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Native of the Great White North, now living in the Also Great but Not at all White South (aka San Diego).

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One Round in the Books

I'm not a draft junkie by any stretch, and living in the southern US means I don't see any Canadian junior hockey.  So, I don't know much about these guys, to be honest.  And, nothing happened...

At Least We're Not Bruin Fans


I've stayed pretty quiet vis a vis the Flames for the past month, mainly because the Flames blogosphere is mostly consumed with teeth gnashing and unhappy post-mortems.  All justified, mind you,...

Duhatschek takes another shot at Flames


I've always liked Erik Duhatschek, but he's sure taking a lot of shots at the Flames these days (and this year in general). Even a blog entry about the choking Sharks turns into a shot at Sutter. Can't say I disagree, though...

Min/Cgy Post-Game - One Down, One to Go


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs The Other Side   I confess that I didn't watch the game tonight too closely.  I don't hate Minnesota, so that natural angle wasn't available to pique my interest. ...

Your 2009-10 Calgary Flames - In Verse


Hayley was kind enough to get the post game thread up and running to allow for continued venting on the year that was (and is still, to a bitter end).  There didn't seem to be much point in...

Chi/Cgy Post Game - One Step Forward, One Step Back


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances   And just like that, the positive vibes have ebbed a bit.  Calgary plays well but loses to their white whale in Chicago.  Colorado defeats San Jose in...

Cgy/Col Post Game - The Running Diary


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs   The most anticipated Flames game of the season - what better game to keep a running diary, Bill Simmons style! 1st Period 19:30 - Alright, first minute and they're...

Phx/Cgy post game - Doug Maclean Speaks Truth (No, Really!)


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances The Other Side   When the Flames play a period of hockey as bad as they did in the first period tonight, the universe is shaken.  I know this because...

Flames Make The Playoffs! (If...)


If I'm going to take the time to project out the rest of the regular season, it may as well turn out well for the Flames. March 31 - Colorado manages to defeat the Ducks at home, ending Anaheim's...

NYI/Cgy Post Game - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over...What's That? Oh, It's Over.


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances Imagine you're a hockey team that is potentially a handful of games from the end of the season.  You know every game is critical, you are going on the...

Duck/Flame Post Game - Discipline! Who Knew?


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs It's no secret that Calgary has struggled against Anaheim for the past few years.  The longest losing streak for one team in another city (by time, not number of games) is...

Minn/Cgy Post-Game - Who Are These Guys?


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances   My initial choice for the name of this story was "High and Wide", because the bullet by Jarome Iginla in the last few minutes that went, yes, high and...

Col/Cgy Post-Game - A Negative Look at a Positive Result


  H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances   OK, we know we're supposed to drown our sorrows after a loss by tossing a pint or two and composing haiku upon haiku in the post-game comments.  It's...

Cgy/Det Post Game - A Big One That DID Get Away


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs Scoring Chances   The season isn't at an end, but you can see it from here.  I'm on the record as saying that there is no outcome that may result from the Flames missing...

Cgy/Van Post Game - The "No-See-Em" Report


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs   I have nothing to add, nothing to report, no analysis to give.  Seriously.  I got home late tonight, planned on fast forwarding the first 10 minutes or so to get an...

Calgary/Ottawa Post-Game - Retro Jerseys now 5-0!


Flames beat the Senators despite some lackluster play.

Cgy/Det Post Game - A Big One That Didn't Get Away


H2H Ice Corsi Faceoffs  Scoring Chances Through two periods, this sure appeared to be another in a long line of frustrating Flames games this year.  Playing a very good team with tough PvP...

Flames/Wild Post Game - And the Oscar Goes To...


H2H Ice Corsi Face-offs Scoring Chances The Flames and Wild were kind enough to schedule an afternoon game to make sure that their tilt wouldn't interfere with Hollywood's grandest night and...

Flames/Devils Post-Game - 5 Goals, 25 Feet


H2H Ice Corsi Face-offs Scoring Chances Alright, raise your hand if you thought the game was over at the end of the first period.  Come on now, raise it up - don't pretend you weren't skeptical...

Post-Break Post-Game - Welcome Back?


  H2H Ice Corsi Face-offs Scoring Chances   I'm not sure what is more depressing - that this game is the first I get to write the post-game writeup, or that I started writing it at the end of...

Trade Deadline Summary - Let's Just Play Some Damn Hockey Already


Darryl Sutter can't help himself.  He may not be as loud and self-promoting as Brian Burke but he can't let a trade deadline go by without thrusting himself into the spotlight.  He has once again...

Finally, Back to the NHL!


Now that we're finally done with this glorified exhibition tournament, we can finally get back to the real hockey of the NHL.  Iggy can finally be allowed to play with some decent linemates (did...

Calgary Flames and the Olympics


Since we have an off day, and there's enough analysis of Team Canada to clog the internet, I thought I'd throw out the results of some quick research I did.  I looked at the rosters of the various...

...And More Changes


Now that Kent has passed on his news (see below), it's as good a time as any to introduce myself as the newest contributor to Matchsticks and Gasoline.  Kent was kind enough to note to me that...

Dion Phaneuf = Billy Joel?


My brother has the same opinion of Phaneuf that I do, but this raised Dion's profile in his eyes!


New League-wide Trend

It's become apparent that recently NHL teams are firing their coach after losing to the Vancouver Canucks.  Clearly, GMs can't stand the embarassment of losing to the Canucks and fans are up in...

Canucks Fans - They are who we thought they were


Discounting the source of the rankings (halfway through the article), I still thought this was hilarious and extremely accurate!


Kipper for the Hart!!!

It's good to know that our love of Kipper and knowledge of his true value here in the M&G community is spreading nationwide!  Award voting from last night's extravaganza...   Hart: 20. Miikka...


Team MVP?

OK, since it's hard to find things to talk about for tonight's game - well, other than that it's bad enough the Brier is taking the 'Dome for 2 weeks (or whatever it's called), at least...

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