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Justin Blackmon blows it: .24% BAC


2 time DUI offender blows 3x the legal limit... What a POS. Never ceases to amaze me how people with millions of dollars can't call a cab...

Burfict fails drug test *But I'd still draft him.


Vontaze Burfuct has drawn a lot of critisizm for both on the field and off the field. Surprisingly enough, it's the *off the field attention that has coveted his name in the headlines lately despite playing at such an intense level throughout his first 2 years at Arizona State. I like Vontaze. He's a kid who lives in a shell of what the world perceives him as in his personal life. Put him on 120 yds of SOD or turf and this kid may potentially lift your skull from your spinal cord when called upon to do so. What Vontaze has come across in his limited adult life is the mentorship and leadership from teammates who might otherwise warrant his immediate attention. Burfict joined the Sun Devils behind 3 of his fellow teammates from HS. I'd link it - But I'm lazy and not an employee from the NFL who feels obligated to do your homework for you... He follows what's familiar - and in doing so, he accomplishes 2 of 3 things: 1) Plays D-1, PAC-10 DPOY as a Frosh; 2) Plays lights out -- while still accruing a multitude of PF for his high tempo play and often, irratic behavior on the field. Justifying these actions would be difficult but adding dialogue to a conversation that is seemingly one sided is a defense I'm willing to take. Burfict loves football. He loves intensity - but he also loves the sanctuary his family provides when the world seems to be falling to pieces. He struggles with the day to day scrutiny that we in social media are all too comfortable with. I'm not excusing this position - simply identifying it as a weakness he has already conveyed when put under fire. When I see Vontaze Burfict, I see an animal. When I read, listen or see Mr Burfict, I see a human being with an incredible gift -- hoping for the opportunity to share that gift with the guidance and leadership he has been with out for the majority of his adult life. His mother has exhuasted every effort to help her son and he knows it. Additionally, he also knows that his best kept secret - is the one he doesn't control. I see a star. Maybe not tomorrow, but this kid has a huge heart.


Going to the game?

For the first time in my life I'll be able to see the team I've been following religiously since I was 4. Myself and 2 good friends will be there bright and early and I wanted to know who else had...

I don't "hate" Jamie Dukes but...


As a football analyst and constant 'noise-maker', he's one of many people who can be places in the 'Skip Bayless' category as a Fox News worthy sports contributor. Without discrediting any of the folks over at Fox News, understand that the analogy is simply stating that this guy loves to wage his bets on "what is" rather than "what could be". His constant admonishment of Alex Smith is annoying. Alex Smith may be averaging 189 yds per game passing and be the scapegoat to a lot of arguements against the potential of this team but he is not (this year) the reason for our 9-2 "failures" thus far. I firmly believe in the 'game-plan', 'managing' wins as appropriate but to base the success or failure of a team solely on a QB being able to put a 250+ yd, 3 TD, 1 INT over the course of three games in the playoffs is ridiculous. I might be echoing words that you all may or may NOT be thinking but I love the idea that ANY NFL team can win on any given Sunday. We've seen the 49ers come out and roll on their opponents just as well as we've seen them 'manage' their opponents into a victory. I did not look at this past week against the Baltimore Ravens as a game that would be a walk. The competitive disadvantages aside, the Baltimore Ravens are a fantastic football team that deserve as much respect as they were warranted prior to this game taking place. I've said that for several games up until this point but that's not what my gripe is about. The notion that the 49ers and more specifically, Alex Smith can only win if "X" numbers are met under "X" circumstances is what bothers me. Each opponent carries different responsibilities and different keys to success than the one previous. Each opponent will gameplan their success based on what the 49ers have already accomplished and look to exploit those areas of recognized weakness... it goes with-out saying, no? However, I would never levy any bets against 53 men whose only purpose in their profession is to take the advice of their leadership and execute a strategy that is as interchanging as the tides on the west coast. Counting a team out based on some arbitrary number that a QB has yet to meet on a routine basis is a weak stance to take against any player, at any time. Alex Smith may or may not be our 'long term' answer at QB but there are 52 other guys on that team that would have something to say about the success or failure of this team. Personally, I'm not an Alex Smith is-our-future guy, but at this juncture, I'll take a 'game-manager' who has 9 wins and respect from the lockeroom than someone who doesn't and I'm almost positive that Jamie Dukes has little to no influence on the 99%.

NFL just went all Freddy P on Justin Smith...


$15k for what was NOT ruled "roughing the passer" in-game... Glad the NF-Goodell's got his *ish together...

Brandon Lloyd traded to St Louis Rams


The 49ers and Brandon Lloyd were supposedly primed for a reunion but personally, I think it's for the best. Between Braylon Edwards, Crabtree, Josh on the IR, and the potential development in Kyle Williams -- it didn't make sense to add someone who would be poaching catches and offsetting the dynamic this unit has established.

Total QBR & Alex Smith


The link is to an ESPN article on their new QB rating system as it would apply to the 2008-2010 seasons. Interesting? Sort of. Alex Smith's regression from 2009 to 2010 was some what surprising considering the "continuety" he had in O-coordinators and the expectations we had of him entering the 2010 season.

Noel Devine?


Am I seriously serious? Not as a RB but what about having him in a similar role as a Dexter McCluster? Yes? No? Thoughts?

Best Timeout Ever - Peter King 17 Sep 2001


A good read from a very somber time in our nation's history. Hope this event doesn't trigger any retaliation in the next few days... need to get my fam home.

Undrafted FA's I'd take a good look at


Chad Reuter broke down his top UDFA's by position and I was a little surprised to see some of these guys on there. WR Terrance Toliver LSU, RB Derrick Locke UK, WR Dane Sanzenbacher OhSt, OG Carl Johnson UF, C Chris O'Dowd USC, C Jake Kirkpatrick TCU, DE Pierre Allen NEB, FS Deunta Williams NC, SS DeAndre McDaniel Clemson and K Kai Forbath UCLA.

Rick Gosselins final mock draft


Scary thing is he usually gets his picks right... This time I hope he's way off...

Panthers & Cam Newton Rumor as of right now...


Aaron Wilson (Ravens insider), "Hearing strong rumors that the Carolina Panthers have already unofficially outlined contract parameters with Cam Newton camp"

Wes Bunting breaks down Blaine Gabbert


While I don't always like what Wes has to say - I'm fully on board with his analysis of the Mizzouri QB. There have been people on NinersNation that will attest to this but I still feel it's an important discussion considering that come draft day there is a good possibility Gabbert could be sitting at 7 and Mayock and Co will be calling for #11 to land in the bay area.

NFLPA & NFL "agree" on Rookie wage scale


I'm interested to see how this may change your opinion on spending a Top 10 pick on a given player. From the sounds of things, the first overall will be roughly 4-5 yrs @ +/- $20M. Chump change in comparison to Bradfords $11.4 per year deal from this past season.

Patrick Peterson runs an unofficial 4.32 Prince Amukamara runs an unofficial 4.38


Patrick Peterson runs an unofficial 4.32 Prince Amukamara runs an unofficial 4.38

Mariucci's Mock draft: Patrick Peterson to SF


Worth a read but obviously, if PP runs out of his mind and destroys the 40 yd dash - there's 6 other teams that could change that.

Prince Amukamara versus Justin Blackmon

(Tried posting as an embedded video but kept receiving an error - Sorry) I like Amukamara... Just not at #7. Personally, I like these 4 before Prince but that brings up another discussion all together: Draft for need or BPA? 1a. Patrick Peterson b. AJ Green c. Robert Quinn d. Von Miller PP doesn't need explaining - it fits both the BPA and a need. AJ is purely a BPA pick. A lights out pick. But in the opposite direction of where we "need" to go. Quinn is a beast. Had he played this past season, Von Miller would be looking at the mid-high teens before his name would be called. Watch him against Virginia and then against Anthony Castonzo of BC. He owns him. Von would be a solid pick, address both a need and atleast come close to beating out Prince in terms what he brings to the table. Again, I like Prince - just not at #7.

Carson Palmer USC Highlights


RT @mortreport Carson Palmer will demand a trade from Bengals; willing to play retirement card, if necessary. Is he worth a look? How much is he worth? Is he a viable "stop-gap"?

Brett Favre "What should I do" Take a break from "work"... laugh a little.

Favre: Rise - "What Should I do?" - watch more funny videos

Brett Favre "What should I do" Take a break from "work"... laugh a little.

Forever Young - I miss this guy. He says he will never be a head coach or work as a general...


Forever Young - I miss this guy. He says he will never be a head coach or work as a general manager but stated that he can and/or would be an advisor for the organization that he loves.

9:00 minutes of Cam Newton's 2010 campaign As much as I'm not a fan of his (at #7 in the 2011...


9:00 minutes of Cam Newton's 2010 campaign As much as I'm not a fan of his (at #7 in the 2011 draft)... there's no denying how talented he is. 6 comebacks in 1 collegiate season is ridiculous; especially in "that" conference. We can hate on his footwork, his release point and the fact that he rarely keeps his eyes down field when the pocket collapses on him but the guy moves better than VY in the open field and can throw the ball on a rope. 68% is an efficient completion percentage but it doesn't mean he's an accurate passer. But damn... the guy wins and puts everything on the line to get it done.


Will 49ers fanbase give Harbaugh time to re-tool?

Short and sweet. Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the San Francisco 49ers and it is safe to say that the vast majority believe that he is the answers to our prayers.  I am one of those people. What...

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