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Umpires Wrong About 14% of the Time


Another great argument for automated plate umpiring. Hopefully thirty years from now the new whippersnappers will be saying, "yeah Maddox had a great WHIP and FIP but that was because those old dinosaurs had to use their eyeballs instead of off-the-self technology. If they wouldda used the UMP Laser 2035 he wouldda been just another stiff".

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's firm to work for trucking companies in case against Haslam


It looks like the opposition has hired a former FBI Pro Bowler to go after our owner. Yikes!

It's All Over But the Property Auction


Looks like the PDs headed for the corporate ICU. I give five years tops.

MLB and US Navy Creates Bob Feller Act of Valor Award


I wish they would have done this while Feller was still alive. I think it would have meant as much to him as winning the World Series.

League Park Redux


Here's an early Valentine from the Paper of Record. And good Lord, there's vineyard called Chateau Hough? They must produce fortified wines that taste like turpentine! Who wouldda thought, Hough is losing its funk and getting all gentrified!

ALC Hot Stove News


Here's a chance to see what others outside our little group think of our division. The "smallest of ponds" indeed!


Old Time Baseball on the Streets of Cleveland

I was searching for something on the internet and came across this. I couldn't get the link to work so I'm making this a fan post rather than a fan shot. (editor's note: here's the link to the...

Tongan Trash Talking


I know you've seen Ray Lewis do his pre-game antics and Drew Brees fire up his team. This is the rugby All Blacks talking trash to the Tongan rugby team. I found this while looking for something about Maiava. Thought you guys might appreciate it.

Lerner to Sell Browns, Keep Soccer Club


Well this kinda confirms my suspicions – Lerner’s real interest is soccer not American football. He even kinda looks like a soccer guy, don’t you think?

Scott Raab at Visible Voice


Not exactly baseball - although I'm sure that he'd love to discuss the Indians - but Scott Raab will be at the Visible Voice on 1023 Kenilworth Thursday night at 7:00 PM discussing his new book "The Whore of Akron". Hope to see some fellow LGTers there.

For Dorfman, 100 Percent of the Game Was Mental


I was completely unaware of this guy or his role with the Indians until I saw this obit. And who wouldda guessed? My man Hank Peters reaching out to some New Agey, "sports psychologist".


Let's Go Tribe Goes to the Mariner's Home Opener

With the national media attention focused on the violent actions of two sociopaths after a recent Dodgers/Giants game I thought I might share this little piece I wrote for Let’s Go Tribe detailing...


LGT - me anyway - Goes to the Mariners Home Opener

The Trip               Left Umatilla Oregon at about 2:30 and headed towards Seattle.  Turned on the local ESPN AM station to fill the time and heard about Manny’s forced retirement.  Pretty...


April LGT Trip to Seattle

So the Cavs stink, the Browns are gasping to the finish, the Buckeye's football coach has proven to be a spineless wimp and I'm freezing my ass off in the frigid Northwest. What better time to plan...


I Write Like.........

  So I guess you've all seen this: http://iwl.me/ (can't get the link command to work) the program that purports to analyze your writing - it uses statistics and everything! - so that you can...


Tribe Attendance

  We spend a great deal of time on this site discussing contracts and such – all of which are an important part of the business side of baseball.  But lately we’ve been ignoring the Culone in the...

Lee stellar in Mariners debut


In another exercise in self-torture, here's a quick story on my boy Cliff. Even after missing the first month of the season, he's still my candidate for 2010 CY over that putz in New York.

Indians continue to pay for misjudgments


I was waiting for somebody else to post this fanshot since I don't wanna be the leader of the Negative Nancy's around here. But since no one else felt that this article was worth posting I guess I'll hafta do it. Passan outlines one of my worst fears here: Indians performance plummets, fan interest evaporates, revenues tumble, Indians ability to acquire talent drops, etc. etc. leading to a World Series hope death spiral. I'm desperately hoping that all those kids we picked up in the various veteran swaps are as good as advertised. And I mean all of those kids.

Cory Snyder to manage Maui baseball team


Just so we can say that LGT offers the most comprehensive, complete, Indian's baseball coverage

Cliff Lee dazzles in duel of ex-Indians


I know that Paul Hoynes is never quoted in seriousness on this site, but I really like this little write up. And as you can all imagine, I'm beside myself with joy over Cliff's performance against the New York Douche Noozles and Cazzi Culone. If it couldn't be the Tribe exploding the Steinbrenner Spawn's balloon this is the next best thing.


Rooting Interest

    So here we are, the first week of October, at least 30 games under .500 and guaranteed to finish 20 games out of first place in the – ugh – AL Central.  To us old timers this feels very...


Whither the Tribe, a Poll

  Just how bad is the current Indian’s team?  I put it at the bottom of all Cleveland baseball teams for the last 50 years – and that’s bad, real bad.   In fact the only Cleveland team that was...

The Most Overrated Player in Baseball


A little harsh, and it hurts to hear it, but Grady's not exactly setting the world on fire.

Sirius XM Radio May File for Bankruptcy


I hate it when real life sticks its nose into my fantasy world, but here it is. I don't get XM out here but you guys back on Earth may lose your ability to listen to Hammy on XM in the very near future. Alas!

Texeira Scent two Yankess


Picked up my local paper this morning and saw this headline at the top of the Sports Page. Had me going for a minute.

Schilling Takes a Shot at Manny


Normally I'd discount much of what Schilling has to say here, but it looks like Merloni is co-signing for Curt. Manny - what a doofus. The other interesting thing in here is that Curt says we - that's we the fan I guess - only hear/know about 10-20% of what's actually going on in the club house. Sounds about right.

Paul Hoynes' Analyzes What Went Wrong and How to Fix It


Wow, I'm in violent agreement with every point Hoynes makes. When did he get so smart?

It's All Over


I can't imagine why nobody beat me to this one. Even the always optomistic Terry Pluto is calling it a season.


A Trip to The House That Ruth Built

Well I finally made it to Yankee Stadium last night.  Took New Jersey Transit up from Princeton Junction to Penn Station and then the "D" Train to Fordham Rd., got off at 181st St. and walked about...

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