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I write books. Chances are very good you haven't read them.

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Marmottes Without Contract! The Moos Respond

Now with more cows! Note for the confused: Willj and I are friendly co-members of Podium Cafe, with great respect and admiration for each other...until it comes to our knock-down drag out rivalry...

Oh, no! Just sobbing here... Marmottes without contracts! . fine print: background image...

Oh, no! Just sobbing here... Marmottes without contracts! . fine print: background image credit: By Mattia Luigi Nappi (Own work) [GFDL (www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Omloop Eve-FSA DS Deadline SuperSmack Happy Hour!

Just about 9 hours to go until FSA DS men's league deadline! Are you still agonizing over your lineup? Let PdC help! Pour out your difficulties, we'll listen, we'll give the best and worst advice...

The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth: the Winner of Het Nieuwsblad Revealed!


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth--Buddha Tom Boonen is so not going to win Het Nieuwsblad. He has brown eyes. Blame it on the moon. See, of the past fifteen...

On the Predictive Value of Pre-FSA DS Races


Or, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke? Are you kidding? The Black Unicorn tells me that one of these statements is likely to be true—or at least truer (insert mwah-ha-ha here): (A) Bah. Pre-Het Nieuwsblad...


A friendly reminder... Don't use the c-word!

(They don't like it--and have let us know.) Picture of Euskaltel-Euskadi in action at the Tour de France 2011: By VirtKitty [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via...


Need help picking your FSA Directeur Sportif team? Ask the unicorns!

Podium Cafe is a magical place where people of all nations gather in peace and harmony to talk cycling, and happy little internet gnomes translate tweets and articles for us. So it's no surprise...


Happy Hour Over Here

The sun's over the yardarm somewhere, and there's been a lot of heavy lifting today. Raise a glass and decompress here! It's the dawn of a new season, and there will be much to enjoy ahead. If you...

Liquigas-Cannondale camp gallery on CN


More off-season photo fun! Basso! Nibali! Awkward exercise shots! See who wears socks in the sauna! Is it time for the Tour Down Under yet?

Zwarte Pieten. File under: Things You Couldn't Get Away With in the States. From Thomas Dekker's...

Zwarte Pieten. File under: Things You Couldn't Get Away With in the States. From Thomas Dekker's Twitter. Is the other guy Summie? The wig is throwing me off.

Sicard in the slammer!

Careless coureur cannot contain criminal compulsion. Romain Sicard was arrested in Toulouse after police noticed a stolen street sign in a parked car, and lay in wait for the thief to return. A...

Dear Will...What did we do wrong?


An open letter to our dear DS, from the Lady Marmottes.  (Note: this letter is from actual Lady Marmottes, and is not meant to reflect the training regimen of any of the awesome real-life human...

Rest Day Open Thread


Ward off race withdrawal here! Tell us what sort of cheese you're having for lunch, how this morning's ride went, how the hurricane cleanup is going.. Or even talk about the upcoming second half of...


Eneco, baby! Get yer VDS smack here!

The Eneco Tour starts tomorrow! This classic race, rumored to be reclassified as Cat 1 next year,* meanders through the Be and Ne parts of Benelux and features a largely sprinty field (once upon a...

Tour of Poland Stage 1 LIVE thread


LIVE NOW! Look for links at cyclingfans. Today's stage is flat and short. Sprinters! Ticker Official site Stage info Start list


Barbie Barbie Vacation Snaps

A few weeks ago my son, Barbie Barbie, and I took off over the seas for a Great British Adventure. Read all about it below the jump!


Cobra slithers into Gran Fondo

According to an article in CN, Riccardo Ricco snuck into the Gran Fondo Prologo-Giovanni Lombardi on Sunday, creeping out from under behind a house 10 km into the race to help friends of his close...


Vansummeren re-ups with Garmin

Sportwereld (among others) is reporting that Paris-Roubaix winner Johan Vansummeren has extended his contract with Garmin-Cervelo for a further 3 years. The impressively tall Belgian was reportedly...

'Niemand Kent Mij'


Trailer for upcoming Dutch documentary on the fall and return of Thomas Dekker.


Tour of Luxembourg Final Stage Live(ish) Thread

Will Leeenooos the Leopard hold on for the win? It should be a nail-biter today as the Skoda Tour of Luxembourg winds up with a 152.1 km stage from Mersch to Luxembourg City. Start list and...


Tour of Luxembourg Stage 3 Live(ish) Thread

Today's stage runs 185 km from Eschweiler to Roost. But there are plenty of -anges along the way: Wincrange, Lullange, Doennange, Weicherdange... Yesterday Linus Gerdemann proved he's still alive...


Tour deLuxe: Stage 2 Live(ish) Thread

Leudelange-Gare, Luxembourg Attribution: Fliedermaus at lb.wikipedia, licensed under  the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Luxembourg license. Today's stage runs 200.7 miles from...


Tour of Luxembourg Stage 1 Live(ish) Thread

via upload.wikimedia.org Today's stage is 192.8 km from Luxembourg city to Bascharage. Once again, no video, but we can follow along on Twitter (tag is #skodatour, updates also available from p...


Hey! Tour of Luxembourg Prologue going on now

No video that I can find, but you can follow along on Twitter by searching #skodatour. At the moment, Gaudin has the best time.


US Pro Fan Report: Part 2 Road Race

So, Monday dawned bright and fair, with temperatures aiming for the 90s. My brother took off early to cycle the whole way--I drove into downtown Greenville and met him and his friends there. Then...


US Pro Fan Report: Part 1 Time Trial

This is going to be mostly pictures because, well, I'm beat. The kid and I threw my bike and Barbie Barbie in the car and road tripped from Indiana down to South Carolina for the US Pro National...

Ronde van Belgie Prologue LIVE Thread (Bayern updates, too!)


Hey! There's racing outside of Italy, too! Today the Tour de Belgique/Ronde van Belgie/Tour of Belgium kicks off with a 5.6 km prologue in Buggenhout at 13:00 CEST, with video expected an hour...


Donate to Wouter Weylandt's family--PayPal now available

Wouter Weylandt's tragic death on Monday left behind a grieving cycling community, but most of us can only imagine the devastation of his close friends, teammates, and family--and the special pain...


Cam Meyer packs for the Giro

Cool video showing exactly what you need for a three-week race. Just an amazing amount of kit.

The Return of Rebellin


According to TuttoBici, he's signed with Andalucia-Caja Granada, and will start in Asturias on April 28.

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