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Be careful what you ask for

We've been clamoring for lineup changes.  Some, have suggested Huff playing in left field.  Well we got both yesterday.  But can we be happy about it?  No.  Because what does Bochy do with these...


Beyond pathetic

Six in a row to the Pudres.  But its worse than that.  They lost to the Richard and Latos twice.  They scored a TOTAL of 8 runs in 6 games.  That's right EIGHT.  Richard is 13-12 lifetime with a...


I am a proud member of the lunatic fringe.

I simply can't take it anymore.  I've given Sabean every benefit of the doubt.  i blamed 07 and 08 on the fact that they kept Bonds too long and essentially sacrificed two years so he could chase a...


Roster move coming and ...

I am 90% certain that the Giants brass will make the wrong move.  The right move is to option Velez.  Indeed, I'll go one step further - it's a no-brainer.  Why?  Easy.  He does not know how to...


How do you score runs with this team

WE spend a lot of time talking about lineups, Bowker vs. Nate,  Velez vs. Lewis etc etc etc.  The real question is, how do you maximize this rosters potential to score runs.  To me the difference...


Pujois or Holliday better get one in the ribs today

DeRosa looked like a pinata yesterday.  He may miss a game or two as a result of being beaned twice.  I am STILL disgusted that no Giant pitcher had Rowand's back.  The guy took one in the face...


Bochy/Bowker/Schierholtz oh my.

I just don't get it.  What is it that Bochy has against young everyday players not named Sandoval?  Bowker gets off to a decent start - hits an HR in game 2 and is getting a hit a game.  Then the G...


Request for a running stat

I would like to see a running tally on twio easy stats:   1.  What is the BA for Giant hitters when they put the first pitch in play. 2.  What is the BA for Giant Hitters when they put the first...


Old versus new stats

I have seen a term "Sabermetrics" that I know nothing about.  I admit to being more of an old school guy (.BA, OBP, HR, RBI, R, SB, Slg) when it comes to looking at stats.  So, perhaps I learn...


Is this Board full of Lewis's relatives?

The love for Lewis on this board is very hard to understand.  He wasn't bad last year.  He was flipping awful.  One of the worst left fielders in the league.  And he had about 10 RBI's at the...


Who are the rosterwinners now that Frandsen gone

At this point, the Giants do not have a true utility infielder on the roster.  Uribe fits the bill, but he's slated to start at second unless and until Freddie gets back.  So, who are the short...


Prediction - Renteria

I think he's going to rebound and have a solid offensive year.  It was obvious last year that he could not extend.  Particularly in the second half of the year.  He appears to be healthy this...



If I'm Sabean/Bochy, Posey is on my opening day roster.  I'd platoon him at first with Huff.  He'd also get some AB's in left field and I'd catch him once or twice a week.  The guy is too good a...


Wait until next year ... again

I'm 51, which I expect is older then most that post on this board.  I've been a diehard Giants fan all of my life.  Which means, "wait until next year" is indelibly etched into my psyche. This has...


So who gets called up 9-1?

And who pitches Wednesday at Philly.  My thoughts for call ups: Frandsen, Bowker, Guzman, Torres, Downs, Runzler, Martinez, Sadowksi, Joaquin.   No Bumgarner - why is beyond me.  I guess they don't...

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