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twolfcast episode 304


twolfcast, the unofficial MN Timberwolves podcast, has a new episode recorded after last night's loss to the Thunder. Follow thte link above to the website, or subscribe on iTunes here:


twolfcast season 2 premiere! also, our feeds moved.

Hey, everyone. I know some of you listen to our podcast, twolfcast. Well, we changed servers, in order to have better control and choices over our providers, and this caused our feeds to change. ...

twolfcast mid-summer special: The Offseason, from A to K


twolfcast is back, broadcasting from the seasonably high temperatures in South Minneapolis! In Episode 12, we cover all the offseason moves so far, and speculate on their impact on the upcoming season. will Shved's game translate? is AK47 a better pickup than Nic Batum? where does Derrick Williams fit in? how do you pronounce "Budinger"? find out, on the latest twolfcast! did i sell it pretty well? i think so. seriously, though, it's a good episode. iTunes: not-iTunes: subscribe!

twolfcast Episode 9: It Has Gotten More Serious


The new episode of twolfcast is now out! In this one, we do our damndest to stay positive about Ricky's knee and the remainder of the Wolves' season. iTunes: RSS Feed: Website:

twolfcast Episode 7: You Be the Head


Fresh off the presses (or whatever we use in podcastland) comes another episode of twolfcast! In this one, we react to reaching .500, we discuss the face stomp and its repercussions, and we heap praise on Pek! Also, Matt attempts a couple puns, and gets mad about Ricky Davis. Enjoy! iTunes: RSS Feed: Website:

twolfcast Episode 6: Changing That 6 to an 8


Hey, everyone! A new episode of twolfcast went up last night! In this one, a couple recent standouts break into our Slick Six, plus we freak out over the Clippers game. We hope you've been enjoying this. So far, the response has been tremendous! iTunes: RSS Feed: Website: Next one in two weeks. Go Wolves!

twolfcast Episode 5: the Slick Six


Hey, everyone. There's a new episode of twolfcast available, and it's a doozy! We've switched to a biweekly schedule for the time being, but we'll keep trying to update here with every release. iTunes: RSS Feed: Website: Enjoy!

twolfcast Episode 4: "Opening Day"


Once again, there's a new episode of twolfcast available for your enjoyment! This one was recorded on opening day, with a pre-game segment in which we are exuberant, and a post-game segment in which we are crowing about a moral victory. Also: alcohol is consumed, and gambling is discussed. Vices! iTunes: RSS Feed: Website:

twolfcast Episode 3 now available!


Episode 3, "Reason for Hope", is now online. In this one, we go crazy about the first preseason game, we argue about Bonzi, and we take subtle jabs at the old coaching regime. iTunes: RSS Feed: Website: Thanks for listening!

twolfcast episode 2 now available


Episode two was recorded last night, and is now available for your ears to consume! In this one, we discuss league-wide free agency, the proposed JJ Barea acquisition, defensive struggles, and the pre-season thus far. We also talk more trash about former coaches, because it's easy. And FormerSlamDunkChampion struggles to pronounce "Adelman" correctly. Website: RSS Feed: iTunes Store: We hope you enjoy it. [edited to reflect the appearance of this episode on iTunes]

twolfcast - a new podcast about the Timberwolves


I (losDelFuego) am now the co-host of a new podcast about the Wolves, along with longtime-CH-reader (but new CH member) FormerSlamDunkChampion. In this first episode, we recap the off-season, gripe about the lockout, talk trash about former coaches, and get super-excited for the '11-'12 season. Listen if you'd like, comment if you want, send us emails if you choose, disagree with us if you must. iTunes: RSS Feed: Website: [edited to make the links behave like links.]

Ziller's GM Power Rankings / A new perspective on Kahn


Extraterrestrial/Art League Champion: David Kahn, Wolves Mea culpa: I was too hard on David Kahn when I indicated an avocado could put together a better team. I still believe that -- the Wolves are 9-30, after all -- but I was using the wrong goal posts. Who cares about "good" when Kahn has managed to assembled the funkiest team since the merger? This team is straight-up ABA, from Michael Beasley's wild hair and lack of conscience, Kevin Love's undersized vacuum cleaner rebounding, and all the team's wings' terrible shooting. Just put Kurt Rambis in a sweater and dark jeans and replace the Target Center's HD cameras with tape and we have instant nostalgia porn. (title is link to full article)


11 Games Into the Season - Stats Wrapup

We're just over the 1/8th mark of the season, which is just barely a large enough sample size to get a feel for what our "new look again" Timberwolves can do, as well as what the landscape looks...

How Can The Timberwolves Run The Triangle Effectively?


Sebastian Pruiti takes a good look at the Wolves offense. (Title is link.)

Pelton on Love (and other trends)


A nifty format: Kevin Pelton (of Basketball Prospectus) is monitoring ESPN Insider and analyzing the topics that are "trending" within. First on the list is Kevin Love. There's also interesting stuff on the Hawks and on the new technical foul rules. (Title is link!)

Live Chat with Jerry Z

62's doing a live chat with Jerry Zgoda RIGHT NOW. So far it's very stupid, but who knows? If the title link doesn't work, there's a link to it on the front page.


Now that FIBA is over: FIBA v. NBA rules

I was reading Jack McCallum's article over at about the US victory, and it included this section: • FIBA has long hoped that the NBA would modify its rules to more closely conform to...

Dwyer on Love


I'm a fan of Kelly Dwyer's writing, although I know that's a controversial point to some. Nonetheless, a glowing plea for more PT for Love. The title is the link.

NBA Playbook: A Look at Love's FIBA Play


NBA Playbook (who brought you the Pekovic breakdown) takes a good look at Love's FIBA play. Great stuff.

MN Lynx playoff hunt - Beat LA!


Despite a disappointing season, the Lynx are in the playoff hunt. The WNBA has four teams per conference advance to the playoffs. Currently the Lynx are in a 3-way tie for third seed, with LA Sparks and SA Silver Stars. All three teams have two games left in the season. They play LA this Friday. They haven't beaten LA all season. If they win this one, I think they clinch a playoff spot. If not, they could still get 4th seed if they win their final game against Indiana, and San Antonio loses one of their final two (Lynx have a tiebreaker over SA because of a 3-2 season record). It's time to pay attention. (The title links to the article I summarized.)

Overseas Scouting Report: Nikola Pekovic


via TrueHoop: A great video breakdown of Pek's strengths and weaknesses.

Sixers website reveals they'll draft Turner?


A splash page on the Sixers website seems to indicate that they have their minds made up. via Fanhouse.


Season Ticket Exchange

This new ticket promotion for next season has me wildly intrigued.  I spoke to my ticket rep a little while ago, and got some details. This season's seating chart: h...


Name the new MN Soccer Team!

The MN Thunder are yesterday.  The new team needs a name! MN is getting a new team that will play in the USL conference of the USSF. Voting for names is here:  h...


potential Utah trade?

Via Ball Don't Lie, Matt Harpring will miss all the preseason, and some of the regular season, with his injury. Does this mean Utah might be interested in a...

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