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Papi = class

Ortiz steps up: At his request, David Ortiz met with the father of Nick Adenhart, the Angels pitcher who was killed in a car accident early Thursday morning, the Riverside Press-Enterprise...


Random '09 Predictions

Yeah, sure, everyone and their stepbrother are making their standard preseason predictions this weekend (here's mine!), but I think more fun than who-gets-to-come-in-second-in-the-AL-West is just...


5 of the first 50 draft picks

On the Rev's list of Top 8 moves of the offseason, his Number 8 choice is closer to my personal Number 1 -- getting in position to re-stock the depleted farm system by hoarding high draft picks. We...

Fun With Bobby's Stats


What would you say if I told you the newest Angel would put up the following numbers in 2009: 152 games, 546 ABs, 98 runs 35 2Bs, 15 HRs, 79 RBIs 22 SBs, 73 BBs .283/.369/.445, 114 OPS+ Not terrible, right? Now consider that each one of those stats represents the WORST Abreu has performed in each category over the last decade. In fact, he's usually been much better, drawing 100 walks 8 times, driving in 100 runs the last 6, and so on. Now, he's more likely to hit those lower marks than anything much higher, but he really has been both great and consistent on offense for 10 years running.


Very Interesting Interview With Eddie Bane

Over at He talks about looking for power hitters at the corners, about organizational hitting philosophy, sabermetrics, Moneyball ... lots of stuff of interest to people here. For...


The Frankie-for-Fuentes Trade

Here's a way of thinking about it: We just swapped elite closers who were pretty close in value in 2008. We get someone who costs more than $3 million a year less, throws left-handed, and whose...


What Do Those 5 Draft Picks Mean?

What does it mean to have 5 extra draft picks this year in the first two rounds, and how should that affect our decision on whether we sign Type A free agent Brian Fuentes (and therefore lose our...


Jack Howell

For some reason, we are having a pretty strenuous argument about Jack Howell, of all people, over in Acuda's latest post about Kendry Morales. I won't go into it here; rather, I wanted to share a...

It's Official: No Manny


Reagins interview w/ the L.A. Times today: "Manny will not be an Angel," Reagins said in his first public comments since the Angels pulled their offer to Teixeira on Sunday. "We're going to give our kids an opportunity to play. We signed [outfielder] Juan Rivera to a three-year deal, and we think, given at-bats, he can be productive player. "With Torii Hunter, Vladimir Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr., Reggie Willits, our outfield is intact. It will not happen. We are not going to sign Manny Ramirez. End of story." [...] As for why the Angels pulled the plug on their negotiations for Teixeira, Reagins said, ""It became evident, both in words and actions, that our offer wasn't going to get it done, that we wouldn't be able to accomplish a deal, so we had to make a decision. "There comes a point where you have to decide whether you're in or out, and that happened this weekend. We came to the realization this wasn't going to happen and we had to move forward. I'm not going to get into specifics. It just became clear that being an Angel wasn't a priority for that camp." [...] "We had to make an internal decision. We were the buyers. We thought our offer was more than fair. We thought it was competitive. It was probably the fifth-highest [deal] in the history of the game and the largest in the history of our organization. We felt good about our offer." But why pull the offer in such a public fashion, and why now? "Because we have a responsibility to our fans," Reagins said. "I didn't want them to believe we were in the running for Mark when we were not.


The Draft-Pick Factor on Teix

  One thing people easily forget about the Teixeira sweepstakes -- even if the Sox offer the same money as us, it will be significantly more expensive for them. Why? Because they'll have to give...


Darren Oliver: Type A

Believe it or not, Cousin Oliver made the Type A list for free agents. That means if the Angels offer him arbitration, and he declines, and he then goes on to sign as a free agent elsewhere, the...


The non-shabby offense and the scareduck challenge

On June 16, after a 24-game stretch in which the Angels scored as many as 6 runs just once, and as many as 5 just four times, all while managing to go 16-8, I wrote a post defending the team...


Howie Doubles

Of all active players with fewer than 913 career at bats, who's hit the most doubles Howie Doubles! 2B ABs 61 796 Howie Kendrick 60 902 Ryan Ludwick 57 868 Alex Gordon 56 807 Ryan Doumit 54 9...

Sean Smith's interesting 2nd half predictions


Over at the Hardball Times, Sean Smith crunches a bunch of numbers about the Angels, tackles the Great Pythagorean Riddle, and comes up with a 42-37 kicker to the rest of the season. I think he's too pessimistic by a great deal (I think we'll make it to 97 wins; he sez 91), but it's an interesting analysis.


Weaver: Satan?

The following are some of the observations made about Jered Weaver during last night's game thread: --- His velocity is in "hit me" range the Angels offense better have a REALLY good night W...


Beachbum Willy & son give Nats Stadium a workout

    My dad and I went to the Nationals' new stadium for the first time, catching all three games of the series. Thought y'all might like to see some photographs. These are all from the first game,...


Name Your All-Star Team!

Ok, everyone likes to bitch about All-Star game selections. But before you do, why don't you put your money where your mouth is, here at the near-halfway point of the season, and pick who you think...


Luck, or the residue of design?

Jonah Keri this week wrote one of those pseudo-sabertastic the Angels-aren't-all-that columns that you see from time to time, arguing that: in the end, the Angels' success this season largely...


Our hitting by position

I wanted to check up and see what kind of production we're getting from each position, and how that stacks up to the rest of the league. For simplicity, I'll use the crude OPS (on-base percentage...


White Sux Whine About Frankie

Remember back when the L.A. Times gave sports-hack Mike Downey way too much space in their regular pages to sort of pontificate about stuff? God, those were the days.... Anyhoo, Downey's got a p...


Youth Movement

Let us now pause to appreciate our historical Youth Movement:   21: Nick Adenhart 23: Brandon Wood, Sean Rodriguez, Rich Thompson, Nick Green 24: Howie Kendrick, Erick Aybar, Jose Arredondo 2...


Brandon Wood and Bobby Wilson called up

Jose Arredondo and Rich Thompson went down. Read all about it here. Here's hoping Brandon starts at 3B, and Figgy plays 2B, until Maicer gets his back straight. I wanna see the kid hit! OK, if...


Leading league in BA, SLG, HRs, OPS+, XBHs, Hits, SBs

Behold the Angels' offensive juggernaut! Hitting .301/.349/.478 with 8% of the season played. If only we could avoid double plays, and actually take advantage of the best (so far) leadoff hitter...


On pace for Major League record for GIDPs

The Angels have grounded into 18 double plays in 12 games, one behind Major League -leading Detroit, and an even 1.5 GIDPs per contest. At this rate we'd end up with 243 twin-killings on the...


Best Career Angel Starting Pitchers and Catchers

What Angel starting pitcher has the best lifetime ERA+ (that is, ERA, after being adjusted for league and ballpark context)? With a minimum of 400 innings pitched, and with 60% of appearances being...



In his first full month as a big-league regular (August 2003), Chone Figgins went apeshit, hitting .392/.438/.481, for an OPS of 919 (OPS+ 148). From September of '03 to May of '07, he only posted...


I Got Yer "Imposing" Right Here

So I see in the L.A. Times that: Without the two right-handers, the [Angels'] rotation isn't as imposing as Seattle's, which features Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Silva, Washburn and Miguel Batista....


How Many Angels in a List of the Top 50 Young Players?

Two? Three? Now, what if I told you that the list was made by ... Rob Neyer. That's right, zero Angels in Neyer's list of the Top 50 players over the next five years. You had to be both...


150 RBIs for Vlad?

I'll have whatever Lyle Spencer is smoking: If Figgins -- a .330 hitter in '07 despite two fractured fingers and a wrist that needed winter surgery -- stays healthy in the leadoff spot and Gary...


Naps & Mathis, sittin' in a tree

A sweet lil' story in the OC Register. Excerpt: They're both from Florida, but there's not much to share there. Napoli is from Fort Lauderdale, a place popular among spring breakers; Mathis is...

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