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ESPN: Redeem Team out of sight, out of mind


Sheridan has Tyreke making the cut for Team USA.

At the All-Star Break, Looking Forward to the Second Half


One of the other surprising teams this year has been the San Diego Padres. They have ridden the arms of their great young pitching led by Mat Latos. The Padres have given up 304 runs so far this year, significantly less than any team in baseball. By comparison, the Diamondbacks' pitchers have given up 504 runs which is an amazing 200 more than the Padres. WOW!!!

Great analysis of the Webber Interview


sorry if this was already posted... but spot on.

Turkoglu actually wants to go to Sacramento


With all due respect to the great Tom Ziller, not many people choose Sacramento... keep reading

'LeBron Song' Seeks To Lure Cavs Star To Kings


Not sure if you guys have posted this yet... but this is priceless.

Padres Keep Winning, We Keep Ignoring


The Padres are as anonymous as the Soviet Politburo. One of the team's colors is called San Diego Sand. Bland is what the Padres are to the greater sports world. Only baseball seam-heads could match Padres names to positions. Richard? Headley? Hundley? Adams? Hairston Jr and Hairston? For all anyone knows, they're lacrosse players.

Padres give foes the runaround


"Given their various deficiencies at the plate, any one of which would be plenty to kill an offense, the Padres – their rookie general manager Jed Hoyer, their manager Bud Black, their coaches Rick Renteria and Dave Roberts(notes) – plotted this spring to run the offense by running the offense."

MLB Teams Are Compiling Scouting Reports on Umpires


I would love to see an actual copy of one of these scouting reports....

Surprising Padres Do More With Less


These Padres seems to have to come to terms with Petco. "You have to have all the players understand that, what we're trying to do is win a ballgame," Black said. "Imagine that."

Surging Padres: Why Not Build Around Gonzalez?


"there's no better thing than playing your ball successfully in the city you grew up, and I'm sure if Adrian had his choice, he would at the very least consider staying there. From a franchise-building standpoint, that's a guy you want to build around."

No vote for Dell in ROY


NBA Takes Rookie Vote Away From Dell Curry

Rookie of the Year debate: Tyreke v.s Jennings (Insider)


This could be one of the toughest ballots I have to fill out. I like that Brandon Jennings is part of a playoff team and that Stephen Curry has blossomed amid the lunacy that is the Warriors. But when I step back and look at the most dominant and talented player in the 2009 class, I can't justify putting anyone other than the Kings' Tyreke Evans at the top of my ballot....

Evans back on top


sounds like Evans supporters sent some solid emails....

Curry Not Serious Contender to ‘Reke


So Curry is getting some late season hype as a potential Rookie of the Year candidate, the dark horse to challenge Tyreke Evans. Well, let’s take a look at what Curry is: Imagine if last-season’s Rudy Fernandez was a point guard. Imagine he could put the ball on the floor better and shot long jumpers and three-pointers better, but couldn’t finish at the rim as well and had to create his own offense more often. That right there is Stephen Curry in a nutshell. What Curry isn’t, however, is a serious contender for ROY. The only reason to bring Curry into the discussion at all is to stir up discussion. Of course, the fast pace of the Warriors makes for some gaudy stats, but once you use a pace-adjusted metric like PER, it’s easy to see they don’t belong in the same discussion. The PER gap between Evans and Curry is roughly equal to the gap this year between Brandon Roy and Luke Ridnour. Curry is a fantastic spot-up shooter—better than Rudy, better than most of the league—but he only remains a decent rookie point guard. Tyreke Evans is a superstar in the making, joining an illustrious pantheon of Oscar Robinson, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan as the only rookies to average 20 points, five assists, and five boards. By any pace adjusted metric, Evans blows Curry out of the water. A vote for Curry would be nigh unto Chuck Swirsky’s infamous vote for Andrea "Soft" Bargnani—and against Brandon Roy—back in 2006.

Tyreke or Durant... Poll on ESPN


He may need our votes on this one...

Not sure what really to say about this one


Not sure what really to say about this one

Alexander stands by Martin acquisition


Sounds like they are starting to second guess the trade in HOUSTON.... For the record, Rockets owner Les Alexander loves the acquisition of Kevin Martin, and believes the team will have a defensive identity again. Until then, though, things are going to be rocky. "It's worse than frustrating," he said Thursday at the team's Tux and Tennies Gala at Toyota Center. The 15th installment of the event benefits the Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. "Frustrating isn't the right word. It's really hard to take." He'd love nothing more than to reward the city with a championship, and he's working toward that. While he admitted it was difficult to part with Carl Landry, one of his favorites, it was necessary. "In order to win big, you have to do those things," Alexander said. "I want to win big." He's convinced Martin, whom he said makes everyone better, helps in that area and is the pure scorer the Rockets have lacked recently. The return of a certain 7-6 center is greatly anticipated as well. "If Yao (Ming) comes back healthy, we're one player away; one big player away from competing for it all," Alexander said. No hard feelings, but ... After going for 22 points and 10 rebounds against his former team, Carl Landry earned the right to crow following Sacramento's 84-81 victory over the Rockets. And he jokingly took aim at center Chuck Hayes. "I was killing him," Landry said Wednesday. " Having that opportunity against those guys, especially Chuck, because he thinks he's the greatest defender in the world ." On Thursday, Hayes responded. "He hit two tough jumpers on me — jumpers we want him to take," Hayes said.

Garett Temple Upside... is there any?


This article sounds like Temple should be back down in the D league...

Trade Buzz: Who's making a move?


SACRAMENTO KINGS Assets: Kevin Martin; Andres Nocioni; Kenny Thomas' expiring contract The Kings could be both buyers and sellers, as they have explored using Thomas' contract to acquire a veteran like Murphy or Dalembert. Simultaneously, they've tried to get Nocioni off the books by finding a team interested in the tough-nosed forward. The big question is this: Would they move Kevin Martin? While they have maintained that they want to see if Martin and Tyreke Evans can coexist, teams around the league remain skeptical. We'll know by the end of Thursday whether a team was willing to offer enough in the form of assets, draft picks and/or expiring contracts to get the Kings to the table. This is ESPN insider sorry for link if cannot access.

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