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Bluebird Links and Yunel Escobar Love


After Yunel's big homerun yesterday, I thought it was time to give him a bit of love, in a similar fashion to what I did for JPA a couple of weeks ago.  FanGraphs isn't a big fan of his D, or his...

Bluebird Links - Drabek, Draft Talk and Propsect Reviews


Sorry for the complete lack of Link posts this week.  Life has been ridiculously busy, and I have hardly had time to check out this site, never mind all the others I need to check to put a post...

Purcey Traded to the Tigers


David Purcey is on the move again - this time to the Tigers in a deal for Scott Sizemore. I think I like this return more than what the Jays received, although I'm sure neither amounts to much.

Bluebird Links - Jose Bautista, Bad Stats, and Good Stats


For a discussion point that I didn't touch on in any of the links, what do you guys think will happen with Dustin McGowan?  Will he pitch well enough that the Jays call him up in 30 days?  Or will...

Bluebird Links and Some Arencibia Love


Have we shown JP Arencibia enough love this year?  I'm not sure that we have.  A quick perusal of the FanGraphs leaderboards for catchers with more than 140 plate appearances reveals that JP is 5th...

Bluebird Links - Prospects, Player Musings and Inter-League Talk


Just a quick link post for everyone today. Jays Links Romero, Arencibia play game in boy’s memoryJays stars take to the field with heavy hearts after learning of young fan’s death. Jays Minority...

Bluebird Links - The Bautista Index and the Loss of an MLB Great.


Rain-outs suck.  Is it raining everywhere in North America right now?  I kind of think it is, and I for one am glad the Jays are back at home under the cover of the Dome tonight! Tired of the Jose...

Bluebird Links - Future Stars and the Evolution of a Reliever


I'll start this post off with a couple of the more interesting articles, and the rest are after the jump. Jays Minority Report: Gold Gloves predicted for Gose and Hechavarria The Toronto Star...

Visualizing AL East Hitters


Beyond the Boxscore has a nice graph showing the wOBA of all AL East hitters with more than 100 PA. One thing I would draw your attention to: Among outfielders, super-star outfielder (Corey Patterson) has a higher wOBA than the $8M dollar man (Vlad Guerrero), American super-hero (Sam Fuld), 'How I Met Your Mother' star (Nick Swisher), Alex Rios clone (Nick Markakis), the human garden gnome (Juan Rivera) and the $140M dollar man (Carl Crawford). Take it for what it's worth.

Bluebird Links - To Panic or Not to Panic?


Nice win for the Jays yesterday, even with a tough start from Drabek.  There's an interesting range of opinions around the blogosphere, which seems to be fairly negative in general on the Jays...

Bluebird Links - Hits, No-Hits and Mothers Day Musings


Well, at least the Jays got a few hits yesterday!  Hopefully everyone treated their mothers to something nice yesterday.  Thanks to bluejaysstatsgeek for a few of the Links. Jays Links The...

Bluebird Links


Jays Links Arencibia catches Drabek, could see more workWith Drabek and Morrow pitching back to back, do you think JPA will start catching 4 of 5 pitchers? That would be nice. Brett Cecil working...

Bluebird Links - I hate Tampa Bay


Am I the only one that hates Tampa Bay?*  This team can't do anything wrong right now.  They lose one of their best hitters to free agency, and then lose another one to the DL for a month and they...

Bluebird Links - A little bit of everything


I really wish the photo people had a shot of Zaun and Jamie showing the viewers the proper way to tag someone out at 2B, as demonstrated before yesterday's game, however, Cooper collecting his...

Bluebird Linds - The No Snider Edition


I was going to Link all of the Snider demotion links, but now, I'm not. Pretty much everyone I link here even somewhat often has an opinion, so head on over to the regulars if you want to read...

Bluebird Links - Home Runs are good (unless your name is Ryan Rayburn)


Hey look, the Jays CAN score runs!  Nice game for Lind yesterday with a pull and opposite field homerun.  And Rivera seems to be breaking out of his ill-timed brutal slump.  Life is good in Jays...

Bluebird Links - Injuries, Roster Moves and Minor League Notes


Here's a question for everyone - would you rather have both McCoy and McDonald in the lineup every day or would you rather have Brad Eamus playing 2nd for the Jays.  Maybe I'll make it a poll. ...

Bluebird Links - Always Sweeter After a Walkoff Win


Anytime you can beat up Mariano Rivera on route to a victory, it's a good game in my books.  Last night was fun.  Well at least from the bottom of the 9th onward - apparently I got home from work...

Bluebird Links, Links, and More Links


Lots of links today after an off day so I'll just throw them all up and let everyone discuss.  The Jays start a 4 game set in Boston tonight - how does everything think they'll do?  The 'wishful...

Bluebird Links - Pineda is Good, out 'fights' the Jays


I hate west coast trips - especially when the Jays are losing.  Another tough one last night mostly thanks to Michael Pineda's fastball, which the Jays couldn't seem to catch up with (at least...

Bluebird Links and a Few Notes From Yesterday's Game


Well, that was an enjoyable weekend of baseball!  Friday's game was oh so sweet.  Drabek looked fantastic Saturday and even though we came out on the wrong side of the scoreboard yesterday, the...

Bluebird Links - 56.6 Hours and Counting


I'm just going to jump right into the links today, since I'm already late getting them up.  I won't be able to put up a post Friday either because I'm out of town for a few days (actually, postings...

Bluebird Links - Brett Cecil and the Curious Case of Diminishing Velocity


The biggest news from yesterdays fake game was that Cecil is suffering from a lack of velocity on his fastball.  Not to worry though, nobody thinks it's too big of a deal (although it was covered...

Morrow to start season on DL with right forearm inflammation (twitter link).


John Lott with the tweet. Stay tuned for more information. *Update* Lott tweets that the DL stint will be backdated and that Morrow is only anticipated to miss one start. According to Lott, the rotation will comprise Romero, Drabek, Cecil, Reyes & Litsch to start the season.

Bluebird Links Extravaganza


Lots of interesting reading today on a snowy Wednesday.  Anyone else having fun in the snow this morning?  My area got a nice little dumping last night and it's still going this morning.  I'll...

Bluebird Links - Who will be the 5th Starter?


Happy Monday fellow bluebird-ites.  Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  I managed to finish off Season 1 of Fringe last night, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I would recommend it for any...

Bluebird Links on a Lazy Friday


Right into the links again today.  Mostly non-Jays links today because I pretty much skipped every article in the local papers.  I can only take so much of reading the same thing over and over...

Bluebird Links - The Weather Outside is Frightful...


Yeah, that song is stuck in my head right now.  Odd time of the year for a Christmas carol but such is life.  It's cloudy, it's raining and it doesn't feel like baseball is set to start in just...

Rays Claim Cabrel off Waivers (Twitter)


This guy has had an interesting week.

Jays Sign Chris Woodward


Breaking news here. Jays sign Woodward (yes, that Woodward) to a minor league deal. Minor league depth?

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