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I am an all around huge sports fans. I follow all the major sports on a daily basis. The Cubs are my favorite sports team but I love football more as a sport, and if I could play just one sport it would be basketball. I do like college sports but so much could be fixed at that level.

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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  • NCAAB Illinois Fighting Illini
  • NHL New York Rangers
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  • Boxing Mike Tyson
  • Soccer Man U
  • EPL Man U
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Chris Archer 'wouldn't be shocked' if David Price came to Cubs


If this doesnt get you excited that other teams players are seeing from the Cubs organization. i really think that everything that is working is overshadowing the Wrigley rooftop BS. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!

Bryce Harper not happy about lineup


This dude just needs to shut it and play baseball. You are 21 years old learn to play the game for a few years and then say something. I tried to stick up for this guy but man this idiotic. they scored 7 runs so something went right.

"Grown man" Jeff Samardzija doesn’t want the Cubs front office involved in his pitch counts


Not sure if this was covered in the recap but it is pretty hilarious to hear that from Shark. In the article they say so early in the season to let him throw that many pitches. I didn't think May was really that early on the season. I mean I know it is not late but 7 starts I think he should be good but I don't know. I am pretty sure this is sharks ticket out the door. I respect him more but I dont know how well that will go with Theo and Jed.

A Map of Baseball nation


This is pretty cool. I would like to think there are more Cubs fans out there due to our attendance at other stadiums. But the line between cubs and Cardinals is pretty accurate to what I though

Chicago Bulls: Proposed Derrick Rose Trade Makes Bulls Title Favorites in 2015


have to admit I did not read this article. But When I saw the headline I was like NO WAY!!! Then I thought about it for a second and I really thought well what could we get for him. I am a DRose fan and want to fave him be the one to lead us to another championship. But my second though of what could we get, Is just how things went down last year with the comeback, Reggie, and now this injury.

Cardinals Inquired About Shortstop Starlin Castro, Cubs Want Young Pitching


Man I just dont know. If we can get everything and the kitchen sink then yes. But I am scared he will turn out to be what we have been wanting him to be.

Cardinals Minor Leaguer Thinks Jon Lester Is A Cheater


Oh my god this will never shut up the Card fans. UGHHHHH

Why don't the St Louis Cardinals respect the game?


Here is yet another Deadspin article bashing the Cardinals. The last one may have been just bashing them for fun but this one is legit.

Why Your Cardinals Suck


I read this and it is probably the only thing good I have read in sports lately. I couldn't stop laughing.

Do you know the baseball Rules


Well here is a quiz on ESPN. I didn't do so well. I only got 2 out of 10. Don't laugh until you take the quiz.

Tom Ricketts will be on the The DP Show today.


Tune in between 8am and 11am to see what Ricketts has to say. I will not watch it live but will watch the podcast

Lance Berkman rips Wrigley Field


I am not surprised he has said this. After playing here as much as he has he probably does hate it. I like what Holland said "I want to pitch there really bad," Holland told the Star-Telegram. "It's Wrigley. It's an historic park. You don't have parks like that anymore." As a Cubs fan I hope he does pitch really bad.

Greinke breaks collarbone in brawl


This is crazy Not sure what the punishment should be?

Holy Cow! What a mess!


He hits the nail on the head in my opinion. Except for Wrigley is the reason we haven't won. It is part of the reason but not having dedicated owners would be the main reason. Can anyone else let me know if the money they is an exaggeration or is he about right?

Could humility be delaying Derrick Rose's comeback?


I really liked this read. It also just makes me respect Rose that much more. I am ready for him to return and when he does I will be watching with the hairs standing on my arms.

The Ultimate Brian Scalabrine Highlights Are Exactly That


Gotta love this! You did have an amazing career. I mean you made it 11 years in the league not many players can do that. The question is who had the better 11 years TWM's first 11 years or Juwan Howard's last 11 years

For a free Andrew Luck jersey, wear Steelers gear to a Colts practice


This is a great story on yahoo. I know its yahoo guys and they usually have the worst made up news in the world but this was pretty funny.

Chris Carpenter to have surgery


I think this surgery is a little late. He has had this issue since the spring and is now just taking care of it.

Suggs tears Achilles


This sucks for the ravens. Hate to see an injury but cant say I am not a little happy inside knowing that defense is not going to be as good.


Super Bowl Pick and a quick thought on our QB situation

Here is how I think the game goes. NY Giants 34 NE Patriots 17. I think the game is going to go the same as the Giants Packers game. The Pats and the Pack are not that different of a team...

Tony La Russa to manage NL All-Stars


I don't know what to think about this.


New head and Shoulders Commercial. this is my favorite so far.

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