to a close. He said that the Rams were a team of solid...


462 yards of offense and 14 points. Only the Rams are that special!

While it sucks that the team lost a close one to a team that they should have obliterated. I am actually pleased with alot of things. I thought the Dolphins were going to control this game and...


Rams decision to lay up for the field goal.

I just thought this would be interesting to debate. I certainly am not intending to slander Jeff Fisher for one call. I cant tell you how friggen awesome it is to see my favorite sports team slug...


Thoughts on the Rams 3rd Preseason Game

Comparing the Chiefs game to this one: The offensive line seems to handle the 4 man rush long enough for Sam to make a decision and get rid of the ball as noted in the Chiefs game. Give him enough...


Mike Wallace a Ram?

I thought I would bring it up, because he wants an outrageous contract and the Steelers just gave him the finger. They just gave Antonio Brown a huge contract I am not thinking they are going to do...

Why Your Team Sucks

I was dieing laughing after reading this. It perfectly expresses the futility and frustration of last season.


Why Spagnolo failed and what the Rams could learn from it.

I was one of the few on here that thought that Spagnolo should stay on another year. But I was listening to the Radio today and amongst the series of irrelevant shotgun half truth observations, the...


It's the Offense Stupid!

So the Rams steadily improving defense got trucked over by another bruiser running back. The Rams defense has a hell of a time with the zone blocking running game. I personally dont understand what...

Jackson rips into Roger Saffold!

Jackson rips into Roger Saffold!


Only the Rams

Some time ago, I was in the middle of purchasing a vehicle. The salesman in some dead time while waiting for paperwork to come back starts talking football. I made some joking comment to the effect...


Good lord, this team sucks so bad...

They couldn't sell pussy on a battleship!     I guess the upside is that the Rams will get the Wide Receiver they so desperately need in the draft next year. But it is totally obvious that the...


Lockout + New Offensive Coord. + Complicated Offense = High Blood Pressure

Well fellow TSTers if there is ever a more bizarre way a football game can unfold you can bet the next fumble that the Rams are going to be the team making it happen! The Rams last night found a...


Falcons showed that the Rams had the right idea.

In how to beat the Eagles. They just executed the game plan while the Rams could not. But make no mistake, the Falcons barely got out of that game alive. Here are my observations and comparisons to...


The Rams victims or winnners?

One of my favorite pitchers in Major League Baseball is John Lackey. Right now he is not playing well on the Red Sox. But I used to love watching him pitch when he was with the Angels. He was never...


I just dont even know how this game could have possibly turned out this way?

How does a team rush for 154 yard at 5.9 yards a carry...and not just lose, lose the game by half time? The Rams had 100 yards by the first half and were gettting dominated!   Other than that, how...


I am tired of talking about the WR battle, What about Linebackers?

Mainly, why is Nail Diggs still in there? I dont understand as well how the position is played, but Kehl looks completely lost. Poppinga looks like the no brainer starter to me, why isnt he? They...

Sporting News Ranks the Rams 20th..."Biggest Loss Jacob Bell" LOL!

More proof that nobody cares about this team. Of course probably by the time every one reads it...the Sporting News will correct the error...but then lets see how long it goes before its corrected. Not to mention they ranked the 9ers above us!

Nice article on Jerious Norwood

Devaney makes a comment about using Norwood in kick off return duties! Perhaps Gilyard isnt as sure to make the team as the coaches are letting on.


3 Good Running Backs Makes Jackson More Effective

I was thinking about the Rams FA running back signings and what this means for Steven Jackson and how he will be featured in the Rams offense when you take into account that McDaniels is now the...

Bradford likes what he sees from Kendricks

Looks like the Rams might have picked another winnner in the 2nd round!


SJ39 and the HOF

Bumped to the FP by Van. In that Mike Sando blog on Jackson being snubbed for the top 15 in Matt Williamson's rankings, I posted my opinion on the whisperings everywhere on jackson's decline. In...

NFL Plans To Enforce Personal Conduct Policy After Lockout

I think all our Rams are in the clear. Hooray for the 4 pillars or whatever it is called! LOL!


Do you guys think McDaniels is an upgrade from Shurmur?

I know many people here were very upset and we had quite a few heated discussions last year on Pat's conservative play calling. Will it be different with McDaniels and Sam will be chucking it...


Offensive Line Improvements

Hi everyone I am back thinking about Rams football again. I dont remember a season that was such a swing of awesomness to frustration as last year.   I was perusing over the Rams Draft some the...

In case you didnt realize coach, you just got bit in the Butt!

When coach spagnolo was asked why he was so maddeningly conservative in the win over the 49ers... "Here's what I know about this league: if you have one more point than they do at the end of the game, it all counts the same," Spagnuolo said in explaining his cautious ways. "The goal is to win the football game. Now again, I would say this. There may be another game going forward where you do it differently. We chose to do it this way, it happened to work out, so this time we were right. Could it have bitten us in the butt? Maybe, yeah. But just all things considered and the way it was going and what we were doing on both sides of the ball, I thought it was the right thing. ... And that's all on me. I'll take the full blame if there is blame, you put it that way." Hopefully our coach of the St Louis Rams learns that the score is a statistic that measures your domination over the other team. In order to have at least 1 more point at the end of the game than the other team has, you have to play to win the football game, instead of playing not to lose it.


This Seattle celebrity snubbing of Bradford is starting to get irritating

Tim Hasslebeck says Rams pairing down the offense for Bradford   I mean first it was Trent Dilfer with his pedestrian quarterback inside the pocket nonsense and now this.Did Tim even watch that...

Coaches Rankings

Spags is almost at the top!

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