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I have been a viking fan since the team was formed. We have just begun the process of winning the Superbowl.

Skol Vikings.

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  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
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Ponder- 3 surgeries, Why I don't care.

As a redshirt junior in November 2009 Christian Ponder had a whale of a season going for him .  He was third in the country for yards per game.  A 68% completion percentage.  And then it happened. ...


DENIAL is not a river in Egypt

I have been trying to determine why fans are so upset about the Vikings selecting what they believe is a Franchise QB in the draft. The answer is pretty simple.  Many fans are still in denial that...


5 Quarterbacks in first 12 picks.

As I posted earlier Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning news is considered the best draft  prognosticator  over the last ten years. He doesn't evaluate players he simply uses his contacts with...


Peyton Manning is a free agent

As of yesterday at 6:00 PM Peyton Manning was made a free agent by the Federal Court's ruling that the lock-out was not legal and football should continue.  Now I suppose it's to much to hope but...


The real mock draft

On April 19th, 2011 rick Gosselin came out with his first of three Mock Drafts this year. He will update those this week and traditionally will post his last draft on Wednesday . Why is this...


The draft- Top 11 Big Board-and More

I wanted to do a post on the draft.  Not our teams needs but on what will probably be available to us. I do not pretend to have the ability to actually judge talent so I am going to try and give an...


Vikes receive Two Compensatory Picks. 6th rounders- What can Spielman do?

If you haven't heard the Vikes received two 6th round picks ( # 200 and  #235) for the loss of Chester Taylor and Artis Hicks. Some were hoping for a 5th round pick but the value and playing time...


Spielman and the Vikings draft strategy.

I have listened and read many of the numerous interviews that Spielman has given over the last several months. I don't try and guess who he will pick from these interviews because I know that...


The Truth About The NFL Labor Dispute

With the NFL Labor situation basically being all there is to talk about, you can never have too many viewpoints on it.

NFL Owners finally show their true colors


Its reported that the owners planned the walk out of the last negotiating meeting. They previously stated that they wanted to bargain not go to court. Now they are suing the union for bargaining in bad faith. I guess the really are planning a lock-out. Although it makes no sense to me.


An Interesting Quarterback story

I keep thinking about the Miami Dolphins. In 1967 they drafted Bob Griese as the 4th overall pick in the draft.  He guided their team through 1979 with the benefit of Don Shula as the coach. The...


Evaluating the QBs for 2011

I always try to remember that I am not a football player.  Certainly not a coach or a scout. Just a fan. What I see on TV in no way allows me to truly evaluate a QB. But I do read.  And many have...


Vikings young 2011 Roster- Age not a factor.

Some are writing that the Vikings are to old.  They need a youth movement. Most base this on the philosophy that a players is to old after the age of thirty to play well.  The real fact is that RBs...


The Franchise Quarterback- How to Get One

  I have enjoyed the articles and comments concerning the QB myth.  Excuses why a team doesn't need to expend a high price and top pick on a  top level QB. False assumptions that a third round...


What if Webb is the real deal?

I was sitting back drinking a little java this morning contemplating a Joe Webb success story. What if he showcases the kind of talent everyone is hoping for? The speed and arm strength of Cam...


Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is hope for the future.  Not for myself as much as every Viking fan out there struggling with the new reality. We have been struggling ever since our franchise QB blew out...


The 2011 draft- Helpful Rules for Discussion.

It is always interesting when fans start talking about the draft.  Can a team move up and down at will? The answer is probably.  If your willing to pay enough.  But to have a meaningful discussion...


Who Needs a QB as much as the Vikings?

Which teams need a quarterback as much as the Vikings? Unfortunately the answer is many of the teams with worse records than the Vikings. Carolina (1-11) has the front row seat.  Carolina is...


Hoping the best for my Vikings and the Daily Norseman.

I have been noticeably  absent from the Daily Norseman lately.  One of the good posters ( Grime) e-mailed me to ask why. Was it something on the DN site that had caused my absence? No. Nothing like...


Vikings are needing a victory

This has been a long season and its only 6 games long for us Vikings fans.  We have played New Orleans, Miami, Jets, Lions, Cowboys and Green Bay.  Each and every game has been close and winnable....


Pat Kirwin predicts " Charlie Weiss" as new coach for Panthers

Our local radio show has Pat Kirwin on each week for fan questions. HERE is the audio link.  Go to the 21:40 mark on the audio tape.   He answered one this week in his matter of fact style. To...

Confessions of a Sports Agent


This is a long detailed article by SI which details the payments to at least 30 players while they attended college.It also paints Mel Kiper in a very bad light. It strives to give the "dirty details" of the Sports Agent business. I highly recommend you read it if your interested in the inside details.


Not time to Panic?- What time is it?

Now, for those who regularly read my post you know I am the most optimistic person in the world. Realistic, yes, but I always tend to view the glass as half full rather than half empty.  Either way...


Who are the Vikings Inactive players and why?

Ever wonder why a game's not going so well?  Why doesn't the dumb**s coach just substitute so and so and move this team along. Well  lot of it has to do with rosters.  The 45 man active roster...


Looking for a website!

I keep trying to find a site that list the active and inactive players for each game and for each team.  I can't seem to locate one. Not even one that list just the Viking players that are active...


Why good teams falter and others succeed.

San Diego, Dallas, and Minnesota.  Three play-off caliber teams whose 2010 record stands at 1-2. How can that be that good teams falter?  After all these three teams have "franchise QBs".  They all...


The Blame Game

When things go wrong in someone's life they usually look for someone to blame.  Poor decisions are often compounded when people start looking to blame others instead of concentrating on solving the...

Was it just a bad weekend for College QBs?

I kept my eye on some of the Top pro prospect QBs this weekend.  Was it just me or were most of them they terrible. Before everyone goes off telling me how Ryan Mallet " led his team" to victory I...


Vikings future - Free Agents- and the need for a QB

Several of us were conversing on the Vincent Jackson rumor and the issue of what this Viking team will look like next year arose.  Its a valid question.  Especially when fans are looking to add a...


Veteran Players & Draft Picks we passed up. Shame on us.

There were many good players the Vikings could have picked up this year to get us to the super bowl.  I don't get why we didn't even make an offer to one of these guys ( well we did offer LT I...

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