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LGT Field Trip

This ain't really a fanpost, cuz I don't expect any discussion.  But here it is: me and some of the other LGT guys are goin to watch the Tribe massacre the Yankees Tuesday night in NYC.  Anybody...

Gib Shanley sloughes this mortal coil


I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but just in case you haven't here's a blurb about Gib Shanley from the PD. I especially love the story about the Iranian flag. There were giants back then, the likes of which we may never see again.


LGT goes to NYC

OK, I’m organizing a little soiree to Yankee Stadium for the May 6th Yankees/Indians game.  It looks like Turk, jhon, Julio and a coupla of the New Jersey guys are interested.  Anyway I figure we...


What, Am I the Only One That Wants to Talk About the Wire?

I just read this the other day and it helps explain alot about my/our favorite TV program.  Actually it lives up to HBO's motto - it's not just TV - it's the best fictional work I can remember in...


The Wire - Heading To the Finish Line

Well, nobody else would do it so I thought I'd start another "Wire" diary.  I couldn't participate in the last one cuz I couldn't get HBO where I was and didn't wanna spoil the surprises.  Any way...


Fans As In Fanatics

I was following the back and forth between Jay and Voltaire and was reminded of something.  Let me do a little "self-hating" here and note that the Cleveland fan base - in general - has become less...


The Kiss of Death

Our favorite PD columnist, Paul Hoynes, plays Michael to the Tribe's Fredo and picks the Indians to win the Central Division which makes me real nervous.  It's kinda like the Sports Illustrated...


Generally O/T: Beers

I'm back in Maui and my biologic clock is still on Eastern Standard Time.  So it's 4:15 AM and I'm up and trying not to wake the rest of the household, cuz they'll be hell to pay if I wake up...


PD Speculates on Next CC Contract

Here's a little ray of sunshine from LGT's favorite beat writer to warm your morning.  Seems like Mr. Hoynes(ie) thinks it's gonna take a five- to six-year deal worth between $130 million and $150...


Tribe's New Uni's

I usually don't post this kinda stuff but it's remarkable not only for the ugly uni's but the "reporter" refers to the "owner Mark Shapiro".  Now I'm not exactly a paragon of accuracy myself but,...



On September 5 of this year I posted this: None of this cheap-assed backdoor WS championship bullshit. I meant it then and I mean it now.I've been waiting for the Indians to win a World Series...


Yankee Fans

In case anyone's hadn't heard yet - I really hate the Yankees.  I've got what they usta call back home Irish amnesia about the NYC club.  That's where you forget everything but the hatred.  This...


Tis the Season

Brothers and sisters, Christmas is almost here.  The tree is trimmed and I see all kinds of goodies under it.  There's gonna be something this year for all of us, not like last year or the year...


Worst Trades and Free Agent Signings of All Time

Since we don't have a game tonight - feels kinda weird don't it - and Turk, votaire, and I were naming some pretty awful trades - voltaire nominates Liriano for AJ Pierqwpouerpski for WToAT- I like...


If I were director of the Baseball Hall of Fame

I was listening to Brian Kenny and Steven A. Smith this morning on my way back from paddling and they were talking about who should and shouldn't be in the Football Hall of Fame.  The recent...


Brett Butler

USA Today is reporting that former Tribe centerfielder Brett Butler has suffered a mild stroke.  I was just thinking about how Brett was the first real lead-off hitter I can remember seeing play...


The Tribe at the Break

Mike Hargrove used to say that you'd know about a team after the first 40 games.  It takes a little longer for me.  I like to do an inventory at the break.  Here's some things I've learned about...


LeBron in a Yankee Hat

OK, I've had it.  I just saw LeBron James in a NY Yankees hat on SportsCenter.  That breaks it.  I thought that after Bob Feller chastised him earlier this year LeBron would get the message....


'Roid Rage

A coupla days ago I put up a quick post in response to another post insinuating that Roger Clemens, like Barry Bonds, may be using steroids.  I got a favorable response and thought that I'd put...


Reality Check

One of the threads in Chiefroy's diary "Winter Development Set to Start" raised a very interesting issue, one I've been mulling over for the last few months.  That is: exactly how good are the...


An Early Valentine for My Tribe

Some how the Jose Vidro thread has gotten side tracked into a trip down Memory Lane for some of us.  And as they used to say in the `60's, that can be a bad trip for an Indians fan.  I've been a...


In Praise of Aaron Boone.

I've been following the Aaron Boone discussion with a great deal of interest.  The violence of the criticism has been surprising.  First and foremost, as of this date, April 17, 2006 Mr. Boone is...

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