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New ways Yasiel Puig can infuriate traditionalists

Yasiel Puig is exciting and fun, and grumpy traditionalists are not. The Daily Win celebrates Puig's bat-flipping -- and has some suggestions for new things to do with his bat after home runs.

'Game of Thrones' scorecard: 'First of His Name'


All season long, we're keeping score in "Game of Thrones." This is the closest thing that TV recaps have to advanced stats.


Talladega: big, fast, and unpredictable

How could Talladega become more unpredictable? By being the first restrictor-plate track to use group qualifying. Also: our favorites to win the Sprint Cup.


Three Game 7s in one night!

With Wednesday night featuring three Game 7s, Matt Ufford previews the do-or-die battles between the Flyers-Rangers, Wild-Avalanche, and Kings-Sharks.

Sports owners who should actually play

Russian oligarch Vadim Kogay bought a $500,000 Ferrari, and decided that was all the qualification he needed to be a pro race car driver. Who else should abuse their privilege to get on the field?


NBA benches react to Adam Silver banning Sterling

Adam Silver's press conference was great, but it needed to look more like an And1 mixtape.

'Game of Thrones' scorecard: Justice over mercy


All season long, we are keeping score in "Game of Thrones." Come for the slave insurrections, stay for the skull chalices.


Larry Bird reacts to the Internet

The Hawks are up on the Pacers 2-1, and Larry Bird can't hide his disappointment. What else is Bird disappointed in this week?


The best revenge games on the 2014 NFL Schedule

We can't fight the NFL's hegemony, so let's talk about the 2014 schedule. But forget the Seahawks in primetime and Manning-Brady MCMXVIII -- let's look at the players and coaches out for revenge in...


Luis Suarez: loathsome genius

Barring an impossible meltdown, Liverpool will soon lift its first-ever Premier League trophy. Their success is well-deserved, but star striker Luis Suarez remains one of the most loathsome...


This is how you insult Brooklyn, Raptors fans

The Toronto Sun and Raptors GM Masai Ujiri fanned the flames of a new Toronto-Brooklyn rivalry, but they clearly don't know how to REALLY get under the borough's skin. We're here to guide Canadians...

'Game of Thrones' scorecard: 'Breaker of Chains'


All season long, we'll be keeping score in "Game of Thrones." This week's episode ... um, well, it's hard to keep score during incestuous rape at a wake.


Morgan Freeman narrates baseball penguins

We finally found a better baseball announcer than Vin Scully.


Boston prepares for first marathon since bombings

A year after violence ruined Boston's best day of sports, the city looks to re-establish its Patriots' Day traditions. The Daily Win looks back on the bombings -- and ahead to a more peaceful holiday.

Handing out awards for the 2013-14 NBA season

Kevin Durant over LeBron James for MVP. Gregg Popovich over everybody for Coach of the Year. The Daily Win takes the initiative to hand out awards before the NBA can.


Definitive proof that Blake Griffin's not soft

How did Blake Griffin ever get the "soft" label? His dunks and technical fouls say otherwise.


Stanley Cup Playoffs: Best first-round matchups

With the new Wild Card system in place, The Daily Win ranks the best first-round matchups. NBC, please adjust your broadcast schedule accordingly.

'Game of Thrones' scorecard: FINALLY


All season long, we'll be keeping score in "Game of Thrones." This week's episode delivered one of the more satisfying twists in cable history, but it came at the expense of the show's nudity...


The best possible Champions League final match-ups

The UEFA Champions League semifinal draw delivered a clear-cut main event and obvious undercard. More importantly, it lays the stage for several finals with intriguing plot lines. The Daily Win...


You need to see Marc-André Fleury's shootout save

Marc-André Fleury allowed a late goal that helped the Red Wings clinch a playoff berth -- then he made an unbelievable save that delivered a shootout victory.

The Masters: Odds and longshots to watch

For the first time in 20 years, Tiger Woods will miss The Masters. But a wealth of young talent (and Phil Mickelson) look to fill the void.

WWE's Ultimate Warrior dead at 54


Pro wrestling loses a legend


James Young's dunk: better than a national title

A national title is okay, we guess, but if it's between that and a thunderous posterization ... we'll take the dunk, please.


Are the Pacers beyond repair?

Last week it seemed like the Pacers had hit rock bottom, but then it got worse with Sunday's blowout loss against the Hawks. The Daily Win tries to figure out what's wrong with Indiana, and whether...

'Game of Thrones' scorecard: violence routs sex


All season long, we'll be keeping score in "Game of Thrones." This week, violence routed sex with a late flurry of scoring, while Team Lannister raised doubts about its continued dominance.

Final Four power rankings and who to root for

The Final Four is this weekend. If you're not already a fan of one of the remaining teams, here's who to root for -- and who's most likely to win.


Nick Collison got staples in his head after this

The Spurs can get inside your head -- literally.

What NOT to say about the Northwestern union

Wondering about the NLRB's decision on Northwestern football players unionizing? Here's a brief primer, with recommendations for what not to say.

Ill-advised baseball stadium promotions

We'll see your giant Max Scherzer bobblehead and raise you fireworks.

Can the Sixers break their streak this season?

This year's Sixers team was built to lose, and in that regard it has been a tremendous success. With just ten games to go, The Daily Win examines which games Philadelphia might actually win.

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