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Vote for the most important Bills draft pick of the Nix/Whaley era

Now that Whaley has taken over, let's take a look back and see if we can figure out who the most important draft picks are from Nix onward. What defines important? There's a lot of ways one...


Lord Gloom BROP

Oh, man. These take forever to compile. I had two main goals here: Find a QB of the future, and improve the defense. How did this turn out? Front Office Either Nix stays, or it's Doug Whaley. We...


Anyone up for an all-time NFL fantasy draft?

Here's the plan: 1.) get 16 people from this blog 2.) make a new thread for the draft draft - participants can pick any players from the super bowl era 3.) draft will run in "snake" format - so...


Not all was lost

Yeah, it stinks to lose, to lose after being up big, and to lose to end the season. But look... -Beating Tebow was priceless. The look on Tebow's face after each of those picks? Glorious. -...


Four postgame thoughts

1. Horrible game. 2. Horrible game. 3. Horrible. 4. Horrible.

Browns hire Jauron. Are the Bills in the League?


Not a single mention of Jauron's most recent head coaching venture.


Donte Whitner's Game-Ending Slam

Bengals ball. 3rd and 4, 5:38 to go. Bills up by 11. Bengals driving at the Bills' 25 yard line via 4th-down conversions and great catches. If the Bengals make points on this drive, they're still...


So is anyone else kind of excited for this game - in spite of themselves?

I don't know why I'm so pumped for this game. Let's run down the reasons why not to be pumped. There are so many.   -Watching the Patriots and N.E. System QB play makes me want to eat my arms. -...

Lee Evans: Star cloaked in Buffalo's fog


Brutal article about Lee Evans from ESPN. Be warned, this will get you more down than the "Breaking Down Buffalo's Fourth Quarter Failures" article. Woof...

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