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Amnesty situation and Rashard Lewis

You probably guessed what this is about already, but I feel like we should look into bringing back Sweet Lew if he gets amnesty-ed by the Washington Wizards. This summer looks like it will be an...


Happy (early) New Year to everyone here at OPP.

This year was crazy but it went by very quickly and here we are the evening right before 2011. Although we had a good season and play-off run last season, this year, we have better pieces to...


Black alternate release date/time confirmed by Magic team store employee

Not too long ago, I posted a thread about a similar situation with an employee asking about the whereabouts of this black beauty. Tonight after tonight's game I learned that the black alternate is...

Video: DHoward learning from Hakeem "The Dream"

Video: DHoward learning from Hakeem "The Dream"


Possible release date for Black Magic Alternate Uni?

During my tour of the new facility this afternoon, I made my way into the official team shop (located on the NE wing of the building, corner of Huey and Church) and got to talking with an employee....


A new nickname for D12?

We all already know him as "Superman", "D12", "Daily Double", "Beast of the East", "Beast", "Man-Child", etc... Well, in  lieu of our shiny, brand-spankin-new, state-o-thee-art facility, I am...

Fan made VC NBA 2k10 video featuring our new Amway Center

Fan made VC NBA 2k10 video featuring our new Amway Center


Why havent we seen Orton or Stanley in a Magic uni yet?

Pretty self-explanatory. We didnt see them at the draft, and we have yet to see a press conference of some sort with them here in Orlando like the other NBA teams. Is there something I'm missing?...


Moving up in the draft via trade?

Recently I've been seeing several rumors of Otis possibly wanting to move up the draft ladder via trade. With what we have to offer (Gortat, Bass, Anderson, JJ, 29th pick, 59th pick, VC [crosses...


Hedo "The Prodigal Son"?   If the Raptors decide that they will void his contract and he agrees to re-sign for the mid-level or lower, why the hell not? Maybe Vince Carter could go...


Return of The 'Mac?

No, I don't mean the hit late 90's song by Mark Morrison, I mean Tracy McGrady wanting to come back to Orlando. He was quoted last night after a loss in POR about a possibility in returning to...


10-11 Black Magic Alternate Uniform?

This is a question for BQR or Eddy. I just wanted to know if any of you two (or anyone else here) can shed some light on the rumors of a possible black alternate uniform for next season. I read on...


With Gortat pretty much being a "goner" one way or another, who would you want in return?

It seems recently that Marcin Gortat hasn't been getting as many minutes as he used to (and as he would like) and has expressed that he is unhappy with it. It really just seems that Gortat will be...


Breaking down Wade's comments about Howard/FA/etc.

*** This thread is a re-post from my reply from/to JoeyBarz thread "Wade's Comments" *** This thread/re-post was created out of boredom and insomnia, these were just my thoughts from this morning....

Feast your eyes on this... Wade/Howard 2010!


Feast your eyes on this... Wade/Howard 2010!

Our team captain (The Beast) featured in 1/4 SLAM Magazine covers for this month.


Our team captain (The Beast) featured in 1/4 SLAM Magazine covers for this month.


Tracy McGrady, Magical Return?

Just about 6 seasons ago, former Orlando Magic and disgruntled G/F Tracy McGrady was traded to HOU along with F Juwan Howard, G Tyronn Lue and G Reece Gaines. After suffering a 21-61 season record...


Our Orlando Magic bonding at practice today (Thursday).

With the good feeling we have had from a W in the last 2 preseason games, and great playing by all our new comers, I think it's safe to say that we're all pretty happy about the team's turnout thus...


Anyone going to the MIA game tonight and wanna meet up?

What's up fellow Magicians and posters of this amazing website? The title of the thread says it all. Me and another fellow member of this site, Bandrewg08 (who actually is my cousin) will be in...


Tonight's Preseason game viewable?

I'm just as excited as anyone else here that the new season is beginning it's preliminary stages with tonight's first preseason game vs. DAL. Does anyone know if the game can be watched anywhere...


Songs played/sayings said after a huge play or dunk

As the NBA offseason lingers on more and more everyday I figured maybe now would be a good time to bring up this topic. Everyone knows that after every huge Dwight Howard dunk the PA plays the...


Ladies and Gents I present...the black uniform...

So I tried my very amateur hand at photoshop and this is what I came up with. These were originally the white uniform and I was lucky enough to make them black with white stripes. Maybe someone...


2 really random questions

Has anyone here heard of the Magic having some sort of team policy about not wearing headbands? A few seasons ago my cousin had the chance to speak to Otis with any questions in mind via a live...


When will Barnes be formally introduced?

Matt Barnes has been a "Magicman" for almost 2 days now, but does anyone know if he's signed the papers yet? I dont know about you, but I think this is a really big addition to our team and I just...


What are the chances of Barnes landing in Orlando?

      With our back-up center position safe and secure (with Gortat's return to the Magic and the ability for Brandon Bass to play the back-up center position when needed), obviously that cuts...


Forget Franny, when is Milovan Rakovic coming here?   Milovan Rakovic was the Magic's 60th overal draft pick from the 2007 NBA draft. His rights were traded to Orlando from Dallas in...


What are the chances that we land Rasheed?

Personally, I pretty much like 'Sheed's total game. IMO, I think he would fit well with our system and possibly push us over the top into NBA history as champions just like many people believe. My...


3QC Name change

I love the name that we have for this site but I think it'd be cool if we could change it to something for positive. Whenever I refer people around Orlando to this site, they always seem to laugh...


OFF TOPIC: Air Jordan Countdown Package 5's/18's sz. 10.5

I'm desperately trying to sell this new in box item to pay for my classes. Nothing wrong with them at all. 100% authentic and in great shape. I paid $340 and only wore them when I was trying them...


CLee already becoming like Rip

Just like I mentioned quite a few Fanshots ago, Courtney Lee will develop into a Rip Hamilton like player. With his above average defense, quickness, ability to hit shots off of screens, and very...

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