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Passan: Long-toss debate and MLB draft


Yahoo's Jeff Passan reporting that a few of the higher-ranked prep pitchers have told teams not to draft them because they won't allow them to continue long-toss programs. Interesting read on the pitching philosophy divide regarding throwing programs.

Garnett Sprains Knee


Now let's see if the Cavs can't get some separation from the Celtics! Each team has a difficult road stretch coming up soon; could be a pivotal stretch in the season. Boston has roadies with PHX and DEN. The Cavs go to HOU, SAN, ATL, and MIA beginning next week.

It's exciting when you have this kind of talent in the same room. You want to go out and start...


It's exciting when you have this kind of talent in the same room. You want to go out and start playing right now. -Victor

Plain Dealer

Pronk Speaks


Q: Is this the most you’ve looked forward to a year, to prove something? TH: You look forward to every year and you prepare for every year, but it just feels like I haven’t played for so long that I’m excited to get back out there and start playing again. Q: Do you have to fight doubt? TH: Not really. I feel my shoulder is healthy now and it’s not going to be an issue. ----------------------------------------- Nice little piece of audio on the PD website ...

Hafner update


Buried at the bottom of Hoynes' coverage of the Pavano signing is this little nugget: "Hafner update: DH Travis Hafner recently had his right shoulder re-examined by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. On Oct. 14, Andrews performed surgery on Hafner's shoulder joint. Andrews cleared Hafner to initiate "pre-hitting' activities this week at Progressive Field. He's expected to start hitting in mid-January. Hafner was held to 57 games last year because of his shoulder." Thanks for all the great details, Hoynsie!

Sipp's Shoulder


Here's a link to Lastoria's 12/27 notes, which include some potentially bad news regarding Tony Sipp's shoulder. This might be old news to some, especially those of you that read Lastoria regularly, but I haven't seen this mentioned here yet. In fact, most have simply continued to include Sipp's name among our 2009/10 bullpen depth options. I hope we're still able to ... Lastoria reported in mid-Dec and then again on 12/27 that: "Tony Sipp had not gone to the Dominican Republic as originally planned because the Indians completely shut him down for the rest of the offseason after he complained of some shoulder discomfort at the end of the season and in the early part of his offseason workouts. The severity of the injury is not known, but according to a baseball official I talked to over the past few days if the shoulder does not feel better by spring training Sipp may need to undergo surgery (again) ... No word on what the exact injury is, how it happened, or how serious it is, but this is concerning to say the least. "

Frank Deford suggests new business model for pro sports


"The sports model I can envision will mean that the merely nice, serviceable players — the character actors of games, like the rebounding power forward who can't shoot, the good-field-no-hit shortstop — will see their multimillion-dollar salaries considerably reduced, even if the celebrity stars may still receive the real big money." One could argue that this trend has long been on-going, but Deford is arguing for a Hollywood-like model, with a single star making in the neighborhood of $20 mill and the rest of the players on the order of $1 mill. Is this likely? healthy? inevitable? The link takes you to the audio podcast, about 4 minutes worth, from his NPR spot.

Winslow Misses 2nd Practice


"The Cleveland Browns are sending tight end Kellen Winslow to the doctor for tests after he missed his second straight day of practice with an unspecified illness." Oh boy ...

Thorpe on Hickson


Thorpe's advice for his Top-20 NBA Rookies includes this take on J.J. Hickson, who he has rated at #15 in his Rookie Rankings: "Hickson looked like a top-10 talent in Vegas summer league, but he'll have a different role as a rookie on this contending team. Cleveland is one of the league's best in rotating on defense, which requires good anticipation skills. Hickson needs to immerse himself in defensive film and technique so those rotations become second nature as soon as possible."

Jhonny getting some Gammons love


I missed this earlier in the week, but Gammons makes a case for Jhonny as the most valuable AL shortstop. ESPN Insider content, but here's the main quote (before the discussion devolves into a Jed Lowrie lovefest): "Have you checked out the contrast between National and American League shortstops? And if you're a general manager filling out that Sporting News ballot, isn't it hard not to write Jhonny Peralta in as the AL shortstop? Peralta is the only AL shortstop to make the top six in OPS (.786, tied with Derek Jeter for sixth among major league shortstops, behind Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, J.J. Hardy and Stephen Drew), homers (21, third behind Ramirez and Hardy) and extra-base hits (62, fourth behind Ramirez, Reyes and Drew). "

Lofgren Placed on Temporary Inactive List


''It's probably for the best,'' Lofgren said. ''I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues this season. I've been talking a lot with my mom and our team psychologist. There's a lot of things bothering me that I can't let affect me because they're out of my control. I have to find a way to put it aside and go out and pitch every day.'' The article includes references by Storm to having Lofgren working in extended spring training for a few weeks to correct 'delivery issues', but also to issues of mental approach and focus.

Gimenez: Versatily and Patience at the Plate


Stephanie Storm with a nice piece on the Aeros catcher (and occasional 3rd baseman, 1st baseman, outfielder). Gimenez singles out the advice of Travis Fryman, scheduled to manage the Class A Mahoning Valley Scrappers this summer, for valuing strike zone judgment. This was initially a follow-up comment to some excellent points made by Jay, APV, and InfiniteMonkeyTypists in peter m's Reasons to be Cheerful Fanshot.

Victor is Still the Man


There's an amazing audio link in Hoynes' Insider notes (linked above) where Victor talks about his injury, how it developed, and when it became too much. Interestingly (shockingly?), the title of the article is, "Wedge enduring injury onslaught". Sigh. I came away from listening to it with two main thoughts: one, that Victor is a remarkable leader and athlete, and two, that Hoynes didn't bother to take the time to really identify and share with his audience some gems provided by Victor. (NB: There are multiple reporters asking questions.) ________________ Here are some of the quotes that I thought were meaningful: Reporter: How much has that [elbow] affected your swing? Victor: I don't think I have to answer that question. You can just see the numbers and you'll see. I was having a hard time getting extension and any time I get up there it really gets me. Every time. It was no fun. It was no fun to play like that. (Not said in any confrontational manner, at all.) ------- Victor: I had a shot 4 or 5 weeks ago. It helped with swelling, but sharp pain [was] still there. ------ Victor: This year we've been tested a lot. And we'll see. There's a lot of season left. Hopefully I can come back ... Pronk is almost there ... We have the talent and hunger to play this game. (Here, a reporter inexplicably cuts him off, just as Vic was gaining steam!) I'm going to do my best! (Voice rising) ------ Reporter: You haven't had a lot of fun this year, have you? (re: hamstring, elbow) Victor: Man, I was having a tough time, but like I say, I just love this game and want to be on the field. I just want to be on the field until something happens and I can't really play. ------ Victor: If I was healthy he might not have thrown that pitch - I mean, he threw me a fastball right down the middle ... Reporter: Did it happen a lot that you'd see pitches you could really hit if you were healthy? Victor: Yeah, sure. Even with the hamstring if I put something in my swing ... ----- Victor (On Shoppach): Yeah, he'll be OK! That's why he's in the big leagues! Hahaha ... ----- Reporter: Will you be in the clubhouse? Victor: Sure. You know, whatever I can do to just help my team ... I'll be here. ____________________________________ Victor is an amazing guy. He comes off truly thoughtful, insightful, and passionate - and all in his second language. Last thought - though not the main one of this fanshot - I think we see here why the Indians do not disclose excessive injury information to the press, as Victor was already worried that pitchers were pitching to him aware that his swing was not sound.

''Because he was the best athlete on the baseball team, when he didn't pitch he played short...


''Because he was the best athlete on the baseball team, when he didn't pitch he played shortstop.'' (Carl Willis on Aaron Laffey, in high school.)

Left-handed shortstop?

We Should Be Booing Louder


Let's show those schmucks from NY, Philly, and Boston that we can be just as negative! Booooooo!!!!!


"I've had some shoulder issues" I'm sure many of you saw this quote in today's PD. I was aware of Hafner's elbow concerns, but the shoulder ...?

Think Shap (or Antonetti) might do the same?


Apparently Paul DePodesta, currently working in the front office of the Padres, has started a blog. How cool would it be if an Indians front office staffer did likewise? (I came across the link via Neyer, as usual.)

The cost of young talent continues to rise


"The Florida Marlins and shortstop Hanley Ramírez agreed on a contract extension for six years and $70 million, according to a source who spoke with Ramirez would have been eligible for arbitration after this season and would likely have earned a significant pay raise." And to think, only two years ago Sizemore signed a fairly similar extension for $23.5 million, though I confess I'm not sure how the arbitration years align between the two contracts.

So Long Whooooooo-Leeeee-ooooohhhhhh


The end of an era (or two), as Julio Franco finally hangs 'em up. "It was the hardest decision in my life," Franco said in an interview published Saturday by Mexican sports daily Record. "I always said I would be the first one to know the exact moment. I think the numbers speak for themselves, the production speaks and this is the right moment. He was one of the fun Indians of my childhood . . .


Wedge: using the media or blowing off steam?

Sheldon Ocker, in Saturday's article , again references Wedge's disappointment and disdain with the quality of the team's offensive approach in Thursday's win.  ''You have to pull yourself back...

Good times in Safeco for the Mariners.


Good times in Safeco for the Mariners.

Bullpen Moves Abound in Detroit


Detroit begins what could be a season-long search for bullpen stability. In related news, minor-league pitcher Macay McBride done for the season and Dontrelle Willis hyper-extended knee.

Apostrophe Added to Ernie Banks Statue


Something that we, ourselves, struggled with here for a bit, if I recall. Let's Go Tribe!


Who in the world is Edward Salcedo?

Saw this note from everyone's favorite grumpy old man, Paul Hoynes, in today' PD: The Indians are still negotiating with agent Scott Boras for 16-year-old Dominican Republic shortstop Edward...


Bedard to Mariners finally official

News from out here in Seattle is that the Mariners finally completed the Bedard trade with Baltimore.  Week after week, physical exam after physical exam, and Baltimore finally made the trade....


Keith Law/Scouts Inc. Prospects Ranking

ESPN's Keith Law has his ranking posted today.  It's an ESPN Insider article that is currently available as a free preview.  I really enjoy reading his stuff (despite/because of his ego, I'm not...


Seattle Browns' Backers?

Anyone with recommendations for viewing the Browns-Steelers game in Seattle on Sunday?  I've tentatively agreed to watch the game at Floyd's in Queen Anne.  Floyd's is an ardently pro-Pittsburgh...


More proof that Steve Phillips is a moron

Phillips is making the argument that the commissioner's office should prohibit Bonds from playing on the road 'in the best interests of baseball'.  He's afraid of the image of baseball, of fans...


Bo Greenwell agrees to contract

From the little I had read about the Bo Greenwell pick, I was under the impression that signing him was a bit of a longshot, as this article illustrated.  One excerpt: Greenwell said it'll take...

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