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Can the Cubs seriously overcome the loss of ARam for 6 weeks?

 Injuries to star players happen all the time and some of the time the team stricken with the loss of star players overcome and have success. Take last year's Cubs for example who had to deal with...

Gathright Traded To Orioles For Freel.


According to the Baltimore sun, the Cubs have amazingly not only traded Gathright but have actually gotten a decent player back in return who will undoubtedly fit this team better than Gathright. I still think that the Cubs will dangle maybe Miles out there for maybe a bullpen arm.


How long should Cubs give Fukudome in the 2 hole?

 Alright, while I personally don't think Fuku will ever have much of a significant career in the Majors, I am willing to give him some time to produce as the type of player the Cubs imagined him to...


Cubs and Yankees in talks for Cubs to play opener of new Yankee stadium.

 It's probably been mentioned here but I haven't seen it. Just saw this on Yahoo that the games most futile franchise, the Chicago Cubs, are the Yankees first choice to open up the new Yankee...


Time to dismantle this Playoff bomb of a roster.

 As I've said a million times and have gotten heat for it, this team just simply isn't good enough to not only not win a World Series, but win a Playoff series. What a bunch of crybabies who can't...


Who's season would you like to see the Cubs end more in the Playoffs; Mets or Brewers?

 This really is a tough choice for me and which team I'd like to see win the Wild Card. Not because I'm worried about either one, but for other devious reasons.  On one hand, if the Mets win the...


Wonderful Fukudome story that I thought I'd share.

A friend of mine, who's a Chicago native, has a son (Alan)who was born with a congenital heart disease, and who is a huge Cub fan and an even bigger Fukudome fan, had his 5th open heart surgery...


It's official: Aramis is freaking me out!!

 I am fuly aware that even great hitters go through slumps and when a veteran like Aramis who has a track history of success, it's usually an overreaction to get worried when such a hitter goes...


Now what?

  It's been awhile and Well it appears that the many on this site are happy about the acquistion of Rich Harden even though when I was screaming at the top of my lungs last off-season  that in...


Memo to Bobby Howry

Everyone knows you constantly pitch away. Why don't you try coming inside one fking time. Did you see that HR off you tonight? Pathetic. Everyone and their monkey knew the pitch was away, you...


Appalling racist Cubs shirt being sold outside of Wrigley.

This is the first time this has been brought to my attention and for those of you who see many games at Wrigley are well aware of it, but it bothered me so much I felt obligated to bring this to...


How do we feel about the Cubs rotation now Cub fans?

Ted Lilly, the Cubs unquestioned #2 pitcher by many posters here this off-season, is looking like he doesn't need a pitching coach to visit him on the mound but Dr. Phil, is struggelling mightily...


still believe me that this team is average?

The cubs are the most overrated team out there, What a mangled mess of clueless players that only worry about themselves and their stats and have no idea how to approach an ab. Tthey just...


Cubs announce Minor League rosters

Iowa Cubs - 2008 Opening Day Roster Pitchers Jose Ascanio Mike Burns Andy Cavazos Neal Cotts Sean Gallagher Mark Holliman Geoffrey Jones Randy Keisler Sean Marshall Juan...


Questionable moves by Lou today

I'm posting this to see if maybe I missed something and and someone could clear it up for me, but in a game that didn't require much Managing today, Lou made some very suspicious decisions today...


Sports fans, SB Nation is down for scheduled maintenance.

Can any of the Tech's who designed this new format explain to me why I get this message, whenever I try going to the home of BCB? It started happening last night around 11 PM. I got here through...


Roberts sounds off and another lineup change from Lou

TPWSRN is also getting tired of all the rumors and voices his opinion on the situation. I personally like this quote: "I wouldn't say it would be a letdown if [a trade] doesn't happen. I'm going to...


Derosa: "I'm frustrated by it (Roberts rumor)"

  Here's a good interview from the score 670 with Mark Derosa. Derosa talks about his surgery and the rumor about he who shall not be named. It's easy to say that Derosa just needs to shut up and...


Does Marquis have A.D.H.D??

I swear that I was going to actually start this diary a couple days ago when it was slow around here, but decided not too because it was just purely speculation and my personal opinion. But after...


Today at Fitch Park

 I had this in another diary because I certainly didn't think it deserves it's own, but since that got deleted by the creator of that diary and which certainly didn't deserve it's own diary either...


Hill 2 b 4th starter and Murton wouldn't be opposed to a trade

 Not much a surprise here, as Lou confirmed that Rich Hill Will be the Cubs 4th starter. Piniella did reveal Saturday that Rich Hill will be no. 4 in the rotation and that he's looking for starters...


Let us discuss amongst ourselves, shall we.

Well it appears according to Buster Olney and various other sources, that the Roberts deal is centered around the latest and greatest of overhyped Cubs prospects, Sean Gallagher, as opposed to the...


Backup CF: Ronny Cedeno?

Tell me what you think Cub fans,,,Is Ronny Cedeno a viable option to back up to Pie???UPDATE [2008-1-6 13:02:36 by Al]: Since lemon20pie didn't have anything to say, and a BCB reader requested...


Funny ha ha story from today's AFL game.

 First off, this story doesn't deserve a diary of it's own, but I didn't know where else to put it. It wouldn't fit in Al's "projection" thread, nor Josh's great prospect Diary. Anyway:I just got...


Arizona Fall League

 I posted this in the other AFL league diary and was just going to recommend it, but apparently the time to "recommend" it, has expired. It took me 20 minutes to post it and as the other one is now...


You play, to win, the game.

 As Herman Edwards once stated, "You *PLAY* , to *WIN* , the *GAME* !!!!!".I Just got back from that depressing game in which the Cubs looked unprepared and flat and add to that, didn't do...


Dunn may be done, for season

This is significant news to the Cubs if he hangs it up for the rest of the season, as they obviously finish the season off in Cinci and to not have to face one of, if not all time, one of the...


Ankiel received HGH in 2004

 That's according to the New York Daily News. So sorry Cardinals. I'm sure this won't be too big of a distraction for you guys. BWHAHAHAHA. Great story it appears that it was a fraud and...


Minor League Wrap - June 8th

 Gonna give our BCB brothers who've been doing the Minor League Wrap a breather and do the Minor League Wrap tonight. Gonna keep it real simple stupid as I'm tired and just got home and going...

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