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Cleveland Browns Draft Profile: Geno Smith

Geno Smith is sort of an enigma. Started out his season spectacularly, going 5-0. Then it kind of crash for Geno and the mountaineers, going 2-6 to finish out the year, including a bowl game loss...


Post your other leagues' fantasy teams

I know a lot of you have more than one league out there and I just wanted to get more Fantasy Football talk going, so post your non-DBN related teams here. I have two. One on NFL and another yahoo....


The Hindsight Cavaliers: Drafting for James

Last time in my post, I showed who the Cavaliers might have had by the time we drafted LeBron James. I know that it would be impossible to get the first overall pick with a team we could have had,...

NFL replacement officials to officiate into regular season.


Well that sucks, but, they have gotten better, a little.


The Hindsight Cavaliers: How The Cavs Could Have Been

So, with so little (no) basketball news lately, I had an idea. I'm going to chronicle the drafts from 2000-2009 and see, had the Cavaliers known how the players would turnout, how the Cavs could h...

Joe Haden kicked out of practice early


So is it safe to assume he is going to get suspended for the Adderall now? Maybe he was taking out his anger on Benjamin. And, Grossi tweeted this first, but I didn't know how to fanshot tweets.

Jared Sullinger not invited to NBA Draft


Well. If this drops him to 24, would you take him there?

Ramon Sessions leaving the Lakers


(Ed. note: FP'd) Wow. Does that mean that he most definitely would have declined his option if he stayed in Cleveland?


How to build your NBA team.

Of all of the opinions in the NBA, one is generally the same across the board. That is that of the OKC Thunder having built a team the correct way. Through the draft first getting a foundation in...

Weeden, Richardson impress in first practice


This is a CLECOM article. Stay away from the comment section and you'll be okay.


The Future of the Cavaliers:A Quick Look Back Then A Look Ahead

via Two years ago, the Cavaliers had one of the best seasons in team history. They finished with the best record in the NBA and were faced with the Chicago Bulls in the first...


Doug Martin Player Profile

Doug Martin - Runningback- Boise State University via 5'9" 223 lbs. 40 Time- 4.47 Bench Reps- 28 Vertical: 36


Poll: If the Cleveland Cavaliers Were to Draft Second

Okay so there's only 16 or so games left in the season and I'm thinking draft time. I have a situation to propose, so I can get an idea of who this blog wants as a whole. Say, that when that...


Big Mack 2012 Browns Mock Draft Edition 2.0

Welcome to my second edition of the Browns mock draft. There are some changes from last time. With not getting RG3 I decided to make the next version of this because there isn't anymore speculation...

Pierre Garçon turns down Colts' offer


Not too relevant, but I want the Browns to go after him, so for anybody who agrees, this is a good sign. They could franchise him but I don't really know anything about the Colts roster(aside from the obvious Manning situation.)


Big Mack 2012 NFL Mock Draft Edition 1.0

Hello everyone, and welcome to another of probably a huge amount of drafts that will surface from various people, from now until the draft starts, in late April. I had made this draft a few weeks...

Z is back!!


Zydrunas Ilgauskas has been hired as an assistant to Chris Grant.

Vote for Kyrie Irving, Antawn Jamison and Andy V.


I saw this during the game and figured I should try and get more people to vote.


Receiver Solution

Amidst drop after drop, poor routes, and lack of separation, it's easy to see why the Browns are absolutely the most boring thing to watch. Not to mention letting Ray Rice run all over us as if...


Building the Browns

The Browns are now 3-5, and having seemingly MORE offensive struggles than when it was switching from DA, to Brady Quinn, to Gradkowski and some other guy (I forget who it was.) So, the one thread...


AJ Green. Some Questions.

I'm no draft expert. I really don't watch college football (except OSU) so I have some questions about him that I'm sure you guys could answer. I've seen highlights on youtube and the guy has hands...


Wait a second. Colt might not be going anywhere.

I saw on here before that some people, I don't know who, believe Colt is gone and we will find a different QB elsewhere.


Playoffs!? Don't talk about playoffs!! In depth analysis of the Browns chances.

Ok. Let me start by saying that the Browns playoff hopes rely on the Browns winning out. So if the Browns lose a single game. Its over. Start preparing for the draft. So for starters, let me give...

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