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Why I don't mind this loss

Well, you never like a loss, but our squeaky win over Carolina bothered me more than this, and this wasn't anything like our loss to Green Bay. We played well, overall, and if Cutler doesn't go...


Bears' Short Yardage Woes and a Solution

The Bears have been bad in short yardage situations for years. We will see whether that trend continues this year, but having to throw to the tight end as a first option from the 1-yard line, as...


worries about this series

Despite the unbelievable, amazing win last night - which was awesome. I think that last night highlighted some concerns as well, which could be a factor throughout the series.



I've been wondering about him all season, and this article talks a little bit about his future, or lack thereof, with the Bears: h...


Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler

Cutler is no Manning - let's make that clear right off the bat. But Manning's struggles the last three games are illustrative of an important point.


It's the Wide Receivers

Not Cutler. (Well, a little Cutler, but mostly them). To quickly preface this point, I just want to say, I'm not making excuses for him just to make excuses (I have nothing particularly invested in...


Some Positives

There were a lot of negatives last night, and they will be rehashed over and over, so I thought it would be worthwhile to post a few positives... The wide receivers were not that bad. One of the...


I want a trade, and it needs to be big!

I'm getting this sick feeling in my stomach that once again the trade deadline will pass, the bulls will have done nothing, and everyone will go on talking about the development of this player, and...


Post-Mortem on the Season: Mediocrity

This season has been a frustrating one from start to finish. Though a 9-7 record is really about what they deserve, the record doesn't quite tell the whole story. They were a mediocre team, but...


More Offseason Discussion

We might as well start talking about the offseason because no matter what happens next week, as has been documented and discussed in numerous posts, this is a team with major problems and no clear...


Off-Season Priority: Running Game

But not the running back (he's great) - we need to seriously upgrade the O - Line. In another thread someone brought up some Football Outsiders stats on the Bears o-Line. Generally speaking they...


Bears could be eliminated before Monday

From the Tribune:  If the Vikings, Cowboys, Buccaneers and Eagles win their games, the Bears are eliminated. Obviously our best shot is to win the division, but it would be nice if we could...

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