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Nice going, Kevin


It looks like you've given CBS Sports more ammo. (Scroll about halfway down through the column to find the link back here)


Looking for a good bacon dessert

The host of one of my preferred tailgates is taking a page out of Curley's playbook and doing theme weeks this season. As fate would have it, the theme for the Iowa game is going to be 'All Things...

Penn State North Campus (Buffalo Bills) News


It doesn't seem to be written in stone, but all signs point to Maybin being a Bill. The fact that it was leaked by TO kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but oh well... Also, it seem that they like Posluszny, even if he is starting to look like a cover model for crappy romance novels.

Maybin Holdout - PSU Who's Who


I was curious about what was going on in the Bills/Mayhem saga, and found this article from Rivals- Chafie Fields is his agent, Lavar is his publicist, and they also interview Poz as a representative of the team. Normally I'd be happy to see this much PSU name-dropping in one article, but this situation just makes is seem like there's more than a little bit of doucheabaggery going on behind the scenes.

Donnie Collins gives Understatement of the Year


His justification for not including Overlord Zug among the 'guys nobody talks about': "Walk-on Graham Zug also seems to have excited the fan base."

Most Folk'll Never Lose a Toe...


...but then again, some folk'll, like Norman, the slack-jawed yokel. Every time I turn around, Iowa City seems just a little more third-world to me.

Penn State is Internationally Renowned!


My boss, who lives and works on the Canuck side of the Niagara Falls area, sent me a link to an article he found. We're getting international press!

In case you missed it - JoePa at Media Days

"Jay Paterno, who coached the quarterbacks two years ago, wanted to play Clark more, and I thought it would discourage the kid that we were using, and I thought the kid we were using had the potential to be a good quarterback, and I blew that one." Um, wow. I read something about Joe 'slamming' QB14, but I hadn't read his actual comment until now.

Admission of guilt?


"Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive says the league won't be able to sustain recent success without avoiding "self-inflicted wounds," such as NCAA sanctions..." So, you know you're cheating... I know you're cheating... Let's not flaunt it so much or else the NCAA is going to start coming down on our collective ass.

Nice DC17 Stroking from USAToday


I wonder if that 'You gotta like Mike' press release that came out late in the 2005 Hypeman voting process was just the start of something bigger from PSU's sports marketing people...

Well it's about time!


I couldn't believe he didn't have his own Wikipedia entry yet, so I created it. Please, don't go nuts with tales of his grandeur... All the same- Praise be to Zug.

The L.A. Times is awesome!


The arrogance never ends, and it isn't limited to disdain for Penn State bq. "A few folks e-mailed, though, with a "ha ha" for USC for not making the championship game, and to criticize Carroll for allowing his team to enjoy itself too much. The Orange County Register highlighted one comment in Monday's newspaper from Huntington Beach's Bev Airhart: "Pete Carroll says that's just USC being USC. You mean immature, taunting, and arrogant? Such a non-class football team! Hopefully they'll be humbled and humiliated in the Rose Bowl -- then their antics can be squashed while Penn St. does their own dancing." Penn State doesn't have a chance against USC, but then I understand frustrated UCLA fans wanting to knock the cross-town rival and diminish the coach's achievements because they don't have a football team to follow anymore this season. They probably had their hearts set on following the team to yet another Emerald Bowl."

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