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Comments for BBS's article entitled "why you are going to hate me" or something like that.

BBS just wrote a very strange fanpost that I got about half way through and realized I need to again own the fact that professional football is just a game.  Evidently, he doesn't want us...

J. Powers misses second day of practice


Oesher with the (slightly) bad news. I have a feeling he'll be ok, though.

Session breaking through - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN


Always happy to see our players get good pub. Nice article.

Popular or not, Indianapolis Colts earned the right to choose their late-season approach


"The Colts, a team criticized for a decade for failing to win in numerous postseasons after numerous successful regular seasons, is now being criticized for caring about the postseason." brilliant

2010 Pro Bowl rosters


Boo, the Favres got 2 more pro bowlers than us! Oh well.

How the "Going Undefeated v. Resting Starters" argument has been severely dumbed down - Stampede Blue


Just a reminder to the readers that two weeks ago, BBS appeared ok with the idea of resting startes. Now he's all about giving Colts brass the business about resting starters. As much as this website is entertaining, it really can be annoying at times. But oh well, in the end it doesn't really matter.

Unpolished Colts should keep chasing perfect season - Jim Trotter -


I think Jim Trotter has been reading BBS and DZ lately...nice work!

Rams release Richie Incognito after spat with Steve Spagnuolo - NFL -


Can he play tackle? If so, hmm...tell him to cool it and he may win a screw up and he's gone and we're no worse for the ware.

NFL: The Jacksonville Jaguars are fighting to survive, leading to some speculation they might have to move. - ESPN


Godspeed, Sparkle Kitties...I hope they can turn things around down there. If not, well, they had a good run and deserve a lot of respect for being a solid team over the years.

Chad Pennington, Miami Dolphins had near-perfect strategy - Peter King -


As if on cue, PK (whom I respect) almost entirely ignores the Colts in this article, instead focusing on Miami's bad play call and goes in to the past to discuss the Giants and Jeff Hostetler. For crying out loud...don't tell me there's no east coast bias.

Jim Caldwell's decades of meticulous note-taking are coming in handy | | The Indianapolis Star


Ok, I really like Jim Caldwell now. Good article. Lots of quotes, and easy to read. Phil Richards did his research and synthesized a lot of information very clearly.

NFL: The addition of quarterbacks Brett Favre and Jay Cutler has helped the NFC close the competitive gap with the AFC - ESPN


Clayton has the Colts finishing 11-5 and winning the South! But they have Pittsburgh winning the Superbowl.

A (mostly) professional game for Favre - NFC North - ESPN


I turned on the TV and within five minutes Favre possibly ended the career of a Texans cornerback. It was halfway through the 3rd quarter, and I don't know who the player was he hit. It was a nasty blow, though, and I can't imagine it bodes well for him. I hope it wasn't a backup vying for a roster spot. I would also feel bad if it were a starter, though. Alas, poor Texans. Isn't Jared Allen known for cheap shots too?


Rookie Wide Recievers...who should I take?

Ok fantasy friends, thanks to your help I am happy with my team for this year, but it has come down to my last pick of the draft and these rookie receivers remain... Kenny Britt Jeremy Maclin D...


Question for the statisticians

What position on opposing teams' defenses typically have the highest number of tackles per game against the Colts?  I assume the secondary because we are a passing team, but wanted to know for...

Five questions: Will Colts' bigger defensive line step up? - Dennis Dillon - NFL - Sporting News


not terribly insightful, but concise and points out 5 areas to be paying attention to.


Friday night

I have a quick question that will hopefully cause someone on this venerable site to quit moping about injuries and coaching for a few minutes.  I live in there any way for me to...

The Official Website of the Indianapolis Colts


This clip has several player interviews, which have become a daily routine for me to watch. I REALLY like Ryan Diem's interview style. I believe I'd vote for him as my congressman if I had the chance, he's that polished. There is also a link to Larry Coyer's presser further down. Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear he reminds me of Jack Palance. Especially when he says "structurally."

San Francisco's Michael Crabtree going down dangerous path - Jeff Pearlman -


well written, in my opinion. Love the Charles de Gaulle quote at the end.

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