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pics of the new uni's

newly released pics of the new uni's... presented without comment.

lack of depth* at RB means coop to get snaps in opener

lack of depth at RB means cooper to get snaps in season opener. sooo much lack of depth at RB

important policy change

kirk herbstreit picks miami to win ACC. the seventh floor responds in kind.

good news

good news. turns out leroy vann is no longer at famu

9 days

  it's coming.

get your popcorn ready

we had the good fortune of attending the premiere of ESPN Films/ Rakontur's "The U" last night.       the short answer is that it was every bit as glorious as you might imagine.   ...

wanna go see the premier of "The U"

goddamn right you do.     register here to win 2 tix to the premier on Sat. Dec. 9th.



the new uni's have been leaked

the new uni's have been leaked.

apparently you're not allowed to do that

apparently ripping off the helmet from behind is frowned upon

change of plans guys

this is why the mainstream media is so much more respectable than blogfrica, because they take the time to check their facts

there will none of this on saturday, either.

its probably just easier if we tell you who's not injured for saturday's game at wake forrest.

in case you forgot

joe birdsong is classy

there will be none of this on saturday

sean spence out for wake forrest. allen bailey greenlighted to eat whatever he can kill.

jacory named o'brien award semifinalist.

      in related news, cj spiller still loves cock. 

edge luhhhda kids


not that we would ever encourage you to sit behind the clemson bench and throw bagfulls of monopoly money at clemson freshman OG, # 68 kenneth page

Clemson OG Kenneth Page has promised to treat the entire team to dinner at Prime 112 if things don't go well on Saturday.

from here out, we're all fans of gimmicky run-heavy offenses and pissed off crazy asian kids

according to's heather dinich, who   is as borderline bland on paper as she is borderline hottie in real life    actually takes the time to break this stuff down, the road to tampa...

it's probably just easier if we tell you who's not injured

canes D impervious to injury

just like as if we had a real tv contract

UM/UCF game to be broadcast live... just like it would if we had a real tv contract

we heart ray ray

we heart ray ray

bcs is out

bcs rankings are out

somebody obviously never saw the UNC game

t-wolves release former hurricane guard jack mcclinton, cite mcclinton's inability to help franchise live up to the lofty expectations t-wolves fans have come to expect.

halftime show to be more entertaining, less scary

  due to popular demand, FAMU's marching band has agreed to forego it's usual entertainingly scary   scarily entertaining  halftime show. instead, florida A&M's freakishly gifted return man,...

florida state update

everything is fine in tallahassee

tomayto. tomahto.

the palm beach post's photos of canes fans at the miami/ oklahoma game:   the seventh floor's photos of canes fans at the miami/ oklahoma game:  

off topic: new episodes start tomorrow night

this may be old to some of you, but its new to me. and it is glorious.    further proof that TGB has a secret portal that unlocks all things magical on the internet.

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