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User Blog

5 Things I Want to See vs. New York Jets

It's week 3 in the NFL and the New York Jets are in town. We're coming off a big win vs the Raiders, and the Jets are coming off a disappointing loss to the Steelers. So here's what I'm looking...


5 Things I want to see vs. Texans

Well hello there, Phinsider faithful! It's the start of another season of Miami Dolphins football. It's been an interesting offseason, with more news being generated by who's no longer on the...

Buyer Beware of Peyton Manning....


A great article done by the SI folks of Cold Hard Football Facts. I highly recommend all Dolphin fans read this!!


Have Dolphins fans really become so spoiled??????

We're not even 3 years removed from winning the division and people are already abandoning hope and rooting for the team to lose for an unproven rookie who has already been anointed the savior.Take...

VontaeDavis21 Vontae Davis RIP Keith Tractor Traylor, one of my fav DT's to watch growin up"-gave a...


VontaeDavis21 Vontae Davis RIP Keith Tractor Traylor, one of my fav DT's to watch growin up"-gave a lot to the game!!

Vontae's twitter account. Seems he had a case of mistaken identity. Keith "Tractor" Traylor, the NFL DL is still alive and kicking. Robert "Tractor" Traylor, the former NBA player, is the one who died.

Drafting a Franchise QB - A Historical Perspective

With all the talk lately about the QB position and what many believe is the need for a franchise signal caller.  Many fans have declared the only way we will find the next franchise QB is to do so...

Miami Dolphin M&M's!!!


Thought this was hilarious. Order yours now!!!

Was Ireland really out of line? Sources say no.......


Nice article by Jim Trotter of SI. Seems the whole questioning snafu might have actually been justified. I'll let you guys read and ask yourselves.

Vegas odds for Super Bowl XLV winner.


Vegas put out early odds for the next Super Bowl favorites. 45:1....really???

McMichael Goes Airborne!!


This is why we never should have let McMichael go to FA.


Bill Parcell's Draft History

There seems to be quite a bit of debate as to how Bill Parcell's will conduct this year's upcoming draft.  While no one for sure can predict what he will do come draft day, I thought I would give...


5 Reasons We Lost, 5 Reasons We Should Have Won

Is it me, or is this season eerily similar to the 2007 season?  Now when I reference that, it's not based on our win/loss record.  Or how inept our coaching staff was, although Dan Henning would...


5 Reasons Why We Won, 5 Reasons We Could Have Lost....

After another nail biter against the Jets, we're sitting at 3-4 and are still searching for answers on offense and defense.  While suprisingly, we may have actually found the answer to our special...


5 Reasons Why We Lost, 5 Reasons Why We Should Have Won

For the first 29 min and 55 seconds of this game, myself and many other Dolphin fans felt like we were on top of the world.  We had come out and just flat out outplayed the undefeated Saints to the...


Pat White's New Job

It just dawned on me on how we can truly use Pat White. As our new place holder for the field goal unit!!! Alright, I know some of you are thinking, "Has he lost his damn mind!!".  I assure you...


Tom Brady is a Whiny Little &%$#@!!!!!!!

  "Are you kidding me? We’re holding the ball, we’re unprotected, just sitting there defenseless. So they’ve got to stay away from me, they deserve to get flagged."   Tom Brady on the...


Roth Ready to Play

Per The Associated Press: Linebacker Matt Roth(notes) said Wednesday he is healthy and ready to resume practice after the Miami Dolphins' next game. Roth has been sidelined by a groin injury...


5 Reasons why we won, and 5 Reasons we should have lost.....

After watching an exciting game that, that seems to be a regular occurrence when the Phins and Jets meet on Monday night, I thought I'd highlight the 5 reasons we were able to pull out the...


My Quick Thoughts After Embarrassing Loss to Colts

The OC needs to be fired.  You can not control the ball for that much time and come away with FGs.  You do not run play action under two minutes to go, down by a TD.  The Pat White plays that are...


Realistic Expectations of our 53 Man Roster

You might be wondering what I mean by a realistic expectation.  With that, I'm implying my expectations will not be based on what I think a guy is capable of doing, what I hope he can do, or what I...


Could the Dolphins finally have a balanced offense?

Last year was only the 4th time in Dolphin franchise history the passing and rushing offense were both ranked in the top half of the league (10/32 and 11/32 respectively).  This could be signs of...


Latest Depth Chart Released

Here's the latest depth chart as posted by Omar Kelly on  Gotta say I like the way the team is shaping up.  I realize this is really early and there's still plenty of battling for...

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