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The Five Baffling Habits of Dayton Moore pt. 1

There are very few jobs that invite as much criticism as that of professional sports coaches and managers. Every transaction, every decision, regardless of how trivial or inconsequential, ends up...


Giovetella going to pitch now

Hey guys, I didn't see anyone mentioning Giovetella on the site yet, sorry if someone else has posted it. Pardon the cut/paste job from the Star. Formatting might be messed up, so here's a d...

Meet Thomas Malgareho, Your Newest Royals Minor Leaguer


Hmm, a 4.2 career minor league BB/9, against only 7.6 strikeouts per nine. As a reliever. Wow, this was pointless.

Picollo & Goldberg discuss the Royals Draft


Not too many revelations, though it did dispel the notion of the Royals going strictly for a "second wave" of all high schoolers. (Which was more or less apparent at the conclusion of the draft based on the sheer numbers of college players that eventually were drafted by the Royals.) One item that was a little disturbing was their apparent joy at getting "speed guys" in the positions up the middle. Not good defenders, not good hitters... speed guys.

Number of Plate Appearances Needed Before Hitting Second Career Homerun

  1. Zack Greinke: 35
  2. Barry Bonds: 37
  3. Sammy Sosa: 90
  4. Alex Rodriguez: 111
  5. Jose Bautista: 152

Minor League Baseball Starts Today


Royals Minor League Games starts today

Nice Article on Kila by Jeff Passan


Sort of a rehash of the old Pickering - Kila analogy, but good reading nonetheless.


Opening Game Totally Justifies Every Move Dayton Moore Has Ever Made

It must feel pretty good to be Dayton Moore right now.   After an off-season (or several offseasons, rather) of criticism and second-guessing, things finally fell into place for the beleaguered...

Nathan Adcock & Heath Rollins Prospect Rankings


In case you wondering where the Royals' recent Rule 5 acquistions ranked among all minor leaguers, look no further. Nathan Adcock is listed at 1610 out of 2000, Heath Rollins (who was the pitcher we took in the Double AA phase of the Rule 5) made the list at 1681. Not sure how someone can claim to rank 2,000 prospects with any degree of accuracy, but the fact that neither of these guys made it in the top 1,000 probably is somewhat damning.

Five Things about the Indy Game that Drove Me Nuts

  1. The Draw Play
  2. Overuse of Thomas Jones
  3. The Dwayne Bowe Drop
  4. 51 yd fieldgoal attempt
  5. Dan Dierdorf. (Especially Dan Dierdorf.)

So Jonah Hill will only kinda be portraying DePodesta in the new Moneyball film


Thought I'd post some breaking news, since my previous stab at covering this thing was about a year late.

Brad Pitt is Billy Beane?


Seems like some bizarre casting choices for an upcoming film based on Moneyball, unless, of course, they're going for some sort of comedic bent. Not sure what to make of this one.


Sean O'Sullivan Royals Debut Prediction Fanshot

This really deserves a poll, but let's just hear your thoughts in the comments. What do you see his line being against the Yanks? I'm thinking something like 5 ip, 8 hits, 4 runs, 3 BBs, 3...

Top Perfoming ML Catchers by OPS

  1. Jorge Posada, .900
  2. MIGUEL OLIVO, .879
  3. Geovany Soto, .858
  4. Victor Martinez, .838
  5. JOHN BUCK, .823

A Quick Recap of the 2010 Royals (so far) using Famous Movie Quotes

Jimmy Cagney: life-long Greinke fanvia What better way to summarize the current state of the 2010 Royals than to let some famous guy do it?   I'm sure that James Cagney...

Royals MiLB Affiliates Start the Season


Minor League Baseball commenced its 2010 season, with the Royals teams seeing some heroics from the usual suspects (not pictured).  Game recaps after the jump. AAA Omaha Royals 6, Memphis...

Exhilirating and Depressing Thought


It just occured to me that by year's end the Royals have a very realistic shot of having players leading the following categories... Avg: Billy Butler Hits: Billy Butler 2B: Billy Butler 3B: David DeJesus/Scott Podsednik SB%: Chris Getz HBP: Jason Kendall ERA: Greinke K's: Greinke Wins: Greinke Saves: Soria K/9: Soria ...and still finish in last place.


Unbelievable. Swartz is back as trainer.

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) March 31, 2010 - The Kansas City Royals announced today Nick Swartz will be coming out of retirement to rejoin the team as the club's Head Athletic Trainer. The move came just...

In an unsurprising twist, all of our "backups" are outperforming our starters.

  1. C - Pena .300/.341/.550..... Kendall .139/.244/.194
  2. DH - Ka'aihue .362/.464/.702..... Guillen .295/.311/.405
  3. 2B - Callaspo .456/.481/.646..... Getz .239/.314/.326
  4. SS - Aviles .465/.520/.651..... Betancourt .261/.306/.391
  5. CF - MITCH .440/.500/.760..... Podsednik .326/.391/.500

DEVELOPING... Tony Cogan has retired...


Those 39 innings he pitched for the Royals in 2001 were some of the most exciting in his career. NEVER FORGET.

Defending the Indefensible: Kyle Farnsworth


 Before people start calling for my head, let’s get this out of the way:  Royals GM Dayton Moore’s decision to sign Kyle Farnsworth prior to the 2009 season to a 2 year, $9 million contract was, in...

I cannot imagine a more appropriate website for this ad to appear on than one dedicated to...


I cannot imagine a more appropriate website for this ad to appear on than one dedicated to the Royals.

Rule 5 Draft Possibilities


Please, please let the Zach Kroenke/Zack Greinke combination become a royality.

Royals Decline Options on Crisp, Yabuta, and Olivo


Dick Kaegel reports the Royals will likely be without Crisp, Yabuta or Olivo in 2010, as they've cut ties. Dayton's offseason house cleaning continues.


An Encouraging Billy Butler Comp

Check out these two lines:Billy Butler, Age 23 season:  140 games, 45 2B, 17 HRs, 45 BB, 90 Ks, .303/.355/.487Player X, Age 22ish* season:  140 games, 40 2B, 23, HRs, 41 BB, 90 Ks, .300/.350/.496H...

CDC Report: Americans no Longer at Risk of Catching Royals Fever


Americans need not worry as Royals Fever is no longer contagious.

Preseason Rookie Meter: Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Tyson Jackson


We shouldn't read into this at all, but if we did, it would sort of suggest Pioli/Haley blew the pick. At least we've got a full season to prove this thing wrong.

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