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A thought on tie-breakers

First off, let me state that, if the Blazers wanted to avoid these tiebreaker scenarios, perhaps they should have won just one more game over the course of the season. I'll also make the assumption...


[OT] A realignment proposal

I was goofing around today and came up with this: Division A: "Mountain League" PortlandSacramentoGolden StateUtahDenver Division B: "Sun League" LA LakersLA ClippersPhoenix SunsSan Antonio...


A Darius hypothetical

Let's imagine for the moment that Darius Miles plays one minute (or less) tonight and one minute on Friday before being cut. Let's also imagine that Miles's role is literally non-existant - he...


Seattle Blazers Bar?

I'm in Seattle for the holidays... anyone have a recommend on a good bar in Seattle to watch Blazers game (note: Fox Sports Grill gets an automatic unrec)? I'm looking for something (in order of...


Players from that Other Team?

There is a team that plays nominally in the Northwest Division that is looking to unload the following players, in exchange for a draft pick and/or an expiring contract. Portland has 1 first...

Ponder this Celtic fans...

If you were already crying in your beer that you traded Brandon Roy for Sebastian Telfair (gah, even in 2006, an indefensible move), after reading that article, it may be likely that if you acquire Roy, your team becomes decently modest, you don't get Garnett (and Allen) the next summer, don't win the championship, but retain Doc Rivers as coach.


How not to end a game

There are all of our offensive possession, from the 4:00 mark onward in the 4th quarter against Orlando (time left on shot-clock in parans) 3:51 Roy makes 22ft shot (6 seconds left)2:58 Roy makes...


March to the Sea

I'm calling it now: Portland will go 5-0 on this road trip. A professional victory over New York. Blowing the doors off of DC. A coming-out party against Boston. A high-scoring, 14 point win in...

And if you really think Detroit is landing a marquee guy in 2010 when big markets such as New York...

And if you really think Detroit is landing a marquee guy in 2010 when big markets such as New York and L.A. and warm-weather cities such as Miami, Phoenix and Orlando will all be throwing money around -- not to mention deep-pocketed Portland, which will have assembled a contender at that point and remains the most logical destination for LeBron if he only cares about winning titles and nothing else (and also, Nike is right there)

ESPN Page 2 - Bill Simmons

OT [Sonics]: An oldie but goodie

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX_CefCC8aE&feature=related   You'll have to watch near the end for the apropros joke. It is oddly prescient, and despite being 10 years old, still pretty current....


CourtRivals League

BEdgers2 [3082]: streak out to a 2-0 record with two solid victories. PG Tony Nutanyeba should change his name to Tony Nutenonya. Leads the team with 18/4.5/4.5. BlazersEdgers [3030]: 1-1. Lost to...


Your 2008-2009 Portland Trailblazers?

Guards: Jared BaylessSteve BlakeRudy FernandezSergio RodriguezBrandon RoyVon Wafer?? Forwards: LaMarcus AldridgeNicolas Batum??Ike DiaguChanning FryeTravis OutlawMartell Webster Centers: Raef...


Comcast/DirecTV updates

I'm a direcTV subscriber (not for long). Suddenly, Portland summer league games [in Las Vegas] are blacked out. 1 - What the F? 2 - Will DirecTV people be able to watch the Blazers this year?...


Collecting Pitch F/X data

Hello, I'm hoping someone can assist me in collecting Pitch F/X data. I'm familiar with the ability to "download" some data via http://gd2.mlb.com/components/game/mlb/, but I want to do something...


Rooting against Oden...

I have to admit it. I hope Oden is only "pretty good". It's not because I dislike Oden (very likeable!) or don't want the team to win (Four in a Row!)... It's because Brandon Roy is far and away...


In An Effort to be more like the Rays

Everyone seems to think that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have a well run organization right now with lots of promise. Alot of people would like the M's front office to be more like the Rays. I...

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