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I am a absolute sports nut. I love Football, Basketball, Baseball and the UFC. I can debate sports with the best of the them.

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User Blog

Lightskin 350 Mock draft 4/29

The object of any draft is to get 3 starters out of your draft class by the time their rookie contracts are up. The Bengals have been very good at this and if the draft unfolds like below there...


Do the Bengals want to win a Super Bowl?

This is a question that needs to be discussed. Does Mike Brown want to win a Super Bowl or is he content to make as much money as possible? I truly believe he does not. Brown is a great business...


I don't care who the Bengals draft in the first round as long as its either on the offensive line or defensive line !

I prefer to keep AC at LT but he might have played himself out of a Bengal uniform in 2014 with his fantastic play down the stretch. Its clear that Big Whit's days at LT are behind him. He can...


My random thoughts................some will like but most won't.

As a fan it's kinda hard to watch your team lose to a team that you are better than. Talent wise 1-53 our talent rivals any team in the league minus the 49ers who I believe are the best team in the...


NH must have lost his mind with the offers that he gave the Marlins for Stanton................if the reports are true.

I have read all the interviews with NH with him saying the offers were insane and bordering on stupid or whatever but if these reports are true PIRATE fans should be thanking the baseball gods that...


What would we fans think about adding David Lee?

As most know here on BE I have been in favor of keeping LMA and riding with him until the wheels fall off. He is a young 6'11 PF coming off back to back all-star seasons with one of the best mid...


Why I believe that the team will lose either MJ or CARLOS DUNLAP after the 2013 season.

I know some fans will think that I am crazy but if one is not traded before the end of this coming season we will lose one and get nothing in return for a very good player. Defensive ends who can...


As a fan I would love to know who is making the draft decisions this year.

I don't know if I have been spoiled by the way the team has drafted the past 3 years because I am not excited at all about this class. I had to turn it off, that's how sick it was making me. I...


If MIKE BROWN can't get a simple contract done with James Harrison how in the hell is he going to be able to sign the FA we have coming up in the next 12 months or so?

I don't care how much money the teams rolls over to 2014, can the team re-sign MJ, DUNLAP, GRESHAM, ATKINS, GREEN and DALTON not to mention that ANDRE SMITH is still out there and is just as...


If the BENGALS fail to capitalize this off-season we don't deserve to ever contend for the SUPER BOWL.

I know that a lot of fans want like that comment but I am sure most on here know that I hardly ever bite my tongue. Baltimore will be coming off the dreaded SB hangover and Pittsburgh is getting...


Why I believe that HC STOTTS should stop playing the starters all the minutes he has this season.

I am sure that all the readers on BE know how I feel about STOTTS and OLSHEY. I have been very critical of both but I am willing to be patient with OLSHEY'S plan. He is going to "try" and add some...


The BENGALS have a huge problem coming in the near future!

How do we keep this very good, very young defensive line together in the future. For starters there is no way I give MICHAEL JOHNSON a big deal off of one good season. JOHNSON at times played like...


Will GM NEIL OLSHEY be able to keep his word to franchise player LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE?

At the start of the 2012 season all-star PF LA had a heart to heart with new general manager NEIL OLSHEY about the direction that he would be taking this team as well as the future of the all-star...


Vontaze Burfict needs to get some votes for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

There were a lot of the so called experts who thought he did not have the speed or discipline to play in the NFL, must less start on a playoff team's defense. This kid was left for dead after the...


I am sick of the PIRATES and their cheap ways: if you want to win you have to spend.

PIRATES mgmt as well as NH has sold the fans that the team was going to build through the draft and they kept their word out spending every MLB team during the last 4-5 seasons. NH drafted a lot of...


Looking more and more that Alex Anzalone will be a Florida Gator.

Alex Anzalone is one of the best players in the country regardless of position with most recruiting services having him in their own top 50 overall. Even when Anzalone gave his verbal to the IRISH...


How Plaxico Burress can save our season.

I am not going the route of "I TOLD YOU SO" because I did that last week. Hopefully now the majority of CINCY JUNGLE readers will come to their senses and finally see that we are in need of a legit...


I usually refrain from using the word "hate" but Mark May on espn is really starting to DISGUST me.

I am to the point were I don't even like looking at his face much less hearing his voice. Every other analyst on there is pretty much bias when it comes to picking teams even if it's their alma...


I hate to be that guy that says "I TOLD YOU SO" but

damn I told you so. When will BENGAL Nation realize that Andy Dalton is not a franchise QB but is merely a game manager. The sad thing is that Marvin and Mike put Dalton in a situation were he...


Andy Dalton is NOT a franchise quarterback in the NFL.............not yet!

I will start off by saying that playoff teams don't lose to a 1-3 football team with a rookie starting QB at HOME. Andy Dalton had accuracy problems all game long starting in the first quarter...


Why Jermaine Gresham holds the keys to our offense!

I really don't understand why coach Gruden does not have a series of packages strictly for getting Gresham the ball. Gruden is starting to do this for Hawkins giving him the ball on sweeps, lining...


This is something Bengal fans will not like!

Before I start my rampage let me first say that you will not find a bigger Bengal fan than me. I live and die with each win and loss. Andy Dalton is no were as good as we Bengal fans think he is....


The injury to Thomas Howard is a game changer for the Bengals.

Howard was Mr. everything last year and made Marvin and Zimmer trade away Keith Rivers for a coke and a smile. Personally I did not think that Rivers was that bad, did he live up to his top 10...


Will Doug Randolph be the next recruit to be IRISH?

Doug Randolph decommits from Stanford and is likely to be number 20 for Brian Kelly and company very soon. While Randolph is not as talented as Jaylon Smith and Alex Anzalone (very few are) he is...


The time is now for NH and the Pirates to call up Gerrit Cole!

I know there will be a lot of fans who think that I am crazy but if the Pirates want any chance at all to make the playoffs this is their only option. James McDonald is falling apart, his arm is...


Notre Dame Recruiting Needs:

I was very critical of Brian Kelly and staff early on as Michigan and U$C came out the gates swinging for the fences and getting elite player after player and now it looks like they are finished...


Why I believe that Hunter Pence will be a Pirate after the trade deadline.

Call me crazy but I think that NH will make a trade for Hunter Pence. First of all, NH is not interested in trading away assets for rental players but he is trying to get a impact bat to get some...


Neil Huntington going HARD after Kansas City Slugger 1B Billy Butler.

Neil Huntington has pretty much called every team in the majors about any bat that might be on the market. NH has checked on BJ Upton, Chase Headley, Hunter Pence, Justin Upton and so on. It's...


What does 19 million dollars of cap space + 2 lottery picks =

Neil Olshey setting the Blazers back by 2-5 seasons. As we sit on 7/20/12 the Portland Trailblazers are a lottery team at best. This team MIGHT be in the running for the number 1 overall pick next...


Is Tee Shepherd trying to make his way back to Notre Dame?

I don't usually listen to rumors or do I like posting rumors but I have been hearing for almost 2 weeks now that Shepherd wants to be Irish again. There was so many rumors about his health, his...

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