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Let's Talk About Baseball and Other Stuff ( enter at risk to your own sanity)

FanPost for Baseball Talk, and for Not Baseball Talk!


Some Like It Hot, So Let's Turn Up the Stove Thread Til They Fry

So it seems that the Hot Stove Season might finally be starting to get really moving now. At least one hopes that the Bay signing will hasten some moves on the Matt Holliday front. Or heck, even...


25 Man

I thought it would be interesting to do a little roster projection. Who do you think makes the opening day 25 man roster? I know it is almost 3 weeks out, and things are bound to change, but this...


ESPN cancers Sunday Night Baseball

I am flabbergasted. It seems that ESPN, in all their infinite wisdom, has decided that we baseball fans should suffer more:   Phillips Joins Sunday Night Baseball Crew   Just when I thought...

Vintage Cardinals & LIFE

A tip of the cap to the fine people over at McCovey Chronicles for leading me to this wonderful project from Google and LIFE. I think someone is going to have a new desktop picture soon!

CBA via Cot's


I ran across this link to the 2007-2011 Basic Agreement. I thought it might be a good reference to have around on the site for those times when we have questions or disagreements upon what exactly is included in the CBA. At least it will keep me from having to go look it up in my disorganised (hey, lookie there!) Birdstuff bookmark section. If it seems like it might be used , I might keep it up here for awhile, if it ends up being a waste of space, I will delete it to make room for more interesting shots. Of course I like using the Fanshot section, and it is nice to see that it is getting quite a bit more use lately. Anyway, Tally-ho!


Projecting Ludwick 2009 (or predicting Ryan's nickname)

So the 2008 baseball season has come and gone. The awards, for better or worse, are in the rearview mirror too. It is a sad time for this baseball fan, but the winter meetings are just around the...

Alternative names ...for those confused

  1. Crabman=Barton
  2. Santa=Glaud
  3. Roy=Ankiel
  4. Grit=Miles
  5. Wagonmaker=Wainwright

Cable Blackouts

 I was able to get a list of the games in an email from Mediacom that they plan to blackout this year. I noticed Comcast blackout the Brewer series too, so maybe this is their list too.  I haven't...

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