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I've been an A's fan for as long as I could tell the teams apart, growing up in the Canseco/McGwire/Eckersley era.

Since "discovering" Athletics Nation in early 2005, we're pleased to be a part of the best fan base on the Internet.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
User Blog

I'm Throwing Out the First Pitch August 1

On August 1st, the Royals are coming to visit the A's at the Coliseum for a 6:35 pm game. It's a Friday fireworks night, so you know it's going to be packed. But there's another reason I'm planning...

Billy Beane Doing Live Q&A at 11 am PDT


Join or watch Billy Beane take live questions from the GooglePlex, starting at 11 a.m. Pacific.


A's Themed Android Logos! For Baseball Geeks.

So... it happens to be the anniversary of my birth today. My wife (@wifethereof) had these Android figurine logos designed and delivered for this day. I think they are awesome. If you're an Android...

Video: Jemile Weeks Hangs Out, Takes Questions From Fans


The Oakland A's Second Baseman, Jemile Weeks, Takes Questions from Google+ on Video.


Join Jemile Weeks In A Google+ Hangout on 4/12

Hey AN, just thought I would alert you to a bunch of fun things we're doing on Google+ to kick off the MLB season and the A's in particular. All 30 major league baseball teams are actively posting...

Brett Anderson's Left Elbow Seeks Medical Review


As many on AN have speculated, given Brett Anderson's visible loss in velocity and struggles to get opposing hitters out over the last several starts, the pitcher's left elbow is going to be...

ANtics Extra: Bob Geren In the Hot Seat


A's manager Bob Geren is on the hot seat with his team in last place and going nowhere fast. The ANtics are back to investigate.


The A's 2010 is like 1987 -- All Over Again

The 2010 Oakland A's are 65-65, at .500. This season of mediocrity is much like that of 1987, a squad one year away from dynasty. It could happen again.


Slusser: Eric Chavez Considering Retirement

The A's Eric Chavez, six time Gold Glover, injured much of the past few seasons, is considering hanging it up.

Matsui's 3-Run Shot, Absent Offense Doom A's Opener In Anaheim


CT Thread Here While the spotlight entering the game was on Dallas Braden, coming off his perfect game last Sunday, it seems somebody forgot to tell the A's hitters that their goal was not to...

Open Thread: Game 36 - A's at Angels (3) - CT Thread


  Being just a little less than perfect finally caught up to Dallas Braden in the bottom of the 6th inning, as Kenry Morales knocked in Eric Aybar to give the Angels a 1-0 lead over the A's,...

Open Thread: Game 36 - A's at Angels (2)

After three full innings, the A's and Angels remain scoreless. Dallas "Perfect Game" Braden has given up a single, thus ending his bid to be an improved version of Johnny Vander Meer, but he, with...


This Post Is Not About Politics (KTRB)

Dear Oakland Athletics and Associated Baseball Gods (OAABG), Thank you for your acknowledging that East Bay fans and those Non-Resident A's Fans (NRAFs) occasionally cannot attend games live, and...

Kendry Morales Tatters the A's Bullpen, Undoing Tomko's Bid to Go 3-0


Kendry Morales goes 5-5 with 2 home runs and 6 RBIs as the A's fail to bring Tomko to a 3-0 record, losing 11-7.

Open Thread: Game 128 - A's at Angels (Cont.)


After six full, the A's have scored six full. The Angels, the #1 team in the division, have scored a mere third of that. Brett Tomko, having reached the 100 pitch mark, was pulled from the game,...

Open Thread: Game 128 - A's at Angels (Cont.)


After three full innings, the A's lead 5-1 over the Angels, on the back of a 2-run home run by Scott Hairston, a 2-run single through the infield by Kurt Suzuki, and a sacrifice fly by Mr. Jack...


Open Thread: Game 128 - A's at Angels

The A's Brett Tomko, sporting a 0.82 ERA in his first two starts with his new team, is taking on the first place Angels, hoping to keep his momentum alive.

A's 7-Game Run Ends as Twins Pound Oakland 10-5


The Oakland A's, after 7 straight wins, could not escape a 10-run deficit against the Minnesota Twins, falling to defeat, 10-5.

Right Now, Extra Innings Sound Pretty Good! (Rays 6, A's 5)


The A's fell to the Devil Rays 6-5 on Thursday, splitting the four game series, after a 9th inning rally from Tampa sent Oakland packing.

Open Thread: Game 38 - A's at Rays (cont.)


9th Inning drama thread (to be open for potential extras, of course)... The A's, having never led in the game, are now knotted at 3-3 with the Rays, following an RBI single from Orlando Cabrera...

Open Thread: Game 38 - A's at Rays (cont.)


After five full innings, including a thunderstorm-related power outage, the A's and Rays are deadlocked at 2. Highlights thus far have included Braden's Ryan Sweeney impression to snag a failed...


Open Thread: Game 38 - A's at Rays

There's something pure about weekday baseball. And there's something refreshing about knowing the A's have put up a crooked number, not just in a single inning (or game, mind you), but in terms of...

Cahill's 1-Run Gem Not Enough as A's Come Up Empty, Sealing M's Sweep


The A's came up short, losing 1-0 to Bedard and the Mariners at the Coliseum, completing a three game sweep.

Open Thread: Game 6 - A's vs. Mariners (cont.)


After having some control issues early in the game, Trevor Cahill has settled down, keeping the Mariners off the board. In parallel, the A's hitters are making Bedard look like something special,...


A's Star Pitchers and Opening Day Starters

The Oakland A's haven't always featured star pitchers in their rotation, despite recent success.


4 Days, 3 Ballparks, 2 Twins, 1 Experience

The twins' A's gear for the trip... Although it looks like we missed BBG and others in the AN crew by a week, wifethereof and I have arrived in sunny Phoenix with the now nine months old...

Rickey Henderson to be Denied Unanimous Hall Vote


Rickey Henderson is going to be denied a unanimous Hall of Fame vote, despite being legendary, because one voter thought Matt Williams was more worthy.

Matthew, Sarah and Stomper Are Excited for 2009 A's Baseball!


Matthew, Sarah and Stomper Are Excited for 2009 A's Baseball!

The MLB Network's First Pitch is Today


The MLB Network is set to debut on January 1st in 50 million households. Will it be another ESPN with East Coast bias?

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