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couch potate.. video game wizard...high school and jr college basketball...recruited by 4 d1 schools but didnt have the grades or real desire:O(...arm chair point gaurd

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  • MLB Seattle Mariners
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  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Oregon Ducks
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some burning thoughts

Is sergio really our future..the man had six points and 1 assist yesterday, he cant run the spanish team  and were thinking about giving him the keys to our bentley?james jones, darius miles,...


I've been blazer edged

This morning I was at T.J. Max (yeah some of us shop there) I ran across a couple of old school blazer jersey's that were in my sons was rueben patterson's  why in the hell did we draft...


from a hole to the whole

I went and kicked it at the three on three today (dam i wish you people werent so anal rententive on grammer) and it brought back huge memories.. you see  the first time i saw the rose quarter it...


could we beat this team

Abdur-Rahim, Shareef Cato, Kelvin Daniels, Antonio Dickau, Dan Dixon, Juan Francis, Steve* Jones, Fred Khryapa, Viktor O'Neal, Jermaine Randolph, Zach Ratliff, Theo Schenscher, Luke Skinner, Brian ...


so where do you gentlemen get your info

in my free time and mornings I go to oregon live first, real gm, blazers edge, hoops world, the basket ball jones, true hoop, hoops hype, espn,, dead spin and newsseum and look at the...


will everyone accept their roles

so our team is set, now the fun mr outlaw ready to live up to his potential, can mr webster do any thing besides float around the 3pt line, is joel really going to be happy coming off...


new school wants to be old school

So what im seeing is that blazer fans want squeeky clean robots who do no wrong and win tons of games...amen so do I but I used to work at a restaurant out of high school before i left for the navy...


you might wanna read this if youre a true blazer fan

Weve been paying for the chris dudley debacle for what seems a life least a career anyways.... we cant get an all star game despite having the convention center, coliseum,and rose garden...

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