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Tuesday Bluebird Links

I haven't seen any Blue Jays baseball since the west coast trip, but it doesn't seem like I've missed a whole lot the past couple of weeks. As usual, I'll start you off with recaps of yesterday's...

Tuesday Links - Trades and More Trades


So, two big trades in baseball yesterday as the Tigers stock up and fill a couple of their big holes, and the Mariners dealt their franchise player. Oh and then their was Ryan Dempster, who was...

Thursday Bluebird Links


So for some reason, my reader is now picking up every Toronto Star article instead of just baseball articles. So yeah, that was kind of annoying this morning. No game recaps today. I don't think...

Thursday Bluebird Links


Thursday Bluebird Links! Lots of all-star chatter, 2nd half predictions and prospect updates. What are your 2nd half predictions? Join us in the comments!

Marcus Stroman Signs


I think that's the last of the big draft signings this year. Hat tip to Jays11 for the original Fanshot - alas, I can't front page existing fanshots and I figured this was front page worthy.

Tuesday Bluebird Links


Here's a quick links post for everyone today since there wasn't a whole lot of activity around the blogosphere over the long weekend. Belated Happy Canada day to everyone, and happy early...

Bluebird Links - Another Day, Another Injury


If anyone is wondering why the links are late, it's because I forgot that it's Tuesday (it is Tuesday, right?) So, the Jays won yesterday but Alvarez left the game early. The Jays sound...

Tuesday Links Madness


Sorry for the lack of links posts from me last week. Summers are a busy time and these posts take a while to put together. As usual, I'll start you off with game recaps from Robert Macleod, G...

Tuesday Links


Game recaps from Mike Wilner, John Lott and Brendan Kennedy, and a recap from the Las Vegas win. JAYS LINKS Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays - May 29, 2012Gameday preview of tonight's game. J...

Tuesday Post Long Weekend Links


Well, I don't have any interesting baseball stories to tell like Minor Leaguer did yesterday. I spent the long weekend being productive, which isn't nearly as fun as spending the long weekend...

Thursday Bluebird Links


A win, a win! Nice to see the bats wake up and a pretty solid outing from Drabek last night. Game recaps as usual from Mike Wilner, John Lott, Gregor Chisholm and a minor league recap of...

Tuesday Bluebird Linkage


Well that was a disappointing start to the home stand for the Jays. Hopefully they can rebound tonight, but David Price seems to save his best for the Jays so we'll see. At least my softball team...

Bluebird Links and Major League Equivalencies


Here's a links post that I'm sure about 10 of you will appreciate (based on TFSML's poll, below). Joking aside, since yesterday was an off-day and there are only about 15 links today, I thought I'd...

Thursday Bluebird Link Barrage


Nice series win against the Rangers! Game recaps from yesterday afternoons win from Brendan Kennedy (Toronto Star), Bill Lankhof, Wilner and Robert Macleod. I also have recaps from The 51s' win...

Thursday Bluebird Link Barrage


Does anyone else remember that year that the Jays won 16 or 17 games against the Oriole's? Neither do I. Game recaps of yesterday's loss from Wilner, Gregor Chisholm, Griffin, and John Lott. JAYS...

Bluebird Links - Blowout Edition


It's never much fun writing these after a blowout loss, but they happen. I think today I'll pass on the game recaps. They're not a whole lot of fun to read after a loss like that. Hopefully the...

Bluebird Links - 5th Starter Debate


Here are your Tuesday morning links. A little quiet around regarding the Jays after the off day yesterday. I think maybe the most interesting Jays related information is that Gregor Chisholm, in...

Bluebird Links on an Off Day


Nice start to the season! Four wins, 2nd place in the east. Hopefully the Jays keep it up this weekend against Baltimore. There's no game today, however I have a boat load of links for your...

Bluebird Links - Opening Day!!!


It's finally here bluebird-ites! One of my favorite days of the year - opening day. Lots of links for you to read. Have fun in the comments and be back here this afternoon for the game thread! J...

Tuesday Morning Bantering


I think Tom's recap below is probably enough for everyone so no recaps in today's link post. Lots of talk today about Cecil and whether he'll make the rotation or not. Which direction do you...

Bluebird Links - The 'Tremendous Wiener' Edition


You know what everyone - I hate spring training. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'd be a blast to actually be in Florida for a week or two during the spring, but I hate spring training from the...

Thursday Bantering


Grab a coffee. Read. Discuss. RECAPS Griffin Wilner The Globe and Mail Brittany Ghiroli ( - A whole lotta links after the jump - JAYS LINKS Pat Borders memories of Jays' 1992 World...

Bluebird Links - Position Rankings and Omar Vizquel Day


Fangraphs has wrapped up their positional ranking series, covering relievers here. I thought I'd take a look at how the Jays have fared, position by position, compared to the other AL East Teams. ...

Bluebird Links - Training Camp Banter


Minor Leaguer brought the heat yesterday with approximately 749 links (nice post by the way)! I don't have quite so many but hopefully there's enough to keep you entertained for a while. I'll...

Bluebird Links - It's Been a While


Hello all - sorry you haven't heard from me in a few weeks but I got stuck in a field job that took about 4 weeks longer than it was supposed to and I just haven't had time to really spend much...

Bluebird Links - Do you Believe in Miracles?


I've been waiting for this piece on Jose Bautista for a while, and Joe Posnanski doesn't disappoint.  Pos is one of my favorite writers around right now and this is an enjoyable read.  He writes...

Bluebird Links - Father's Day, Beard Production and Yunel Escobar


So, how about that Escobar extension?  There's surprisingly little chatter around the blogosphere about this deal, however I think it's a great contract - maybe one of the best that AA has inked...

Kyle Drabek Trying to be too Perfect?


garick at Beyond the Boxscore looks at Kyle Drabek's pitch locations, and comes to the conlcusion that he could (potentially) reverse his forturnes if he simply aimed for the middle of the plate - specifically in higher ball counts.

Bluebird Links - Kyle Drabek versus Zach Stewart


Lots of Kyle Drabek and Zach Stewart talk in the links today so I'll post those on the front page, and the rest are after the jump! Jays Links Gregg Zaun on Kyle DrabekCallum Hughson at Mop-Up Duty...

Bluebird Links - Draft Day Hangover


There seems to be a bit of a hangover around the blogosphere today after day 2 of the draft, so just a quick link post for today - how is everyone feeling about the draft?  Think we'll be able to...

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