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Bluebird Links - Monday Morning Reading


Sorry for the lack of Link posts last week - sometimes life gets busy.  No preamble today - only time for a quick posting.  Everyone enjoy getting to actually watch a game yesterday afternoon? J...

Rays reliever threatened as a Jay for writing memoirs


When he signed with the Blue Jays in 2009, and the book was being completed, the reaction became louder. One former Jays pitcher threatened to kill Hayhurst if he were mentioned in the book, and another still with the team pulled him aside and cautioned him to "be careful" what he wrote. Friends would make snide remarks that certain things were "off the record." One told him he needed to hold a news conference to apologize to his team.

Bluebird Links - Is Overbay a Steal for Pittsburgh?


I realize writing 17 articles a day on the Jays during spring training is a tough job for Ken Fidlin (I'm pretty sure that equals 17 paragraphs for the Toronto Sun).  However, I never expected to...

Bluebird Links - Brett Lawrie Poll


Everybody like polls.  There seems to be building excitement around Brett Lawrie within the Jays organization, so is anyone else starting to wonder if he makes the Jays?  As for the rest, it was...

Bluebird Links - The All Griffin Edition


Okay, it's not really the all Griffin edition, but there are three articles by him linked below (more than my weekly quota but some good stuff).  There's quite a few other links too - it's tough...

Bluebird Links - Friday Bantering


A quick link post for ya'll.  The Jays played their first intra-squad game yesterday in preparation for their first exhibition game on Saturday so check out the Wilner link for details of that. ...

Bluebird Links - Baseball All-Star Team of My Life Time


Tom covered a bunch of the Links yesterday, but here's a few more for you all.  For those wondering, the picture has nothing to do with this post - I just really like it.In an post earlier last...

Bluebird Links - Bautista, Bautista and more Bautista


Lots and lots of Bautista related pieces out there the last couple of days (go figure).  I linked a few but I'm sure you can find about 50 more if you really want.  There's two really good pieces...

Bluebird Links - Spring Training has Started!


Phew, now that pitchers and catchers have reported, the long wait is almost over.  Who else is excited for the start of some baseball - meaningless games or not?  I know I am.  To wet your baseball...


Bluebird Banter Fantasy Baseball

It's time to figure out who knows what they're talking about around here!  Okay, maybe not but I'm wondering how much interest there would be in starting a Bluebird Banter fantasy baseball league...

Bluebird Links - Wednesday Afternoon Edition


Sorry for the late post today.  I had a dentist appointment this morning (ugh).  Not sure that I'll have a post up Friday either since I have a service appointment in the A.M.  So if one of the...

Bluebird Links - Pujols Speculation & Postseason Play Importance


I'm sure lots of Packers fans aren't feeling so hot this morning.  Did everybody enjoy the SuperBowl yesterday?  I can't remember a year where I have been as uninteresting in football as this year...

Bluebird Links During a Slow Week


The last week, in my opinion has definitely been the slow point of the off season.  There is next to nothing happening that is newsworthy, but there has been lots of speculation.  I'm glad spring...

Bluebird Links - 10 Most Important Trades


On Friday, Griffin posted a piece where he lists the top 10 most important trades in Jays franchise history. Here is his list, with some notes from me: Alomar and Carter.  I think everyone will...

Bluebird Links - Trade Edition


So, since my last post on Friday, one word pretty much sums it up.  Wow.  We really never know what's coming with the AA regime.  I'm not sure how I feel about any of the trades really.  Obviously...

Bluebird Links & Friday Morning Bantering


Morning everyone - sorry for the late post but I'm off work for the next week and have a hard time actually motivating myself to get out of bed.  Of course, now that I'm up and have this up, I...

Bluebird Links - Arbitration Thoughts, More Free Agent Rumours & Gil Meche


And for your Wednesday morning Links... My side note of the day - I've recently been introduced to 'How I Met Your Mother' and am now borderline obsessed with that show.  We just finished season 4...

Bluebird Links and Upcoming Jays Milestones


It was a fairly slow weekend for baseball related information so I thought I would put together a list of the Jays potential upcoming 2011 milestones.  Two Jays players have a chance to reach some...

Bluebird Links & Eric Chavez Player Poll


Yesterday the news dropped that the Jays were taking a look at Eric Chavez, and apparently he might actually be healthy.  According to an unnamed scout, He’s going to have a chance to go to...

Bluebird Links - Bud Selig and Instant Replay


For those that haven't heard, Selig and the commissioner's office have said no to expanded playoffs and expanded instant replay for the 2011 season (article here).  In regard to expanding the...

Bluebird Links - The Greatest Blue Jay


Morning everyone.  Quick post today because I've got quite a bit on the go right now.  Griffin and Perkins at The Star each wrote about their pick as the Greatest Blue Jay on the weekend. ...

Bluebird Links - Robby Alomar & the Hall of Fame, Mark Eichhorn and 2011 predictions


Happy Friday everyone!  No surprise, but 90% of all articles are about the Hall of Fame and Roberto Alomar so slim picks for interesting reading on the web.  I can only read so many Star/Globe/Sun...

Milwaukee season ticket giveaway - awesome idea!


Check this out - the Brewers have 40 giveaways for season ticket holders and some of them sound pretty awesome. The Jays should consider doing something like this.

Bluebird Links - Hall of Fame Day


Sorry for the delay between Links posts.  Christmas holidays were busy as always, and I've been really sick the past few days.  Basically, I haven't looked at a computer in a week, so it's taken me...

Bluebird Links - Wednesday Morning Addition


A quick link post from me today as I'm enjoying some time off.  Use this like an open thread to discuss whatever's on your mind.  Add any links in the comments and I will add them to the post. Jays...

Bluebird Links and Another Player Poll


Based on Tom's last few posts, another player poll.  The Drunks make the case for...Felipe Lopez, here.  He'd be a nothing signing really, but if you could sign him to an E.E. type deal, why not? ...

Bluebird Links


There are a tonne of links after the jump today.  The 500 Level Fan posted an article titled Greinke to Brewers - Jays Fans Rejoice.  He is certainly happy that the Jays didn't give up Kyle Drabek...

Mexican League Brawl - Never Steal a Base when You're Winning


This is wild. Apparently they take their Baseball seriously down south.

Bluebird Links and Greinke Reaction


Doug Melvin seams to like working on Sundays, as he has now aquired both Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum on Sundays the past few weeks.  This was the big (only?) notable news from the weekend, and...

Padre's to sign Hudson


Lots of folks wanted the Jays to sign Hudson. Looks like that isn't happening.

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