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My Uncle Doug taught my brother, sister, and me to be faithful Broncos' fans when our family moved out to Colorado in the mid-80s. I was fortunate enough to get in on nearly all of the Elway-years.

Now I live in MA and follow from afar.

Fun Fact: I attended the Broncos/Falcons Super Bowl with my brother one-week before my wedding. We sat next to a nice couple named Lou and Wilma who gave us a slice of their $25 pizza.

Before the wedding day, my wife memorized all of the main Broncos' players names, jersey numbers, positions, and the colleges they attended (she can even differentiate between Elway's Stanford years and McCaffrey's Stanford years). What a woman!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Colorado Buffaloes
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
User Blog

Nike Orange Elway Jersey?

Does anyone know if Nike has included a #7 jersey in its new lineup (the new jersey line, not a throwback)? And, if you do, where can one purchase such a jersey? I have been scouring the internet...


An Attempt at a Rational Reaction to Last Night's Game

Last night was clearly a tough loss for our team and for all of us. There are many different angles that I could take in exploring what went wrong that I will forego for the sake of brevity. My one...

Clamor for Orton continues in Miami: Now among Miami Herald Writers


In today's Miami Herald...this is great - it drives his value up should we decide to trade him. One significant quote from the article: "The pursuit of Orton, by trade from Denver, should not be stymied by a contractual snag or by Miami balking at giving up a draft pick one round higher than it would like. Nor should the pursuit of Orton be called off because Moore was signed. This position is too important. If the Dolphins are going to overspend anywhere, let it be at the one position that has haunted the franchise ever since Dan Marino retired."

Tebow's QB Rating Today: 100.5


So I was feeling a little bummed after we sputtered in the second half, so I decided to double-check the stats for today. To my surprise, even with only completing 50% of his passes, Tebow's QB rating was 100.5. Add to that 9.8 ypc in the running game, and he really did have a good day today in spite of the conservative play-calling through the 4th Q. Not a great day, and this certainly doesn't mean that he's going to be our franchise QB of the future, but they are certainly positive signs. This is going to be exciting. Hopefully he builds upon a pretty good 1st start.


What to Expect if Tebow Starts

There's a great trick for dealing with creeping anxiety. It sounds counter-intuitive, but actually can pay great dividends for your well-being in difficult times. What's the trick? It's simple: sit...

Tebow says Raiders’ ‘Black Hole doesn’t scare me’


I am beginning to love this guy. I hope that they release the beast soon. (Link to a quick post by Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post)


Why starting Tim Tebow is a win-win situation

My argument here is simple. Starting Tim Tebow for the last three weeks of the season is a "win-win" situation no matter how you feel about Tebow. Here are the two reasons why: 1. If Tebow starts...


The Greatest Head Coaching Candidate of All-Time

He's passionate, a long-time member of the Broncos' family, and is legendary for his impeccable communication skills.

Great article about bringing McD back next year with a new power structure


For your consideration from Yahoo Sports...great argument in the article (the video is a bit stale).


McD Might be Many Things, but he is Not Disloyal

When emotions become involved - and as sentient beings they certainly do for all of us - claims tend to be made that go along with a general wave of opinion, but are actually specious. Considering...


Faneca is an Answer at Interior Line

It is being reported at ESPN today that the Jets are quietly shopping Pro-Bowl Guard Alan Faneca (http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=5120486). The report goes on to say that, if...

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