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Red Sox 5, Mariners 4: The Big Papi Show


Offense! Actual, verifiable offense!

Red Sox 2, Mariners 8: Lather, Rinse, Repeat


Another day, another loss.

Red Sox 3, Mariners 12: Lackey Lacking


Awful, awful pitching quickly buries the Sox in the fourth.

Red Sox 3, Athletics 4: Two (HBP) Late


Another frustrating loss, in just about the most ridiculous manner you could conceive, with two HBP's leading to the winning run for the A's.

Jackie Robinson: Ending the beginning of the fight


Jackie Robinson Day isn't the celebration of the end of racism in professional baseball—it marks the end of the beginning of a long struggle.

Brewers 4, Red Sox 0: MEH.


Not much to see here, really.

Game 6 Overflow Thread: Lots of Luck, All Bad


The Sox are down 3-0 by an absolute horror show of tragic events


Game 6: Brewers at Red Sox

There is to be no sweeping during this game, not even of any kind.

Brewers at Red Sox: The Lineup Shuffle Continues


No getting swept, m'kay, Sox?

Brewers 7, Red Sox 6: Buchholz Bombs in Debut


Clay Buchholz has an awful, terrible, very bad, no good day at Fenway as the Red Sox fall in extra innings.

Game 5 Overflow Thread: Time-Traveling


From the past comes this overflow thread into existence.


Game 4: Brewers at Red Sox

David Ortiz gets a scheduled day off today, which leads to more reshuffling in the Red Sox lineup, courtesy of John Farrell: Grady Sizemore, CF Dustin Pedroia, 2B Daniel Nava, LF Mike Napoli,...

Brewers 6, Red Sox 2: Bullpen Meltdown Dooms Sox


A horrific ninth inning by Edward Mujica and Andrew Miller cost the Sox's chance of a win in their home opener at Fenway.

Game 4 Overflow Thread


A blast by Sizemore and a bomb by Middlebrooks have evened up the game at 2-2 versus the Brewers.

On Seeing the First Baseball Game of Spring


After months of waiting, the new season is finally upon us.

Red Sox Daily Links: Lester, Hill, Sizemore


Jon Lester's catchers tell of his growth as a pitcher. Meanwhile, Rich Hill's bounced back, but not enough to break camp with Boston, and how the Red Sox have to plan for two returning players.

Sox extend Ortiz through 2015, add club options


According to league sources, a one-year extension of Papi's contract has been agreed to.

The OTM Lineup: Crowdsourcing vs. Crowd Members


One last vote on the right-handed lineup: the crowdsourced lineup, or the lineup of individual crowd members?

Can you beat the OTM crowdsourced lineup?


You've voted. Now see what you've wrought in constructing the Red Sox lineup against righties—and try to beat it.

The OTM Red Sox 2014 Lineup #8/#9: WMB unleashed


Will Middlebrooks takes the #7 spot in the lineup. Now vote for the last two spots in the lineup.

OTM Red Sox 2014 Lineup #7: Victorino Victorious


Victorino in the lineup means there's no room for Carp or Gomes. So now we're down to a 3B, some CFers, and catchers for the last three spots.

The OTM Red Sox 2014 Lineup #6: Napoli's all in


Again, no surprise here: Napoli is the preferred backup for Big Papi. Time to start the "home stretch" and vote for #6.

The OTM 2014 Lineup #5: It's Papi's *!#$in' 4-spot


Godzilla versus Bambi wasn't this much of a rout. Now time to move on to #5.

The OTM 2014 Lineup #4: Enter Xand-Man


So, OTM wants a rookie at #3. Now who gets the cleanup spot?

OTM 2014 Lineup #3: Pedroia lights up the 2-spot


In another runaway ballot, Pedroia takes the #2 spot in the OTM lineup. Now it's time to vote for your #3 guy.

Nava leads off the OTM lineup; now who bats 2nd?


In the end, the lure of Nava's .411 OBP against righties was too much to resist. But who will bat behind him?

2014 lineup voting — Who leads off?


Time to vote for who you think should lead off in 2014—No waffling.

Kershaw, Abreu, & Replays: Is MLB Losing Its Mind?


It seems like rational thought has flown the coop in baseball this winter.

David Ortiz and the future of the Red Sox DH


How will the Red Sox fill the void after David Ortiz retires?

Why the MLB Luxury Tax matters more than you think


There's a reason why even big-market teams are flinching away from the CBT threshold.

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