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Hockey's Future analyzes 2008 draft class


I realize Hockey's Future isn't exactly gospel when it comes to evaluating prospects, but it is a good read.

Geoff Walker signed with Avalanche?


Am I the only one who missed a 6-3, 225 lb winger signing with the Avs? If this is old news I apologize; it's the first time I'd heard about it.

From the folks at St. Louis Game Time...


Comes some humor I think you may enjoy.

I know it's not until June...


but this is a site with two rounds of an NHL mock draft. I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by linking this (Angelique), but the draft is part of what makes the off-season fun. This particular site has the Avs taking a 6-5 goalie in the 2nd round. Because, you know, we don't have any goalie's in our system. BTW, it may be cool for MHH to have some sort of on-line mock draft.

Spags to the Saints?


I can only hope. I'm a fan of his, which is why I hope he strays from the NFC East.

The NY Times Derek Boogaard article.


This is belated, I know. And if someone else has posted on this, or if it came up on Cupcakes, I apologize. It is a great read. I know it brings up a dark subject. But I will never watch a hockey fight the same way after what happened this summer, and after reading this article.

Calvin Pickard's making saves and taking names...


And is consequently named the CHL goalie of the week.

Another Positive Preview of the Avalanche


Another example of how many are moving past the shock of the Varly trade, and looking at the Avs off-season moves as a whole. Oddly enough, the article is written by a 18 yr old kid from Detroit.

Fox News offers a fair and balanced perspective...


... about the Avalanche previous and upcoming seasons. No really. It's actually pretty good!

Blogger blogging about things blogworthy.


A little write up about not rushing Calvin Pickard. Nothing earth-shattering, but hey, it's July. We gotta take it as it comes.

Hockey's Future Does Summary on Avs


For what it's worth, this is Hockey's Future description of what the Avalanche have (or don't have), and what they need.

Stoa's game improves. . .


Hopefully the talented young forward is turning his game around.

Second halves of football season not the Giants' speciality. . .


Not counting Tom Coughlin's first season with the Giants (when Eli Manning was a rookie), and not counting the results of this season so far, the Giants have gone 30-10 in the first halves on seasons, and 19-21 in the second halves. So, the Giants have once again posted a positive 6-2 record in the first half of this season. What should that tell you? Buckle in. . .:)

Avalanche Decline to Sign G Peter Delmas


Another Avs' goalie prospect lives down to expectations...


A special interview request. . .

I had a chance to listen to and take part in a nice discussion on AM 1510 a few days ago about the Avs' attendance woes.  Predictably, a lot of heat was put on the Avs' marketing department.  Is it...

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