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I've been an A's fan for as long as I could tell the teams apart, growing up in the Canseco/McGwire/Eckersley era.

Since "discovering" Athletics Nation in early 2005, we're pleased to be a part of the best fan base on the Internet.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
User Blog

Could Be a Quiet Ride to Detroit...


First the good news: 35. Then the bad news: 10. As the A's rookie phenom Brad Ziegler wrote this morning, today would have been a great opportunity for the A's to stop their losing skid, and...

Open Game Thread: Game 114 - A's at Toronto (Cont.)


You know what? For about three minutes, I thought I was going to get the chance to open a new thread with the lead. Stupid me, being so optimistic. For while Justin Duchscherer coasted through...

A's: Don't Just Tease Me, Please Me


Remember how this morning (yes, hours ago) I said that following a loss it can feel like the A's just wasted everybody's time and the next step is destroying nearby furniture? Well, today's no...

Open Thread: Game 101 - A's at Rays (cont.)


Today's phrase, boys and girls? Back to Back. As in "back to back jacks". As A's pitcher Greg Smith was cruising through the Rays' lineup in the early innings, Emil Brown and Carlos Gonzalez...


Open Thread: Game 101 - A's at Rays

After any win, it can seem like your team is invincible. After any loss, it's easy to wonder why they took the field at all, if their sole purpose was to waste your time and cause you to damage...

A Loser's Dozen


When an opponent's starting pitcher goes down with an injury early in a game, it usually signals opportunity. When the reliever who follows him to the mound implodes and gives up three runs on...

Open Thread: Game 91 - A's vs. Mariners (cont.)


You know, I was all set to delight in the A's 4-1 lead over the Mariners, topped off by a 3-run double from Donnie Murphy which saw Jack Hannahan just level Jeff Clement at the plate, but...


Open Thread: Game 91 - A's vs. Mariners

Joe Blanton and Miguel Batista have, so far, had forgettable seasons for their respective teams. While we're all too familiar with Blanton's struggles, seeing him wallow to a 5-11 record and 4.76...

I'll See Your Ten Strikeouts, and Raise You Two Homers


From the very beginning of tonight's game, it had disaster written all over it. Javier Vasquez struck out the side in the first, and when Justin Duchscherer took the mound, the White...

Open Thread: Game 85 - A's at White Sox (cont.)


Just when it looked like Javier Vázquez was going to shut the A's out and strike out 20+ in the process, Jack Cust happened. With one Custian swing, the ball soared majestically into the right...


Open Thread: Game 85 - A's at White Sox

Coming off two unpleasant losses to the Angels, both games largely the result of a shaky bullpen, the best solution for a rebound would be for the A's to trot out their best pitcher this season, a...

A's Offense and Pitching Barren When Facing Danny Haren


  Here's all you really need to know about tonight's game: Dan Haren, in a single swing, knocked in more runs than did the entire A's lineup for the entire game. His three-run double in the third...

Open Thread: Game 71 - A's at Arizona (cont.)


Well, that first game thread didn't do much for me. Aside from their pitching and their hitting, the game so far has been all A's. After 3 innings, the A's run differential in the first two games...


Open Thread: Game 71 - A's at Arizona

Dan Haren left the A's this off-season as a fan favorite, passed to Arizona in exchange for a strong pool of talent, including today's #6 hitter, Carlos Gonzalez, who has impressed me significantly...

Dude... We Got So Slammed.


Happy birthday, Hideki Matsui. Enjoy this gift-wrapped Yankees win as a present, courtesy of the Oakland Athletics. Looking back on tonight's game, it's hard to remember we once had the...


Open Thread: Game 66 - A's vs. Yankees

Hi, A's, this is Joe Blanton. So, I was watching last night's game, and you know, there was this inning, see, where you scored six runs. Yeah, that's right, six runs. In one inning. Now look, I've...

The Amazing Jack Cust, Our 1.000 OPS Man


Hi, my name is louismg, and I have a problem. I really like Jack Cust. When he strides to the plate, I find the way he taps his bat on his left shoulder fascinating. From my perspective, in...

Losing Sucks, But It's Best To Remove Hope First


Remember that feeling of frustration yesterday, when the A's took a well-pitched 1-1 game and gave it away in the 9th? Remember how much it hurts to see another team come back after we had the...


Open Thread: Game 54 - A's vs. Blue Jays

Following the A's acquisition of Frank Thomas, this week's Toronto series took on a great deal of anticipation, for not only would be be treated to seeing former Athletics Marco Scutaro, Shannon...

ANtics Episode 79: Smiles of Surprise


Well look who came crawling back. No... not Frank Thomas. That guy doesn't crawl. He swings hard, and if he's running, get out of his way. But look, Mom, ANtics! Yes, apologies for the hiatus. We...

Open Thread: Game 53 - A's vs. Blue Jays (cont.)


As anticipated, Rich Harden and Roy Halladay are pitching a strong game, one that seems to have very quickly gone by, as through five full innings, we're tied 1-1 at the Coliseum. The A's run came...

Off-Day Thread: Where Do You Get Most of Your Sports News?


Maybe I'm significantly skewing the results by asking this on an online sports fan site, but with the advent of ubiquitous Internet access, growth of dedicated single-sport channels and 24-hour...

HRs? CGs? Get 'Em Here!


The A's shook off their recent offensive woes, scoring 9, on the back of two home runs by Jack Cust, another home run by leadoff man Jack Hannahan, and Dana Eveland went the full nine innings, en...


Open Thread: Game 48 - A's vs. Rays

May has not been the kindest month for the A's so far. After spending a good portion of April alone in first place in the AL West, the team's slowing offense and weak defense seem to finally have...

Falling Behind Early? Never a Good Strategy


Slipping down to a 20-game season package from our usual 40-game package has me scuttling around the stadium from night to night. Yesterday, I was in section 112, behind the visitor's dugout....

Our 15-Run, 20-Hit Roller Coaster Ride


When you ask a would-be DH who has never taken a real liking to the field to put on a glove and make plays, sometimes things can get a bit out of hand. With the A's adding Frank Thomas to the...

Open Thread: Game 30 - A's at Angels (cont.)


Given that every A's hit counts for $1 off Sunday plaza level tickets, or so the radio guys keep telling me, some of the A's players are trying to get us the opportunity to go for free! Not happy...

Open Thread: Game 30 - A's at Angels (cont.)


It's been an odd first two innings, to say the least. After the A's walk-walk-walk-walked their way to a 4-0 lead against a jittery rookie pitcher, it all felt apart in the bottom half, when Jack...


Open Thread: Game 30 - A's at Angels

30 games already? Really? Wasn't it just yesterday we were acting like insomniacs, rooting on our A's as they played in Japan? Sure seems like it. With a surprising 17-12 March and April behind...

Our Anonymous League-Best Pitching Staff


As I watched Dan Haren get flipped to the Diamondbacks last winter, and suffered through every rumor that had Rich Harden going one way and Joe Blanton another, I thought back to the basic...

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