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Just my thoughts

It's just one game... And that is the truth of the matter.  I don't know who we upset at the NFL Headquarters to have such a grueling top heavy schedule or to have played two of the best defenses...

Smith and the over 30 club

Don't know if this has been mentioned, but I think this article represents a great model of our franchise's leader, which can also be a model for other workplaces.

The Final Stretch

With the season a month and a half from being over, it appears that the Bravos have a slighty easier schedule than the Phillies. Do you think the Braves will win the division?

Stern is out to crush the NBA players....

In this article, the sale of the Hawks franchise is mentioned as one of several teams with new owners.

The Real Deal Fantasy Football League

Need some people to fill spots in this league where scores count for more! League ID#442550 pass:forthewin Draft is Monday at 9:30

Quote To Note: "As far as Jameer, that's kind of a slap in the face to us and our organization...

Quote To Note: "As far as Jameer, that's kind of a slap in the face to us and our organization for him to come out and say something like that. I'm sure he's a great guy and everything, but at the end of the day, that's uncalled for. You can say whatever you want, but you have to be able to back it up. We were out there, we were ready to play. That's the matchup we wanted, and we got it. And we just stayed quiet about our business. We came out here and we handled it." —Al Horford on Jameer Nelson's blatant disrespect for the Hawks when he told Derrick Rose that he would see him in the second round of the playoffs.

A History of Hawks Drafts from 2000 to present

With all this talk about the ASG needing to blow up the squad of underachievers we have, let's take a look at past drafts and what we should not do anymore.  Note: I fully recognize that other...

Lebron's contraction argument

So Lebron's essentially saying he went to Miami because the league's watered down and needs fewer teams with more superstars (divas), and will help the league. I guess his opportunity to bash the mainstream media on why they build up the same teams was lost on him.


With new personnel comes new strategy?

I'm just wondering.  I know we have veterans getting healthy and rookies ready to prove their worth this season, but is it enough just to have better personnel?  I haven't been to practice yet...


The 1998 draft....I know the past is the past but...

This year's draft seems eerily like the 1998 draft with the falcons drafting Keith Brooking in the first round over the "flashy" Randy Moss.  Now granted this was the year the falcons went to the...


Let's discuss the phrase "matchup problem"

Looking at the Boston and Magic series I've come to the realization that the phrase "matchup problem" have different meanings.  In this series, Boston causes the Magic "matchup problems" in which...


Strategy for a beatable team

The Magic are beatable.  The Hawks have done it before and almost did it last time out until a collapse in the second half.  I think we've all said and called the hawks everything bad we can...



If you witnessed this latest debacle at the highlight factory, you understand exactly how I feel.  This feeling that I have, and probably every fan of the hawk, is the worst feeling you can have...


Playoffs are near!!!

We are a month or so until we find out how much heart the Hawks really have.  I'm not sure how early these talks are but:  What playoff senario would best fit the Hawks for a long playoff run? ...

Collective Bargaining Agreement will change the tone of trading and free agency

I think while we're all jousting on whether the Hawks should pay max for Joe, I think this new CBA will change the outlook on the upcoming free agent (lottery of lebron). Player's dramatic decrease in percentage of revenue and length of contracts. Here's also some FAQ about the CBA


Time for a line-up change...or something!

I didn't watch a lot of the Hawks game last night, cause Lost was on and I was looking forward to the season premiere.  When I did flip to the game, I saw that the hawks were in a tie game in the...


Somebody please answer this

Why can't we beat Orlando? Other teams that we've trashed have beaten them; Indiana, Toronto, Memphis, and tonight the boston celtics are a few points from blowing the game open.  The hawks are...


What is going on?

I don't understand where the hawks direction is on offense or defense.  Of course earlier in the year we all knew what their direction was.  But I watched those games and I saw little things...

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