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Coach Muschamp has got to go

Greetings. I don't check in very often unless we have a very important game, but I'm writing this because, as the post says, he's got to go. Today was the last straw. I don't care about injuries....


Not to worry Nets fans. We still have Dwight.

I know what you might be thinking. That I once again have either gone off my meds or gone off the deep end. I now obviously have to concede that a deal won't get done until Brook is back. On the...


Why I still think Melo will be a Net

As I write this, a full moon has appeared, so maybe a sign? Anyhow, rather than giving you all the details that have already been said, i'll tell you why I think Melo will still be here by saying...


Cliff Lee: The aftermath

So now that Cliff has sadly made his choice, tell me what you think, but before you do, this is what Heyman had to say about it: The Phillies offer was in the neighborhood of $115-120 million for...


So now that we got the matchup we wanted, let's go a little deeper.

We all wanted the Rangers and Giants to win, and indeed, we have our pressure-free World Series that we can all enjoy. Let's break it down further: Both teams won the Western Division in their...


Who do you want as Mets manager?

As I stated before, there are 3 candidates(or at least, my 3) that should get looks. Withuot going through the whole thing again, let me briefly summarize:   Bobby V. He turned down the Marlins,...


Hello, all Gators fans.

I'm John. I'm new here, and i'm finally glad I found a place to talk Gators athletics with other fans. I've been a fan my whole life, and i'm glad to be here. Now, is it me, or is there not as much...


Thoughts on tonight's game

I'm going to give you my thoughts on the 3 units, then some specifics.   Offense. Obviously, horrendous. Sanchez throwing for 74 yards is not acceptable. Not all his fault, though. I think...


One last post about LeBron, then I can move on.....

As most of you probably know, I was the biggest Bron to the Nets advocate on these boards, and.............I was wrong. As is such, I feel compelled to write one last post to ''get it out of my...


I have some interesting signs that point to Bron coming to the Nets......

Here are 3 clues:   1. Chad Ochocinco and Bron are buddies. Why do I bring this up? OGOchoCinco #OCNNBREAKINGNEWS *Empire State Of Mind* *wink* *wink* only the smart folk will put this together...


So, Prokhorov was right about Wade and Bosh.....................

And maybe he got Bron correct, too when he said he's coming here. I have a hard time believing he'd go back to Cleveland, because they have no cap space, and are not actively making any trades to...


So the Knicks are trying to smear us when it comes to Bron

In the New York Post today, Fred Kerber wrote an article on the whole situation with us and Bron, and said the Knicks felt ''the Nets bombed the presentation'', and ''were trying to paint a rosy...


Breaking news about Chris Bosh and how it affects Bron

ESPN is reporting that it seems as though the Raptors are losing interest in doing a sign-and-trade deal with Chris Bosh, as he pursues max money. If a sign-and-trade were to be done, he'd earn...


Do you remember when Avery Johnson said this about Bron?

OK, this past year, when the Cavs came to Madison Square Garden to play the Knicks, ESPN was televising the game, and there was a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the game, for obvious...


Breaking news about Dwayne Wade

ESPN's Chad Ford is reporting that Dwayne is ''on the fence'' about whether to join the Bulls, or stay with the Heat after his 2nd meeting last night with Chicago. Coincidentally, Chris Bosh was...


So I heard the Bulls are bringing in Fortune 500 people to the meeting with Bron

Ha, that sounds a little desperate, if you ask me. They didn't learn from the Knicks presentation, when they copied their stuff from Forbes. Ah, at least Prokhorov can sell Bron on the fact he's a...


Should these things be good signs that Bron's on his way?

After the Nets met with Bron, Jay and Bron spoke for an extra 20-23 minutes. Apparently, Jay was telling him about the ''bullet points'' of the presentation, and after Jay worked him over to gauge...


Even more good news for the Nets

So I was watching ESPNEWS, and they had a reporter, Shelley Smith, outside of the building where LeBron is meeting with teams. She said he was ''bothered'', or ''concerned'' about something with...

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