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In appreciation of Bruce Bochy

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Prayers for Brandon McCarthy

I am not an A's fan. But Brandon McCarthy is facing a life threatenng situation. I figured that all the support he gets helps. I know he and his wife have been favorites of many of you for their...


Rumor mill has Giants close to getting Pence

Pence is locked up for one more year - so he's not a rental. He is, I believe, a significant upgrade offensively to anything the Giants have in Center or Right. As long as (1) Brown isn't in a...


Trade deadline

So, the second half of the season approaches. My concern is that the Dodgers are in a position (at least financially, I know nothing about their farm system) to add some key components (first base...


So when will Colon be traded to Ariz or LA

In the wake of the incredible Cain-Lee performance, there hasn't been that much discussion on the incredible feat of Bartolo Colon. 38 straight strikes. Unreal. Colon has been excellent so far...


Gregor Blanco. Seriously?

The state of the Giants outfield "depth" is such that I am actually thinking about what it would look like to have Blanco make the team. That leaves the 5 non-regulars as - Stewart (I hope), Pill,...


The problem with Sabean

its not that he is incompetent - in fact, he's been a pretty good GM over the years and at times, an excellent one.  The problem with Brian Sabean is that he is a jerk.  And that rears its ugly...


I'd love to see a list of potential deadline acquisitions

  July 31 approaches.  It is always an important part of the year.  Not just who the Giants do or do not pick up.  But also who the competition does or does not aquire.. So, I'd love to see...


As July 31 approaches what do folks see?

This has been an amazing year to date.  Horrible injuries.  An early schedule that only the most ardent Ginat hater could like.  And a pile of one run victories.  Add it up and its incredible that...


What happens when Font and Pablo return

Big roster decisions loom.  Personally I think the first move is obvious.  Release Tejada.  He's been downright awful,  One of the worst players in the major leagues.  But of course that means...


The two roster move id make today

I"m assuming that DeRosa goes on the DL, but Rowand doesn't.  Based on those assumptions: 1.  Burris for DeRosa 2.  Belt for Ford   Obviuosly they need another infielder and I prefer burris to...


Rest in Peace Killer

Harmon Killebrew was one of the greatest sluggers of all time.  Hard to believe that he wasn't a first ballot HOF.  You folks would have loved him.  Only hit .256  but had a lifetime .376 OBP and...


Its Bochy the mad scientist time

  Lets face it, this team is not one that is going to have anything approaching set lineup.  DeRosa and Torres coming back assure that.  I suspect its a rotation of three infielders - DeRosa,...


The last roster spots

I know there has been discussion on this.  But I can't help but raise the issue again as I'm interested in people's thoughts.  I'm focusing on the last non-pithcer spots.  You have the 8...


Rosterbation - 1-20

Been a long time since I've been here.  Is it me, or does the Giants roster appear to be set barring injuries etc.   To me the only question is 11 vs 12 pitchers.  Here is how it looks: OF (6): ...


Why baseball is the greatest game ever.

For two years most of us, me included ragged on Brian Sabean for acquiring Renteria.  18.5 million for two years. Are you kidding me.  People would talk about his clutch performances and the...


Hey Bochy: play Nate

This is not a general, Nate is getting screwed post.  That has been hashed and rehashed.  This is specific.  The Giants-Pads series this year has been defined by low scoring one run games.  This...


A request to the moderator

If I knew how to do this without a fanpost I would have done so.  So excuse me.  Here is my request:  How bout having TWO post game threads.  One  devoted ONLY to discussing the game and the Giants....


The next nine.

Even though the Giants went 2-4 on their last road trip, i was somewhat pleased because they didn't lose any ground.  They were playing in tough venues while the Pads were in LA to face a fading...


OT: Fanpost etiquette

I posted my Sanchez rant right after the loss.  Didn't have the patience to wait for Grant.  And was mightily pissed.  Plus, the 1500 comment threads get a little tedious at times.  Especially...


J. Sanchez - all hat and no cattle.

What a bullsh*t performance.  The Giants get him two runs.  He immediately gives them right back.  Key ab in 2nd, chance to lay a bunt down to set up an inning against a struggling pitcher. ...


Trade Deadline Post Mortem

Figured I'd take a shot at this after sleeping on the news.  First, I'm relatively neutral about what Sabean did.  I have never been a Martinez fan and I doubt he will be more than a middle inning...


Is Belt the Left Handed bat they need?

I assume that the Giants are not going to pick up a bat.  Dunn is the only reported name worth pursuing and the cost will be too high. Right now, I have no confidence that Pablo will turn things...


The changing trade deadline landscape

It's amazing how quickly things have changed.  DeJesus would have been a nice pick-up if the price was only two minor leaguers (assuming neither was Wheeler or Belt - and I don't think Sabes is...


Why haven't they made a roster move.

13 pitchers has already arguably cost the Giants a game. They are headed into a very important series.  To have a bench as limited as this one makes no sense.  Bring up Burriss.  He can play...


Reality Bites

What we are experiencing at this point of the season is what I think many if not most of us knew but did not want to admit:  this is not a very good baseball team.  Sure they can beat up the lousy...


July 31 approaches and youre Brian Sabean

What do you do?  Stand pat.  Or make a deal.  Assume that the Giants are in  it (we should know the answer to that in two weeks).  I realize this is akin to mental masturbation (as someone posted...


So who is your 1/3 season Giants MVP

No pitchers as that (at least to me) is a separate category.  As I see it there are three candidates:  Huff, Uribe and Andres Torres.  As for me, i pick Torres.  He's been the catalyst at the top...


Most important game of the year.

That's right.  A Sunday game versus Pittsburgh is the most impt game so far this year.  Because if Timmy struggles  I start to think something is not right physically.  And that is scary.  P...


Now that you've seen Freddie S.

Now that you've had the pleasure of watching Freddie Sanchez for a couple of weeks, do you see why he was IF HEALTHY, a good pick-up?  I'm not defending Sabean.  Far from it.  I want him out of...

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