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I write books. Chances are very good you haven't read them.

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Unicorns want to help you. Really.

Deadline is almost here...you have 27 riders on your team. Or 22. You're stuck between two 6-pointers. Or, you're going to be brilliant this year and pick Cav for 26 points--but wait, that's the...

"Predictive Value of Pre-FSA DS Races" Revisited

Or, JTL? You were kidding, right? Waaaaaay back before the season began, the unicorns and I sat down and tried to figure out whether pre-FSA DS races had any use in picking a team. The...


Poll: Sky's "I have never doped" pledge--step forward or back?

News reports today tell us Team Sky is implementing a new policy to reinforce their zero-tolerance stance on doping. Riders and staff must sign a pledge that they are not presently and have never...


Marmottes Without Contracts! The End

Uh oh...where are they?


Showdown at the Moooo Corral

The women's World Championship road race is going to be terrific anyway, but the awesome sauce on top is that it's going to decide, once and for all, the 2012 edition of the Bliss vs. Moos FSA DS...


Pozzato gets backdated 3-month ban; will return in a week

The Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal has given Filippo Pozzato a 3-month ban for working with banned doctor Michele Ferrari, and slapped him with a 10,000-euro fine plus an additional 2,000...


Zabel is German national champ

No, you aren't having a flashback to 1998 or 2003--Rick Zabel, son o' Erik, won the U23 German nat champ road race this weekend, sprinting for victory out of a 3-man break. Zabel Jr., who will...

Paris-Bruxelles LIVE Thread

Just not that into the SSSGT this year? Don't worry, there's another race on today! This French-Belgian semi-classic was founded in 1893, and this year's edition features a bunch of sprinty types...

Dekker re-ups with Garmin


Now signed through 2014--a nice present on his 28th birthday. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Thomas! No details yet on whether he'll now make more than the UCI minimum wage and thus won't be forced to model undies to make a living. But one can hope.


Stay or Go? The Unicorns Debate Bjarne Riis

Bjarne Riis doped. He admits that. After all, his career spanned the heady early days of the EPO era, when no test existed to catch riders, and the UCI gave tacit approval as long as a rider’s...


Today's HTFU poster boy: Johan Vansummeren

who raced two weeks of the Tour de France with a cracked vertebra, courtesy of the Metz Massacre. While team mates Ryder Hesjedal and Tom Danielson were knocked out of the race by the crash, Summie...


Women's racing this week: Thüringen-Rundfahrt , Cascade Classic, Tour en Limousin

With three races currently on, I thought it was worth creating a thread dedicated to results, chat, and FSA DS smack. Quick roundup: Thüringen-Rundfahrt: 3 stages down, 4 to go. Emma Johannson is...


Tour de Pologne Finale: Stage 7 LIVE Thread

Stage 7: Kraków - Kraków 131.4 km Brutally dull parcours today, as the peloton races mostly on an out-and-back circuit through the streets of Kraków--first two laps of a 5-km loop, then seven...


Tour de Pologne Stage 6 LIVE Thread

Stage 6: Bukovina Terma Hotel Spa - Bukowina Tatrzańska 191.8 km Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe, with a total area of 312,679 square meters. Is much of it unpaved? Because this Tour...


Tour de Pologne Stage 5 LIVE Thread

Stage 5: Rabka Zdrój - Zakopane 163.1 km Just to change things up, today's circuit is 39.9 km, lapped twice and restarted for a third time to end on a final kilometer that's all uphill. And that...


Tour de Pologne Stage 4 LIVE Thread

Stage 4: Będzin - Katowice 127.8 km Pologne loves its circuits! Today's short stage begins with three laps of 4.2 km and ends with six laps of 8.1 km. Despite a small bump in the opening...


Tour de Pologne Stage 3 LIVE Thread

Stage 3: Kędzierzyn - Koźle - Cieszyn 201.7 km Okay, not quite as climby as that other Tour today, but there's very little flat in the Stage 3 profile. There's even a hill on the finishing...


Tour de Pologne Stage 2 LIVE Thread

Stage 2: Wałbrzych - Opole 239.4 km Profile rolls a bit, especially in the first half, but everything should come together for a proper sprint finish. Boonen's reportedly having a hard time...


Tour de Pologne Stage 1 LIVE thread

Stage 1: "Gołębiewski" Karpacz - Jelenia Góra 179.5 km ursula's preview covered the basics, now here's the live thread! Because honestly, what else were you going to do on the Tour's rest day? T...

Zombie Maurice Garin Puts Sagan in Perspective


EDIT: Thanks to Lurker McLurkerson for creating the Zombie Maurice Garin, and to Drongo for pointing out where he came from in the comments below. Very early this morning, I woke up to the...


Giro Donne Stage 1 Live-ish (SPOILERS!)

Note: Sarah's planning a "live" thread later when the video highlights are on--if you want to watch that unspoiled, avoid this thread! Stage 1: Napoli-Terracina No video, but follow along on T...

How to fix women's cycling, by ds_stef


ds_stef (Stefan Wyman) dentifies the main problems in women's cycling, with suggestions on how to fix them.

Unresigned to failure: the over-40 riders of the Tour de France


Jens Voigt and Chris Horner are not the only over-40 cyclists to ride the Tour de France. A look at some of the older, record-setting riders to precede them.


Pozzato admits to working with Ferrari, 6-month ban possible

If you haven't been following this, La Repubblica broke the story on Saturday that Filippo Pozzato had been caught on tape admitting to working with notorious doping doc Michele Ferrari. CONI, who...

Halle-Ingooigem LIVE thread


via upload.wikimedia.org A prime candidate for the race English-speakers have the most trouble pronouncing, Halle-Ingooigem has been around since 1945, when some guy named Rik van Steenbergen took...


Marmottes Without Contract!

The hunt goes on. More or less.


Weekend weather forecast: hotter in Switzerland!

It's Friday afternoon (somewhere), it's been a long week, we need to unwind. So here's the (un)official Dauphiné vs. Suisse Hottitude Thread. This year, I'm calling it unequivocably for Suisse....


Marmottes Without Contract!

Don't worry! Everything's okay! The story so far: cruelly abandoned by their DS after a disastrous season, the former members of Team Lady Marmottes soon found themselves in dire straits. Things...

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