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[ed. note: the sidebar (fanshots especially) are filling up way too fast with random Heat stuff. And since this isn't a Heat blog, it seems a bit much. Not that I don't enjoy laughing at the Heat,...


Is Bosh the Answer? (What's the Question?)

I tend to side with the masses here on BaB and feel that (outside of LeBron) Bosh would theoretically be the best of the Big 3 to compliment to our young core of Rose, Deng & Noah.  Wade's game is...

A Look Back at How Jerome James Became a $30m Man


There are still people clamoring to see Jerome James on the court in a Bulls uniform, but I doubt he plays a single minute as a Bull, despite the Bulls need for a big man to soak up some minutes for Noah. HIs teammates have been questioning his desire to play professional basketball even before his big contract... and his nickname is "The Big Snack". The Big Snack has been relegated to locker room DJ - in charge of all things "music". That's what the Bulls $6.6m are getting them this season. Locker room DJ. There are reports that Jerome James is participating in one on one drills with the Bulls, and that he has vowed to play this season for the Bulls. I would assume he thinks a couple of games of inspired play will dupe some desperate team into signing him to another multiyear contract this summer. Good luck with that. Big Snack. I hope you invested your money well.


What are your Expectations of Tyrus Post-Bulls?

I think I asked some form of this question last year as a Tyrus critic, but would like to get some of your current thoughts based on the upcoming trade deadline...   The Tyrus supporters continue...


Will the Heat Take Beasley? (Poll)

Under the assumption that the Bulls take Rose with the number 1 pick, there are a lot of articles and rumors that Riley is actively shopping the #2 pick as he has become disenchanted with Beasley,...


Noc at the 2 position?

i apologize in advance if this sounds completely ludicrous, but after watching noc's defensive ability, i get the feeling that he can guard the 2 position.  he's not the quickest guy on the court,...


jay williams sighting...

Chicago Tribune 8/24/06Nets Invite Jay Williams to CampBy DAVID PORTER Associated Press Writer Published August 24, 2006, 3:12 PM CDTNEWARK, N.J. -- Jay Williams' bid to resurrect his NBA career...


Recent Free Agent Signings and Trades... Open Discussion...

Several topics: So the Trailblazers pick up Jamaal Magloire for 3 scrubs today... a potential low level All Star caliber PF/C for a handful of, well, nothing. The bucks get MAYBE a decent backup...


Deng Growth Spurt?

I just read on another post that Deng is now almost 6'10"?... Does anyone have any documented info on that?... I saw a Skiles post from 2005 saying that Deng grew an inch last year and he joked...



Has anyone heard anything on what sweets does over the summer to keep in shape?  Any chance at all he'll come into this season at a slimmed doen 240-245?  I'd even take 250?  If you're involved in...

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