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A case for a 4-2-3-1


It's not time to abandon our beloved Wide Attacking Midfielders just yet.

Jake says bring back Alvaro


Can the once a Sounder be the answer for the current squad? Jake says yes.

The Crest demands that we can't cheer for Steve

It's not just that he's changing teams, it's that some part of us must hope that he fails.


My [admittedly cynical] State of the Sounders

If you have been listening, reading, and watching closely over the last 5 years, you have been absorbing a well-crafted PR and marketing message from the Seattle Sounders. The gist of it has been...

MLS's Best XI is a farce; this one is better


It's a gross miscarriage of justice that MLS does not recognize the importance of fullbacks.

Passing, Shooting, and Winning


The Sounders need to remain competitive in the possession game and then hope their talent can simply outclass Portland's.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond


The Sounders have picked their poison. They'll live or die with the diamond.

On American Outlaws and national supporter culture

The situation in Columbus showed that, despite the best efforts, the reality is that support is still difficult to organize on a national level.

Something the Sounders do best


One part of the Sounders is better than the rest.

Sunday's loss a reminder of Alonso's importance


He is as important to Seattle's success as Keane, Henry or Wondo are to their teams' fortunes. We need to remember that in those rare times he sits out.

Suits v Scarves - Cascadia Cup Controversy


MalcontentJake is a Supporter. This is his take on the Cascadia Cup Trademark battle.

On Being A Supporter


The malcontent one has spent time in and around a couple of the Supporters Groups. He works in tifo, plays on the ECS soccer team and has a crazy passion for this team we all love that is just a...

About the Defense


Was it the problem? Can and should it be approved?

Sounders, Do Something Special


The Seattle Sounders are still a very good MLS team. They may never be great, so why not have them be something completely different?

Abstaining From Sounders GM Vote


There is a third option. It is a soft declaration that the Sounders GM vote is not enough. A statement that the use of the word "Democracy" is unjust in this very limited fashion. This is the case...

Fredy is Ready -- He has been Ready

Fredy Montero had to have noticed. His face on an epic tifo could not be ignored. He is ready.

Required reading for Sounder nation!


An excellent write up on how the Germans do it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees this as compelling a reason as any to pull for Bayern Munich this Saturday You need to read this if you are any kind of American sports fan. I would imagine our "big league" franchise owners would rather this sort of information be suppressed from their "customers" ;-)

Possession is 9/10's of the law... but what about the other 10%?


A trick of the light? How to explain Colorado's possession advantage Saturday.

Tactical Analysis: Understanding Roles to Set Expectations


The one where Jake asks Dave what to write and goes in a completely different direction.

Upon further review... some thoughts on Sounders 3:1 Toronto F.C.


the Estrada and Flaco show: a testament to the quality of this team after a hellish 45 minutes in Torreon.

Chelsea this year's "friendly"?


Hidden Layer: Fullbacks, Defensive Midfielders And Pro-Active Defense


Fullbacks and defensive midfielders are the bulk of action in Seattle. An examination of what that means.

MLS Schedule Details Matter


the beauty is in the details, which where MLS seems to get it wrong

MLS Playoffs & Competition Format - What Could Be


I watched professional tackle-football all day and decided to write this.

So let's start talking about 3rd kits


So if there is one thing I learned last night at the end-of-year Alliance "Business" meeting it is that it apparently takes two years for adidas to scour the globe to look for the most hideous...

Fitting Roles Into Crowded Sounders Midfield


It is a good problem to have, namely more starting-calibre talent than starting spots. Where Alvaro Fernandez plays may be the key to unlock the puzzle of the crowded Sounders midifeld.

An attempt at a "real" "Best XI"


We can actually learn a lot by analyzing what the "Best XI" would do as a team.

Seasons Are More Than Trophies


what defines a season?

something that needs to be said


…and this is what i am going to tell myself so that I can sleep tonight...

Thursday Tactics and Things: Forwards, QB's, and single points of failure


comparing the "messianic striker complex" to the importance of QB in tackle football

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