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Writer using RAPM formula likes Orlando Free Agent moves.


Winner – Orlando Magic Let’s ignore Ben Gordon’s expiring contract and instead focus on the two guys that will still be around in 2015 – 2016, when Orlando likely hopes to start being fun and competitive. Assuming the then 24-year old Evan Fournier and 32-year Channing Frye are each good for 2000 minutes, the young Frenchman appears capable of producing nearly six wins, as per SWAgR. All for a paltry rookie contract price of $2.28 million. Frye projects as offering seven wins, for the relatively low salary of $8 million. Almost thirteen wins? Only $10 million in salary? That sounds like some building blocks for a young, fun team in two seasons.

"Offseason Winners and Losers, According to Adjusted Plus-Minus and" -

Matt Lloyd Expected To Be Candidate For Grizzlies' GM Job


One comment: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!! This would not be good for Orlando.

Pistons maybe to hire Stan who might hire Otis Smith?!


Reports: Pistons close to hiring Stan Van Gundy, who could hire Otis Smith as Detroit’s general manager, via nbcsports

Big Baby Still a Big Baby


Doc Rivers has security escort Glen Davis from the bench to the Clippers locker room.


Whacko trade. ORL - CLE - CHI - NYK

Trade Machine: ORL out: Afflalo & Davis (to CLE) Moore & Jones & Hedo (to CHI) Lamb (to NYK) ORL in: Amare Stoudemire (hence the...

Celtics Lead Among Teams Negotiating Rights To Romero Osby-RealGM Wire


"With the Boston Celtics as the leading candidate to acquire his rights, Romero Osby is finalizing a deal to sign in the NBA D-League, league sources told RealGM." Read the rest at the link.


Draft 2013 if magicfaninTN is the GM

I recognize that I cannot make all these deals happen. I think they are reasonable for both teams. That's as much as I can do in an exercise like this. 1. Trade Glen Davis to the Pacers for #23...

JJ Redick Interview by James Herbert of Hardwood Paroxysm


Redick dishes on Stan Van Gundy, Jacque Vaughn, Rashard Lewis, Pat Garrity, and even demonstrates he knows his own usage rate. Read it.

Big Baby Compares Doc and Vaughn


from "One is one of the most respected coaches in the league and the other is one of the youngest and least experienced. But Big Baby is cool with his new coach (without being disrespectful to his old one)."

"Arron Afflalo’s shot selection explains his struggles"


by Sean Highkin over at "The sample sizes are still small but after seven games, these trends are starting to emerge. They begin to explain why Afflalo’s overall numbers this season are suffering. Turning some of those midrange jumpers into attempts at the rim or from the corners behind the three-point line would do wonders for Orlando’s offense, which doesn’t have a lot of other reliable weapons."


The NBA Anti-Awards - Orlando Magic Edition

The NBA Anti-Awards: 2012-2013 Pre-Season Picks was releaseed this morning on Hickory-High by Ian Levy.I thought it would make a good fanpost to take the awards and try to apply them just to the O...

Magic May Once Again Have a Player Represented by Fegan


Maurice Harkless is signed with Happy Walters....who is potentially (according to this article) teaming up with Dan Fegan.

Gilbert Arenas Explains the Lockout


And, it makes quite a bit of sense. Are you surprised? (from Andrew Sharp at SB Nation collecting and editing Gil's tweets on the lockout)

F: Orlando Magic: Justin Harper, Original pick was dealt to Phoenix in the Jason Richardson trade:...

F: Orlando Magic: Justin Harper, Original pick was dealt to Phoenix in the Jason Richardson trade: I doubt the pick was a big deal or even would have become a big deal had Orlando used it or not. And Harper is a nice get early in round 2. I’m flunking Orlando so I can launch into a rant. I just want to say that I can’t believe how this team has squandered the good fortune that has come their way since their inception. They won consecutive draft lotteries in the early 90s, which included once-in-a-decade talent Shaquille O’Neal. In the free agency summer of ’00 they scored a huge coup by bringing in Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady. They won the ’04 lottery where they drafted the best center of this generation, Dwight Howard. I know there were some injuries and other little dramas going on, but this organization has been setup for a dynasty on three separate occasions in the past two decades and hasn’t been able to close the deal. That’s what this "F" is about. Ed Weiland at Hoops Analyst in the blog post NBA Draft 2011: Draft Grades is not too hot on the Magic management. (He omits the Liggins pick for some reason.)

Hey Dwight, Kobe does't like to share the ball


"In regards to Bynum’s offensive demands that he made Tuesday with local media, Bryant stated that the ball should continue to go through him first, Gasol second. "Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line because I’m gonna shoot the ball," Bryant said. "We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s No. 2. And then [Andrew] will have to fall in line."" (via Yahoo Sports/Marc J. Spears)


An Off-Season Plan by magicfaninTN

What I would do with the Magic this summer?It is obvious, just from the playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks, that Orlando could benefit from some off-season adjustments.  No, I'm not giving up...


Trade Ideas (with 76ers & Mavs)

  1st Trade - ORLANDO-PHILDELPHIA Out - Jason Richardson, Brandon Bass, Chris Duhon, Malik Allen (Duhon & Allen to make salaries match)In - Andre Igoudala, Elton Brand (plus Battie or filler if...


Do the Numbers Say the Magic Need Another Big Man?

After the Brian Schmitz Orlando Sentinel article appeared with the quote from Magic GM Otis Smith, stating that he might not sign another big man AND the ensuing comment thread here at OPP...


Florida Roadtrip Blues - Playing Orlando & Miami Back-to-Back [Promoted FanPost]

Imagine playing the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat on the road on back-to-back nights. Brutal. 14 times this season, that is exactly what happens; thanks to the NBA travel agents schedule makers.S...

Huge congratulations to Zach McCann, founder of Orlando Magic Daily -- the TrueHoop Network's...


Huge congratulations to Zach McCann, founder of Orlando Magic Daily -- the TrueHoop Network's charter Magic blog. McCann has been promoted by the Orlando Sentinel to be a multimedia reporter and will cover the Magic on a full-time basis. This won't be your ordinary beat. McCann will be telling the story of the Magic's 2010-11 season through video, blogging, live chat and social media.

TrueHoop Friday Bullets shares a bit of good news about the Orlando Sentinel Magic coverage.

Dwight Howard's Technicals - What Pushes His Buttons? [Promoted FanPost]

An Orlando Pinstriped Post community member looks at the 17 technical fouls Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard's been called for this year and tries to discover a pattern behind what sets him off.

Orlando Sentinel looking for playoff Guest Bloggers


Seems there are a number of you at OPP that would be a good fit in this role. FYI.


Dwight scores at MVP Quality, not MVP Quantity

[4/1/2010 data from,, and, players on pace for 70 games and 1400 points to qualify.  FYI, Gil Arenas is the only top 25 player to not make the cut due...


OPP Community Non-Boxscore Stat Tracking?

I keep seeing people mention the "hockey-assist" in comment threads.  It's made me think that we might want come up with a list of non-boxscore stats like hockey-assist and as a group try to keep a...

Wayne Winston Suggests Six Orlando Lineups


"These 6 lineups have played 17.65, 16.29, 15.38, 56.23, 20.58, and 27.26 points better than average, respectively. These lineups involve 11 players (all but Bass). For the season as a whole the Magic play 7 points better than average. How can they not play better if they primarily stuck to these lineups?. There are even 2 lineups that rest Dwight Howard well."


Could Otis & Dwight get LeBron to Orlando this summer?

We are all familiar with the chatter about whether or not LeBron stays in Cleveland or hits the free agent market.  Teams have cleared cap space to make a run at LBJ (and/or Dwayne Wade, Joe...

Disappointing Former-PG News - Rafer Alston AWOL with Miami


Sad to see this story about Alston being potentially cut from Miami and maybe not able to handle a demotion on the depth chart. Doesn't look good for Rafer.

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