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As you can see, I'm female. I know. Not many of us on here. I hope that picture dispels the myth that Techies are ugly.

I am, unfortunately, not a graduate of the great Georgia Institute of Technology, as I am a social scientist (and not the political kind) but, I have been a fan for as long as I can remember.

I go to as many games as I can afford and try to bring all my children if I can. We don't do religion, we do football.

I'm no expert, but, I watch religiously and thoughtfully. It is important to me to learn about the sport I love and so, I regularly ask questions of whomever is around that is more knowledgeable than I. If I ask you, please understand I am asking in earnest because football is something I'm passionate about.

I use a multitude of honorifics for U(sic)GA, including Ugag, Clark County Correctional Facility and UGly. I choose them at random. It's a rivalry, if you take issue with my specific choice that day, I'd suggest you get over yourself. (This was an issue on my very first post. Here~http://sbn.to/twPjLb)

I support the ACC. Post-season play and out of conference play, I generally always root for the ACC. I would not have GT move back to the SEC if you paid me.

I'm a graduate student, research assistant, teacher's assistant, college recruiter, mom and fiance'.

I like to blog (sometimes, I write about Tech, too) and sing (singsnap.com/thelittlepecan) and cook. I'm a damned fine cook. Butter. Bacon. Heavy cream.

Hey, I'm from Georgia, what do you expect?

I don't comment often, I usually only have time to read or I worry my comments will be taken out of context, or I will put my proverbial foot in my mouth since I am not as knowledgeable as many other posters. I will, however, mock your grammar, usage and spelling mercilessly.

I consider academic elitism to be a pro of being a Tech fan.

Don't take me too seriously, I don't. :-D

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAF Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • General Navy Midshipmen
User Blog

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Finally! Hate Week! Where are you tailgating?

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What's a Jacket Fan to do?

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You're Whining about a White Out? Seriously?

I've been lurking around the ESPN conversation on the Tech/VPI game this Thursday and I have to admit, I'm quite disappointed.  This season has turned out to be completely different than any of us...

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