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Throwing down the funny GIF gauntlet

Those others of you who have a social life that allows you to live on Twitter on a Saturday night will already know what's going on here. For the people with lives, keep reading... A challenge has...

Things Most People Still Don't "Get" About the Jerry Sandusky Scandal


I know, this is just one guy's opinion - but it's good to see that we're not the only den of Apologists on the Interwebz.

Around SBN: NFL Players Ready to Welcome Gay Teammates


Well duh... Don't they realize how useful a gay friend can be when trying to pick up chicks?

'Tis no man. 'Tis a remorseless eatin' machine.


Is there anything The Simpsons can't teach us? Disclaimer: Poster once ate a gross of shrimp at Red Lobster's All You Dare to Eat shrimp event.


Michael Novak's Rebuttal to his critics - and something about some guy named Rambler

A few of us likely remember Michael Novak's eulogy to Joe Paterno that was published on National Review (and originally linked by JBreezy in this FanPost). Well, as some people like to remind...


I know I said I only wanted to say this once...

but that was before it occurred to me that I was posting it in a thread that was sure to get shut down. I think that the reason why those of us ‘inside the circle’ fixate on stories concerning Joe...





Joe Paterno Apologists' Club guest propagandist - planetrockville from PennLive

(The original text of this comment, and an link to the article in which it first appeared.) It's implausible that any responsible lawyer, let alone one as experienced as Baldwin, would fail to...



Impetus for creating this found here. We the undersigned are concerned about the apparent lack of fairness displayed by the office of the Attorney General of Pa in publishing a Grand Jury...

Well, at least we're not Iowa...


A guy who has been a Journalism professor at Iowa for 20 years writes a column pining for life back in San Francisco. Hilarity ensues.


Okay, I think I'm okay with Louis Freeh

As some of you may recall, I was less than pleased when I read the first bits of information to be released regarding the Board of Trustees' Special Investigative Committee. Well, now that there...


Call to Alumni - protest the Special Investigative Committee

This is the letter I just sent to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office: Regarding the Penn State Board of Trustees' Special Investigative Committee that has been announced - As a Penn State...


Tell me again what the point of the Trustees' Special Committee is, please?

Awesome... absolutely awesome: After the meeting, Frazier said who will sit on the committee and how many spots there are hasn’t been determined yet. But Frazier said trustees will make up most of...


In Defense of Mike McQueary

I've been sitting on this idea for a few days, because even I found it absurd at first. I guess that one too many times of hearing 'why didn't he stop it?' finally pushed me over the edge. Before...


Tom Ridge?

On the one hand, you couldn't find a more credentialed candidate for the job. No matter who the next president is, they wouldn't be sticking around long regardless, so it's not like we're signing...

Not the entire world is against Joe.


I couldn't agree with it 100%, but at least some folks at UGA are ready to listen for five minutes before breaking out the tar and feathers.


Just a simple question - mainly for the admins

After the NCAA brought the hammer down on USC a while back, I know that Conquest Chronicles put the kibosh on new posters. I was reasonably sure the tOSU outlet did the same thing when they got...


Kinnick Stadium to feature dirt playing surface in 2011

DJK snorted the lines, and the rest of the team smoked all the grass. Before anybody (Rambler, I'm looking in your direction) accuses me of being a hater, I'd like to point out that I got this...

Best. Stadium. Music. Ever.


I want to hire this guy to replace Guido right now.


Coaches Poll - Logic Be Damned

I'm just perusing the new Coaches poll standings, and a couple of things jump out at me right away. First is that PSU isn't even in the 'others receiving votes' list, and second is that Michigan...

Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude

"My personal recommendation to all of you here is to stay off and don't read other teams blog or boards. All it will do is frustrate you...ride out the storm here or on any of the other Pro-USC sites." Paragon SC really is taking this hard. Buck up, Little Camper. At some level, you had to have known the program was crooked (just like everybody else did) and that the ride couldn't last forever.

When it rains expansion, it pours


Don't know how much more faith I'd give this than if it happened on any other day that anonymous sources were leaking information, but it could be interesting.


Pray for me

My division recently got bought, and our new corporate management thinks it's a good idea to have engineering services located close to our customers. While that might be a sensible idea on its...

[You know our rules on political haggling here, but the gentleman does have a point. - RUTS] This...

[You know our rules on political haggling here, but the gentleman does have a point. - RUTS] This man has it right! Actually it's a Tea Party rally, but I have to agree with the sentiment.

Is SB Nation trying to tell us something?

I log on this morning for my daily dose of hearing about how bad our MBB team sucks, Uncle Rambler's History Corner ®, and to have my hopes for a new video detailing fugi's frustration at the...

Holding out hope for a peaceful resolution before Sunday


Maybe they could send Senator Tressel in to mediate...


As much as I hate the thought of giving this idiot any more web traffic...

I'm looking at the Top 25 overview on's CFB page this morning, and a snippet of a headline catches my eye. I follow the link and sure enough, the headline reads: "Jon Wilner: Stanford...

Three down, one to go


Of the four teams shown on SI's regional covers a while back, three have now been defeated. Guess who the fouth one is...

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