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I'm a a 25 year old single dude. I work for Memorial Hermann and i'm a drummer in a band. Most importantly, I'm a University of Texas Longhorns fan. My fandom runs deep and has for a long time. Even though I did not have the pleasure of going their, I have family members who did. These particular family members passed down stories from back when they were there of Longhorn Football memories.

Longhorn football is not just a hobby. No, no. It's something we all believe in. Something that gives us something to look forward to week in and week out. Longhorn football is bonding between parents and kids.

I flash the Hook em` sign religiously and get chills when I hear the Eyes of Texas. I'm not just a fan. I'm a member of a Large Burnt Orange Family.

It's Football Season baby!


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Houston Astros
  • NBA Houston Rockets
  • NFL Tennessee Titans
  • NCAAF Texas Longhorns
  • NCAAB Texas Longhorns
  • NHL Winnipeg Jets
User Blog

Bevo's journey to San Diego Via Fox News


Kind of a cool video. It's a small glimpse into the transportation of Bevo from Austin to San Diego.


Who is your "My guy" for the 2012 season?

Figured we'd have a little fun heading into the off-season. My guy is Kendall Sanders. From highlight reels, the kid has serious talent. Here's to him being on the 40 and being one of "My...

Bowl Practice Report from the Asset at Barking Carnival


Whether you trust the Asset or not, this is a really good report. Take it or leave it ladies and Gentleman.

The Asset at Barking Carnival weighs in on D White's exit.


Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

This is not Longhorn related, but worth the read.


This is tough stuff. Give it a read if you have a minute.

Practice Report from the Asset over at Barking Carnival


Some really good stuff in here. Check it out yo!

Texas Vs KU Highlight reel


For those of you who didn't get to see the Kansas game, here is a 10 minute highlight reel. Notice the huge running lanes for Brown and Bergeron. Hook `em!


Where is everyone watching the Tech game in Houston??

For the first time in my Longhorn fan career, this past weekend I actually partied with a bunch of Longhorns. It's really hard to find Longhorns when you live in a place where the SEC runs...

Colt McCoy and Chris O back together...


This time in Cleveland. I hope Oby gets a fair shot. They need help with receivers and that's something Chris did extremely well.

Top 20 Best College Helmets.


Check it out. Our beloved horns grade pretty well! Hook em!

Good Ole` Football talk brought to you by our friends at Barking Carnival..


More importantly, Check out the video of Mykkell Thompson... I personally never watched his film, but holy crap. Kid is lightning in a bottle and a legitimate threat running zone read. Food for thought


Quan Cosby signed to the Bronco's

Hopefully he can make an impact.


It's 3:40...

and OU still and will forever suck.. It's been way too long since I have seen this anywhere. 4 days boys and girls! Hook em!

Tuesday practice report from the "Asset" on BC


Very informative! Lots of good information pertaining to the QB position, RB's and all other personell related things.

Barking Carnival's 2011 Texas vs Rice Game Preview


Pretty good read from those guys over at BC. 4 days until game time! Hook em!


Texas spring game..

Just curious... I will be a first time spring game attendee. How much are tickets usually and are they hard to attain? Thanks! Hook em!

Bryan Harsin Talkin X's and O's


Great video of Harsin talking about the 3 main plays that beat OU in the fiesta bowl in 2007. Can't wait to see what he can do with our boys In Burnt Orange! Hook em!


Might I remind everyone...

WE ARE TEXAS... again... WE ARE TEXAS... There is nothing wrong with being upset over a loss, even angry, but what I have seen thus far has been somewhat ridiculous and maddening. Might I...

Our Beloved Bevo was featured on Fox News.com "College's Most Dangerous Mascots"


It's interesting to see how many Big 12 mascots are featured in this. But, there is a very cool, distinguished picture of bevo. Take a look! Hook em!


Tailgating for the Rice game??

I'm just curious to see if anyone is throwing some sort of pregame party out at Relient Stadium Saturday?  I'm sure someone has posted it but I think I missed it. I'm going to the game on Saturday...

Pretty cool Vid on Quincy Russell. Seems like a good kid. Hook em!


Pretty cool Vid on Quincy Russell. Seems like a good kid. Hook em!

Congratulations Quan Cosby!


Good for him! Just a small step forward in Quan Cosby's career!


Looking at next year

As we sit here the day after and think about all the "What if's" and such, we have to remember WE ARE TEXAS. I can't say anything different than most of you have already said. I echo the same...


Someone please create an all day thread!

The chances of me actually being productive today at work are about as high as Elton John coming out that he is a straight man. For those of us who were not lucky enough to be with our cohorts at...

Great Write up about our Beloved coach.


An article I actually enjoyed reading from ESPN.

Bengals reciever Chris Henry died this morning at 6:36AM


Such a tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


What's the deal with not wanting to draft Colt McCoy?

After looking around to see what NFL teams are saying about the draft, I have noticed something... Colt McCoy is either A)Regularly not mentioned or B) Looked down upon. I have even seen cases...

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